1869 Burial from Theresa, Wisconsin

Below is a burial record from Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin in 1869

Further below is the translation (including the source information) that would be printed on the back of the photocopy (when you purchase translations) before sending to you.  Source information is always included.  See also examples of a baptism record and a marriage record from Prussia.

1869 burial from Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin

St. Theresa Catholic Church
Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin
LDS film number: 1871993, item 2
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Original record:

Septemb. 15. Defunctus est Petrus an. nat., fil. l.
                     Michaelis Meixensperger; ejusque defunctae uxoris
                     Appolloniae; sepultus est die 16. Septemb. 1869


note: The words 'an. nat., fil. l.' are abbreviations for 'annos nata, filius legitimus'.


September 15. Deceased is Petrus, the year old legitimate son of
                       Michaelis Meixensperger; and his deceased wife
                       Appolloniae; buried on the 16th of September 1869

[Reverend] Strickner