Privacy Policy

I very much respect people's privacy and understand that the internet has changed our world in many ways, especially regarding privacy.

I do my best to not include research on my website pertaining to living people.

Regarding family group sheets, I don't list any families who had children born after 1921.  Sometimes a family group sheet might be listed because the family had younger children, but I haven't come across them yet or I don't have all of the childrens' birthdates yet.  This particularly happens when I transcribe church records which end on microfilm at 1920.  If I later find younger children in the family born after 1921, the software that I have written to create the surname lists on my website will automatically remove that family group sheet from the listing on the next update (about once a month).

Regarding newspaper stories, for obituaries, the person is obviously deceased.  However, for wedding announcements and anniversary announcements, it would be impossible to determine if the persons are still alive for so many stories.  For this reason in my newspaper indexes, I just don't list any marriage announcements after 1950.  For wedding anniversaries, I don't list any after 1980 (typically I don't index papers that recent anyway).

Regarding email addresses, I don't sell or give away any email addresses of the people who write to me or order research from me. I have in the past put distant cousins in touch with each other, until one such person was very upset with me, so I no longer do so.

Thanks so much for your interest in my research!


    John Von Haden
    Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin