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Listed below are newspaper stories, birth, marriage and death certificates and family group sheets available for genealogy research in Wisconsin and back into Germany, Luxemburg and France.

Family group sheets provide details about each family member (parents and children) in a specific family.  Click here to see a sample.

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 Kroake, Juliania and Franciscus B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krobarth, Adolph - death certificate, 1900's

 Krobath, Ella-Mrs. Valentine - Obituary, 1940's
 Krobath, Frank, husband of Irma - Obituary, 1930's
 Krobath, Mary-Mrs. Mike - Obituary, 1920's
 Krobath, Valentine - Obituary, 1940's

 Krobel, Francis and Anna B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Krober, John - Obituary, 1920's

 Krobert, & Marjorie D. and Donald B. Kolb - Married, 1940's

 Kroblin, Charles and Wilhelmine H. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Kroblock, Barbara and George K. - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Kroboth, John C., husband of Madeline M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroboth, Mary-Mrs. Michael - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroboth, Mary - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroboth, Michael - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroceja, Jan and Pelagia K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krocheski, Frank and Marguerite Steffen - Married, 1900's

 Krocian, John, husband of Eva - Obituary, 1930's
 Krocian, Paul Sr., husband of Suzanne - Obituary, 1930's
 Krocian, Zuzanne - Obituary, 1940's

 Krock, Clara - Obituary, 1950's
 Krock, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Krock, Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Krock, Lucy C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krock, William, husband of Catharine - Obituary, 1930's

 Krocka, Cecelia - death certificate, 1900's
 Krocka, Floreian Frank, son of Vincent and Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Krocka, Maria-Mrs. Vincent - Obituary, 1940's
 Krocka, Vincent - Obituary, 1950's

 Krocker, Bertha and Friedrich Lue G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krocker, Carl E., son of H. and Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Krocker, Carolina A. and Johann F.W. K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krocker, Carolina A. and John F. K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krocker, Ella and Gustav H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krocker, Henry B., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Krocker, Herman W. and Ida P. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krocker, Ida-Mrs. Herman W. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krocker, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krocker, Paulina - death certificate, 1900's
 Krocker, Robert and Millie F. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Krocker, Robert and Pauline W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krocker, Robert 'Bob', husband of Millie - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroder, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroeber, Alvin John and Schee Laila - Married, 1920's
 Kroeber, Alvin John, husband of Laila - Obituary, 1980's
 Kroeber, Arno and Mary Indermuehl - Married, 1890's
 Kroeber, Arno and Mary Indermuehle - Married, 1890's
 Kroeber, Arnold 'Arno' - born 1862, married Marie, 2 children from 1898 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Kroeber, Arnold, husband of May - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroeber, Emil F. and Pearl Zepp - Married, 1920's
 Kroeber, Marie-Mrs. Arno - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroebig, Karl - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroebler, Mr. - Obituary, 1890's

 Kroechel, George and Carolina S. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kroeck, Carl P. J., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeck, Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeck, Paul C. and Ella B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroeck, Paul C., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeck, Philip - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroeck, Virginia - death certificate, 1900's

 Kroeffges, Ann C.-Mrs. Berhard - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroeger, Anna Gertrud and Theodor B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroeger, Anna M. and Henry A. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroeger, Anna Maria - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeger, Bernard C., husband of Helen L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroeger, Casper H. - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroeger, Casper W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeger, Cecilia and Walter H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroeger, Clara M. and Julius B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroeger, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroeger, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeger, Eugene H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeger, Frank - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroeger, Fred Carl William, husband of Louisa - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroeger, George - 25th Anniversary, 1950's
 Kroeger, Gertrude and Theodor C. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Kroeger, Henry, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeger, Herman C., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeger, Hilda - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeger, Ida and Emil A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroeger, John 'Jack' - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, John S. and Daisy D. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroeger, Katharine and Joseph H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroeger, Katherine M. - death certificate, 1910's
 Kroeger, Kittie and Otto H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroeger, Lona - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, Lona-Mrs. Norman C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, Mamie, daughter of Caspar - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, Maria and Franz H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroeger, Marie J. - death certificate, 1910's
 Kroeger, Martin and Albina T. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroeger, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroeger, Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeger, Mary B.-Mrs. Herman C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, Mary Gertrude and Hubert D. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroeger, Min. M. and Johann F. K. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroeger, Theresa - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroeger, Werner and Marie Elisabeth K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroeger, Werner, J., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeger, William C. - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroegmann, Emil and Martha L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroegor, Robert and Augusta S. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Kroehler, Barbara-Mrs. Geo.-Sr.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehler, Barbara-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehler, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroehler, Barbara and Philipp K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroehler, Barbara and Philip Kurtz - Married, 1900's
 Kroehler, Caspar B.-run into by auto - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehler, Casper-Mrs.-$7500 in damages for husband's death - Story, 1920's
 Kroehler, Casper - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehler, Casper-Mrs.-awarded $7000 - Story, 1920's
 Kroehler, Casper and Katherine Naab - Married, 1900's
 Kroehler, Casper Baltas - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroehler, Casper Baltas - born 1871, married Katherine M., 2 children from 1908 to 1910 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Elizabeth-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehler, Elizabeth Edna and John Kunzi - Married, 1930's
 Kroehler, George - born 1822, married Barbara, 11 children from 1854 to 1873 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Jacob - Obituary, 1890's
 Kroehler, Jacob - born 1828, married Anna Katherina, 5 children from 1856 to 1874 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Jacob - born 1855, married Elizabeth J., 2 children from 1883 to 1887 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Jacob - born 1793, married Katharina, 9 children from 1820 to 1839 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Johann Heinrich - born 1720, married Catharina Magdalena, 7 children from 1754 to 1764 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Johann Jakob - born 1759, married Maria Elisabetha, 5 children from 1786 to 1800 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Johann Justus - born 1759, married Maria Susanna, 3 children from 1788 to 1793 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Johann Wilhelm - born 1728, married Susanna Margaretha, 5 children from 1755 to 1759 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, John-farm in family since Apr. 1847 - 78th Birthday, 1940's
 Kroehler, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehler, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehler, John - born 1869, married Mary Margaret, 2 children from 1902 to 1904 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, John and Mary Konrad - Double Wedding, 1900's
 Kroehler, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehler, Katherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehler, Louisa-Mrs. Philip - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehler, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroehler, Mary-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehler, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehler, Mary Margaret-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehler, Philip - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroehler, Philip, husband of Louisa - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehler, Wilhelm - married Katherine, 2 children from 1864 to 1865 - family group sheet
 Kroehler, Wilhelm - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Kroehning, Julius-suicide - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehning, Julius - Obituary, 1910's

 Kroehnke, August - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, August and Martha - Married, 1910's
 Kroehnke, August, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, C. W. Lewis-Pfc., son of Agnes - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehnke, Geo., husband of Josie - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, George and Josephine Albrecht - Married, 1900's
 Kroehnke, George, husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, Helen-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, Herman - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehnke, Herman - born 1862, married Ida, 2 children from 1889 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Kroehnke, Irwin - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Lewis F.-reburied in Cedarburg - Story, 1940's
 Kroehnke, Lewis W.-killed in action - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehnke, Lewis Wm.-Overseas Vet burial - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroehnke, Lillian-Miss - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Louis - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehnke, Louis and Agnes Weber - Married, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Louis C., husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehnke, Louis, husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroehnke, Lula and Walter Barth - Married, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Peter - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Peter J. - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroehnke, Walter - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroehnke, Wolter - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroeker, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroell, William - death certificate, 1900's

 Kroener, Lila - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroener, Lulu and William J. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroener, Petronella and Arthur H. J. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroenig, Fred. and Sarah Ehlke - Married, 1900's
 Kroenig, Friedrich - death certificate, 1910's
 Kroenig, Gustav and Martha Hafemann - Married, 1920's

 Kroenin, Emma - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroening, Ada-Mrs. Clifford A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Adele-Mrs. William T. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Adeline-Mrs. Walter - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Albert and Wilhelmine R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Albert and Alma N. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Albert C., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Albert F. W. and Rosa S. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Albert, husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Allen, son of Fred and Laura - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Alma - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Alma-Mrs. Paul - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Alma and Max T. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Alma and Anton J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Alvina-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Amelia-Mrs. Frank A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Anna-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Anna-Mrs. Julius - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Anna-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Anna and Carl Heuer - Married, 1880's
 Kroening, Anna Friederike - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Arthru B. and Olga M. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kroening, Arthur - death certificate, 1910's
 Kroening, Arthur and Ella H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Arthur J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Augstina - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, August - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroening, August H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, August Johann - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, August, husband of Paulina - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Augustina - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Bertha-Mrs. Gustave - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Bertha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Bertha - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Bertha Wilhelmine-Mrs. August Ferdinand - death certificate, 1900's
 Kröning, Carl - married Marie, 1 child born in 1873 - family group sheet
 Kröning, Carl - married Caroline, 9 children from 1870 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Carl F. - Obituary, 1890's
 Kröning, Carl Fr. - married Marie Emilie, 2 children from 1869 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Carl Friedrich - born 1807, married twice - Ernestine Wilhelmine, Johanne Christine Wilhelmine, 14 children from 1836 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Carl Friedrich - born 1839, married Marie Emilie, 2 children from 1869 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Carl W. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Carl W. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Caroline-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Caroline 'Lena' - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Charles and Bertha B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Charles Heinrich - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Charles Heinrich - born 1878, married Bertha, 1 child born in 1901 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Charles O. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Charles O. Sr., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Clara-Mrs. Henry F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Clara - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Clara-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Clara E. and Louis C. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kröning, David - married Charlotte, 3 children from 1849 to 1852 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Donald Paul and Janet Ruth Baum - Married, 1940's
 Kroening, Doris Mae and Melvin H. Bergelin - Married, 1940's
 Kroening, Duane C., son of Clarence P. and Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Earl - 25th Anniversary, 1940's
 Kroening, Edward and Clara Erdman - Married, 1910's
 Kroening, Edwin-family escapes death in accident - Story, 1920's
 Kroening, Edwin F., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Elizabeth-Mrs. Walter A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Ella E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Emil and Emilie B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Emil W., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Emily - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Emma and Fred G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Emma Bertha-Mrs. Lucas Matthaus - death certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Emma W.-Mrs. Frank C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Erich A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Ernest - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Ernst and Emma L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Ernst O., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Ferd W. and Elizabeth S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Florence E.-Mrs. Clarence - Obituary, 1980's
 Kroening, Frank A., husband of Amelia - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Frank C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Frank Carl - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Frank Carl - born 1867, married Emma Ernstine Wilhelmina, 6 children from 1888 to 1904 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Frank, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Frank, husband of Velna - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Franz and Emma B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Fred C., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Fred W., husband of Sarah - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Freda and Albert K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Frederick - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Frieda - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Frieda and Walter B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kroening, Friederick - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Friedericka-Mrs. Friedrich - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Friedrich and Anna F. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Friedrich - married Anna, 1 child born in 1881 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Friedrich - born 1825, married Friedericka, 3 children from 1844 to 1864 - family group sheet
 Kröning, Friedrich Carl - married Bertha, 4 children from 1888 to 1892 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Gertrude E., daughter of William C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Gust. C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Gustav F. and Helene E. R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Gustav Friedrich - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Gustav Friedrich - born 1834, married Fredericka Wilhelmine Henriette, 5 children from 1866 to 1880 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Gustav W. A. and Ragina S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Gustave A., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Gustave, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Harriet-Mrs. Frank C. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Harry C., husband of Esther - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Hattie - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Hattie-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Hattie-Mrs. Earl - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Hedwig E. and Emil G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Heinrich A. F. and Anna A. A. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Heinrich Carl Friedrich and Louise Wilhelmine K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Helena - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Henry A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Henry F. and Marie K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Henry F., husband of Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Henry, son of Henry - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Herbert - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Herbert-drowned - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Herbert - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Herbert F., husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Herbert, son of Edwin and Clara - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, herman - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Herman - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Herman and Margaretha H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Herman - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Herman - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Herman and Anna P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Herman - born 1849, married Margaret, 8 children from 1880 to 1895 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Herman F., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Herman Friedrich - born 1868, married Bertha Wilhelmine Albertine, 4 children from 1891 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Herman Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Hermann August - married Wilhelmine, 7 children from 1887 to 1887 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Hermann August - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Howard P. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Hugo, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Hulda E. and Herman A. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Ida - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Jacob and Catharina Bohlen - Married, 1900's
 Kroening, Johann and Margrethe Bohrlein G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kroening, Johann and Margretha B. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kroening, Johann and Margretha G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kröning, Johann Friedrich - born 1834, married Karoline Wilhelmine Friederike, 2 children from 1880 to 1880 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Johanna - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Johanna and Friedrich B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroening, John and Magdalene Riehle - Married, 1930's
 Kroening, John Herman - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, John Herman - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, John K. - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, John K. - born 1828, married Fredricka J., 7 children from 1853 to 1874 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Julius E. and Rose A. T. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Karl - born 1840, married Caroline Friedrike, 7 children from 1876 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Kenneth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Laura - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Lois, daughter of Bernhardt and Pearl - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Loraine, daughter of Louis and Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Louis and Emma L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Louis F., husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Louis H., husband of Lydia - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Louise - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Louise-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Louise Albertine - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroening, Lucas-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Kroening, Lucas - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Lucas Matthaus - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Lucas Matthaus - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Lucas Matthaus - born 1858, married twice - Emma Bertha, Paulina Auguste Elise, 10 children from 1884 to 1906 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Lydia - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Margaret-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Maria - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Maria W. and Johann F. G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Maria Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroening, Marie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, Marie - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Martha-Mrs. Paul - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Martha Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Mary-Mrs. Irwin L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Minnie-Mrs. Erich - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Minnie-Mrs. Frederick - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Paul - Obituary, 1950's
 Kröning, Paul - married Martha, 1 child born in 1902 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Paul - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Paul and Emilie Z. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Paul and Alma P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Paul and Martha H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Paul and Hattie L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Paul Bernhard - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Paul R., husband of Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Paulina-Mrs. Lucas - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Pauline - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Richard and Martha P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Richard, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Robert, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, Rosa - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, Rosa - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Rudolph Herman - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Ruth - death certificate, 1910's
 Kroening, Selma-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Sophia-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Sylvia, daughter of Fred - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Victor and Jeanette Troller - Married, 1940's
 Kroening, Victor H., husband of Jeanette - Obituary, 1980's
 Kroening, Walter and Adeline Rudolph - Married, 1910's
 Kroening, Wilhelm and Augusta I. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Wilhelm - married Auguste, 2 children from 1875 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Kroening, Wilhelm and Augusta J. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, Wilhelm and Bertha K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Wilhelm and Caroline B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroening, Wilhelmina-Mrs. Herman Sr. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, Wilhelmina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroening, Wilhelmine and Albert K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, William and Ella H. M. P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroening, William C., husband of Elise A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, William C., husband of Laura - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, William Carl - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroening, William F.-Cpl. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, William F., son of Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, William H., husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroening, William T. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroening, William, husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroening, William, son of Mrs. Auguste - Obituary, 1920's

 Kroeninger, Rosa-Mrs. Kasper - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroenke, Agnes-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroenke, August and Emilie B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroenke, August - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroenke, Chas. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroenke, Ed and Agnes Vandenberg - Married, 1920's
 Kroenke, Emilie-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroenke, John, husband of Pauline - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroenke, Leonard E., husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroenke, Marcella-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroenke, Margaret, daughter of Emily - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroenke, Pauline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroenlein, Rosa and Alex F. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kroepfe, Agnes - death certificate, 1900's

 Kroepfl, Anna-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroepfl, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroepfl, Frank, husband of Louise - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroepfl, George - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroepfl, Johann - married Bertha, 3 children from 1898 to 1901 - family group sheet
 Kroepfl, Johann - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroepfl, John, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroeplin, Albert and Wilhelmine G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroeplin, Charles and Amanda K. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroeplin, Delia Anne-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeplin, Elizabeth-Mrs. Lester - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeplin, Henry, married twice - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeplin, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroeplin, Otto and Filda K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroeplin, Otto, husband of Philda - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeplin, Philda - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroeplin, Sophie Marie Elizabeth and Johann Friedrich Henrich G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroeplin, Sybil-Mrs. Palmer - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroeplin, Wilhelmina-Mrs. Frederick - Obituary, 1920's

 Kroeppel, Mary and Roman G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kröppelin, Friedrich - married Wilhelmine, 9 children from 1873 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Kroeppelin, Wilhelm - married Caroline 'Lina', 2 children from 1878 to 1879 - family group sheet

 Kroes, Albert J., husband of Annis - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroes, Annis Jane - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroes, Dirk, husband of Alice - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroes, Eva M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroes, Gerrit John 'Harry', husband of Lily E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroes, Lester W., husband of Tillie M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroes, Paul - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroeschell, Emma-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroesing, Pauline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroeten, Alois - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroeten, Anna G.-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1980's
 Kroeten, Joseph, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1980's

 Kroetlin, Charles, husband of Amanda - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroetz, Hubert - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroetz, Millie E. and Max A. B. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Krof, Christofer and Maria P. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kroft, Johanna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's

 Krofta, Alois, husband of Lucie - Obituary, 1930's
 Krofta, Anna-Mrs. Max Sr. - Obituary, 1920's
 Krofta, Elsie-Mrs. Max - Obituary, 1930's
 Krofta, Frank and Gertrude N. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krofta, Frank, husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1930's
 Krofta, James and Mary V. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krofta, John and Louisa B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krofta, John and Marguerite W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krofta, Margaret-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Krofta, Max Sr. - Obituary, 1930's

 Krofter, Marion A. and Henry G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krog, Anna and John J. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krog, Carl Fr. H. and Pauline Marie S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krog, Marie-Mrs. Stanley - Obituary, 1950's

 Krogan, Abnre and Alice Goodacre - Married, 1920's
 Krogan, Herman 'Crogan', husband of Jennie - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogan, Maria-Mrs. Ole - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogan, Ole, husband of Millie - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroger, Herman and Catharina S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroger, Hermann and Mary A. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroger, Johann and Maria M. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroger, Mary G. and Hubert D. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kroggel, Caroline - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroggel, Don Allen, son of Elmer - Obituary, 1940's

 Krogh, Anna-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogh, Caroline - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogh, Doandl, infant son of Jens and Leone - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogh, Hans - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogh, Mercielle-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Krogman, Albert, husband of Louise - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogman, Emilie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogman, Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogman, Henry, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogman, Minna and John B. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Krogmann, Albert and Louisa W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krogmann, Annie and Wallace J. E. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krogmann, Christian - death certificate, 1910's
 Krogmann, Clara and George J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krogmann, Emil - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogmann, Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogmann, Frank and Ida E. A. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krogmann, Friedrich J. C. and Emilie B. S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krogmann, Harry, husband of Leone - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogmann, Helen S. - death certificate, 1910's
 Krogmann, Johann - married Sophie, 3 children from 1873 to 1882 - family group sheet
 Krogmann, Johann and Sophie P. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krogmann, John - death certificate, 1910's
 Krogmann, John, husband of Antonette - Obituary, 1920's
 Krogmann, Louise Wilhelmine and Heinrich Carl Friedrich K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krogmann, Marie - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogmann, Martha-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogmann, Mary-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogmann, Paul and Annie B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Krogmann, Paul, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogmann, Sophia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Krogsgard, Emil and Gina W. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Krogstad, Bernice-Mrs. Clarence - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogstad, Christ A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogstad, Dorothy - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogstad, Einar S. and Louise B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krogstad, Georgia-Mrs. Harold - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogstad, Hans A., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogstad, Hazel, daughter of Sigurd - Obituary, 1930's
 Krogstad, Maria-Mrs. Christ - Obituary, 1910's
 Krogstad, Martin and Olga B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krogstad, Martin A., husband of Olga M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krogstad, Mary C. and John J. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krogstad, Nels - Obituary, 1890's
 Krogstad, Nils Andersen and Thea A. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krogstad, Signa Marie-Mrs. Sigurd - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogstad, Sigurd S., husband of Signa - Obituary, 1940's
 Krogstad, Thea - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroh, Clifford - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroh, Elvin, husband of Evelyn - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroh, Harry, husband of Nellie - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroh, Nellie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroha, Anthony J., husband of Edith - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroha, Audrey, infant daughter of Frank and Helen - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroha, Edna-Miss - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroha, Fr. M. and Francis L. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroha, Frank and Ida G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroha, Frieda-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroha, Geo. and Freida S. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kroha, George - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroha, James F., son of Frank - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroha, Johann J. and Elisabeth M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroha, John and Margaretha K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroha, John and Elizabeth Mollerus - Married, 1890's
 Kroha, John L., husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroha, Joseph F.-Rev. Msgr. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroha, Katie-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroha, Margaret-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroha, Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroha, Mary and Mike A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroha, Norma L.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroha, Norma L.-Mrs. John F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroha, Ray C., husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroha, Rudolph K. - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroha, Wilhelmina and John B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Krohlaw, Louise and Louis D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krohn, Albert, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Albertina - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Amanda-Mrs. Walter - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Amanda-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Anna-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Ardell and Gilbert Koenig - Married, 1940's
 Krohn, Arthur and Mary M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Arthur W., husband of Ellen - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, August and Welhelmine K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krohn, August - married Wilhelmine, 1 child born in 1869 - family group sheet
 Krohn, August - married Albertine, 7 children from 1871 to 1882 - family group sheet
 Krohn, August - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, August - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krohn, August and Wilhelmine K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krohn, August - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, August - born 1858, married Augusta Wilhelmine Albertine, 8 children from 1881 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Krohn, August F. C. and Eugenia W. E. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, August M. and Albertine H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Aurelinez - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Bernard and Esther Riemer - Married, 1920's
 Krohn, Bertha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Carl - married Lisette, 2 children from 1872 to 1876 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Carl - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Carl - born 1824, married Elizabeth, 3 children from 1859 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Carl Theodore - married Wilhelmine Charlotte Rosalie, 1 child born in 1875 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Carl, husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Caroline - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Caroline Maria - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Krohn, Charles - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Charles H., husband of Lydia - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Chas. H. and Lydia H. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Krohn, Clarence - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Clarence and Hulda Gaeth - Married, 1930's
 Krohn, Edith-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Edw. - 20th Anniversary, 1930's
 Krohn, Edward H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Edward J., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Edwin C. and Louise S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Elizabeth-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Krohn, Elizabeth and Albert K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ella - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Elroy, son of Edward and Elsie - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Elsie - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Elsie-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Elsie Anna - Obituary, 1970's
 Krohn, Emil - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Emil - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Emil - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Emilie and Herman B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Emma - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Emma and Paul Brehm - Married, 1910's
 Krohn, Engelbert - Golden Wedding, 1930's
 Krohn, Engelbert - 55th Anniversary, 1930's
 Krohn, Engelbert - Diamond Wedding, 1940's
 Krohn, Engelbert - born 1855, married Maria Dorothea Bertha, 13 children from 1882 to 1905 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Engelbert, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Erich and Emma R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ernestine C. and Johann C. A. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Krohn, Ernestine Charlotte and Johann Carl Friedrich Erdmann A. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Krohn, Ernst - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Ernst - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Eugenia-Mrs. August F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Ferdinand - married Friedrike, 1 child born in 1875 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Frances-Mrs. Ernest - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Frank - Obituary, 1880's
 Krohn, Frank G., husband of Vivian - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Fred C. and Ida B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Friedrich - born 1830, married Wilhelmine Ernestine, 10 children from 1849 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Fritz - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, George and Estelle H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, George A., husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, George F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Gerhardt, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Gottlieb - married Johanne, 1 child born in 1874 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Gottlieb and Caroline B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Grover-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, H. C.-Dr., son Henry Engebert died - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Hazel and Arnold Habeck - Married, 1920's
 Krohn, Heinrich F. - born 1811, married Margaret, 4 children from 1849 to 1855 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Heinrich Joh. W. and Maria Louise Anna K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Heinrich Johann - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Heinrich Johann - born 1859, married Maria Louise Anna 'Mary', 1 child born in 1888 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Helen-Mrs. John H. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Helen-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Helen B.-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Helena-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Henry - Obituary, 1890's
 Krohn, Henry-Mrs. - 78th Birthday, 1930's
 Krohn, Henry - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Henry and Helene B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Henry and Anna Raube - Married, 1900's
 Krohn, Henry C.-Dr., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Henry Walter - Obituary, 1970's
 Krohn, Herman Julius - born 1860, married Theresa Carolina, 6 children from 1887 to 1904 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Herman, husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Hilda-Mrs. Elton - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Hollis and Gloria L. Hein - Married, 1940's
 Krohn, Hugo and Katie K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ida - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ida and David H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ida E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Ida 'Krahn' and Emil B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Krohn, Johann and Maria K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Johann C. - married Wilhelmine, 6 children from 1864 to 1877 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Johann W. - death certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Johann W. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Johann W. - born 1862, married Pauline M., 5 children from 1884 to 1895 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Johannes and Lina P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Krohn, John-Sgt., husband of Adrienne - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, John and Lina P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, John and Anna T. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, John - born 1846, married Augusta, 8 children from 1867 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Krohn, John C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, John W., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, John, husband of Selma - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Joseph L., husband of Janet - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Josephine and Henry C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Julia-Mrs. Wm. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Julia - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Julia-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Julia-Mrs. Fred - D2=, 1940's
 Krohn, June Ann, daughter of Clarence and Clementine - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Leon, son of Joseph and Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, M. J.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Krohn, Margaretha and Adam H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Margretha and Adam H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Maria and Balthesar B. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krohn, Maria Albertina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Krohn, Maria Albertina-Mrs. Wilhelm Heinrich - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Maria Dorothea-Mrs. Engelbert - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Maria Louise Anna and Heinrich Joh. W. K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, Marie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Martha-Miss - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Martha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Martin W. - born 1805, married Johanna, 2 children from 1830 to 1833 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Mary-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, Mathelda - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Mathilda - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Mina and Charles B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Mina - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Minna and John G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Minnie - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Minnie-Mrs. Walter - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Otto and Selma K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Otto W. and Helen W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Otto Wilhelm - Obituary, 1960's
 Krohn, Paulina - death certificate, 1910's
 Krohn, Peter - married Dorothee, 4 children from 1837 to 1846 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Reinhard and Bertha Gresens - Married, 1910's
 Krohn, Reinhold and Ida S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Richard - married Ida, 1 child born in 1898 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Richard and Ida P. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Richard Emil - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krohn, Richard, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, Rita - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Rudolph and Martha B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Rudolph, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohn, Ruth, daughter of Herman and Bertha - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Sacilie Mathilde - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Selma-Mrs. Otto - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, Walter and Mathilda Voigt - Married, 1920's
 Krohn, Wilhelm - married Margaretha, 2 children from 1864 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Wilhelm - married Wilhelmine, 5 children from 1872 to 1877 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Wilhelm - married Margaretha, 4 children from 1864 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Wilhelm - death certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, Wilhelm-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Krohn, Wilhelm August and Auguste Wilhelmine Albertine K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krohn, Wilhelm Heinrich - born 1826, married Maria Albertina, 6 children from 1853 to 1871 - family group sheet
 Krohn, Wilhelmina Johanna and Nicolaus H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krohn, William and Hattie B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Krohn, William and Eliza H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Krohn, William and Clara K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krohn, William Carl - born 1875, married Julia Dorothea Wilhelmine, 2 children from 1904 to 1909 - family group sheet
 Krohn, William F. - Obituary, 1960's
 Krohn, William P., husband of Della - Obituary, 1940's
 Krohn, William, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohn, William, husband of Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohn, William, husband of Sophie - Obituary, 1930's

 Krohn/Krohne, Karl - married Augusta, 1 child born in 1879 - family group sheet

 Krohne, Arthur D., husband of Florence - Obituary, 1950's
 Krohne, Charles A., husband of Louise - Obituary, 1930's
 Krohne, Charlotte, daughter of Charles A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Krohne, Katherine-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1930's

 Krois, Irma-Mrs. Julius - Obituary, 1940's
 Krois, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Krois, Wilhelmina-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroisenbacher, Theresia and John G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krojer, Albertine-Mrs. Martin - Obituary, 1920's
 Krojer, Martin - Obituary, 1930's

 Kroka, Louisa and Christian W. K. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Kroken, Luther - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroker, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroker, Paulina - death certificate, 1900's

 Krokosky, Wilhelmine and Charles D. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Krokowski, William, husband of Verna - Obituary, 1930's

 Krokson, Ethel and Roland J. Berrett - Married, 1930's
 Krokson, Roy, of Greenwood - Obituary, 1940's

 Krol, Agnes and John J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krol, Albert and Elizabeth J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krol, Blasius and Katarzyna J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krol, Kate-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Krol, Kunegunda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krol, Mary B. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krol, Waleria and Bronislaw D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krolak, Mae A.-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1960's

 Krolasik, Hattie - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolasik, Joseph, husband of Hattie - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroley, Christena and Jacob B. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Krolick, Bernhard, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1920's
 Krolick, Joseph Sr., husband of Amanda - Obituary, 1940's

 Krolik, Frank and Lena S. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Krolikowski, Alois, son of Catherine - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolikowski, Esther, daughter of John J. and Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Krolikowski, Frances-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolikowski, Jan and Franciszka W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krolikowski, Jos. and Marie R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krolikowski, Matt, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolikowski, Stanley Sr., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolikowski, Victor and Catherine Nowacki - Married, 1930's

 Kroll, Adde-Mrs. Henry A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Adeline-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Albert A., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Albert and Marie Deutsch - Married, 1930's
 Kroll, Alphonse, husband of Antonette - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Andrew, husband of Victoria Ann - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Anton, son died - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, August - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, August - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, August and Ottilie B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, August, husband of Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Augusta Maria-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Bernhard and Anna H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Bernhard, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Bernhard, sho Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Bessie-Mrs. Robert C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Bronislawa and Antoni G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Carl and Hulda K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroll, Carl C., of Neillsville - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Carl Ludwig - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Carl, husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Casimir, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Catharine and Constantin H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroll, Charles and Friederike R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, Charles and Friedricke R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, Cora-Mrs. Edward A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Edward A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Edward, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Elenor-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Elizabeth-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Elsie-Mrs. Francis Sr. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Emil A., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Emil, husband of Natalia - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Erwin, husband of Lorraine - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Even Ignatz, husband of Mae - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Francis A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Frank M., husband of Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Frank, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Frederick and Grace R. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroll, Fritz - married Dorothea, 1 child born in 1861 - family group sheet
 Kroll, George and Dorathea Seibold - Mcert A, 1840's
 Kroll, George J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, George, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Gustav and Helene R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Helen and Michael A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Herman, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Hermann and Margareta P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Howard, son of Harry and Florence - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Jakob and Wilhelmine B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Joanna 'Jane'-Mrs. Michael - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Johann - married Elisabeth, 4 children from 1866 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Kroll, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, John - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, John and Hulda C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroll, John and Lillie R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, John and Mary K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, John and Lillian Augustine - Married, 1920's
 Kroll, John, husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, John, husband of Lillie - Obituary, 1910's
 Kroll, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Jos. and Rose K. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kroll, Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Joseph P., husband of Viola - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Josephine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Josephine-Mrs. Anton R. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Julius Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Katherine-Mrs. Julius - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Laura-Mrs. Henry A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Lester H., husband of Emma E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Louis, son of Frank - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Louisa O. and Michael K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroll, Lucille-Mrs. Anthony - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Lucy and Anton B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Ludwig F. and Catharine M. G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, Ludwig Friedrich and Catharine Margareth G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Martha-Mrs. Herbert R. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Martha-Mrs. Ignatius - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Martha - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Mary-Mrs. Stanley - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Mary and Earnst K. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kroll, May and Joseph K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroll, Michael - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Minnie and M. W. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroll, Natalie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Paul and Paulina G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroll, Pearl-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroll, Reinhold and Rosie E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Reinhold C., husband of Rose - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Robert and Agnes Z. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Robert and Agnes S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Rose-Mrs. Reinhold - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Rudolph, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroll, Sophia and Wm. F. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Stan, husband of Klementyna - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Stanley-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Stanley B. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Stephen B., husband of Teresa - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Tekla-Mrs. Anton - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Thaddeus, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Theofila 'Tillie' - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroll, Victoria Ann-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Vincent J., husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroll, Wilhelmina - death certificate, 1900's
 Kroll, Wilhelmine and Heinrich A. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kroll, Wilhelmine Caroline Friedrike and Gottieb Wilhelm Julius B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, William and Wilhelmine L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroll, Wilmer and Mabel Strassburger - Married, 1930's

 Krollman, Maud A. and A. W. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krollmann, Albert P., husband of Hilda - Obituary, 1950's
 Krollmann, Anthony, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1920's
 Krollmann, Barbara-Mrs. Charles E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krollmann, Charles E. - Obituary, 1940's

 Krollnick, John and Johanna Pies - Married, 1900's

 Krolnik, John and Elisabeth T. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krolnik, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Krolnik, William, husband of Johanna - Obituary, 1940's

 Krolopp, Joseph, husband of Sarah - Obituary, 1950's

 Krolow, Geraldine Ann, daughter of Arthur - Obituary, 1930's

 Krolski, Agnes-Mrs. Teofil - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolski, Antonina - Obituary, 1940's
 Krolski, Helena - death certificate, 1910's
 Krolski, John J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolski, Joseph, husband of Pauline - Obituary, 1950's
 Krolski, Valenty and Victoria F. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroltz, Hubert and Maria S. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Krolz, Josef and Rosalia N. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroman, Marshall, husband of Gretchen - Obituary, 1930's

 Kromberg, Almira and Arthur Johnson - Married, 1900's

 Krombholz, Alois - Obituary, 1940's
 Krombholz, Carlos and Elva Hopperdietzel - Married, 1940's
 Krombholz, Hilda-Mrs. Ernst - Obituary, 1940's

 Kromborski, Andrew and Mary-Mrs. Rygiel - Married, 1910's

 Krombos, Reinder and Marena H. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krombos, Reinder-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Krombos, Reinder-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Krome, Max and Ida W. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Krome, Max, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1930's

 Kromer, Agnes and Joseph G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kromer, Edith and Edward Kramer - Married, 1910's
 Kromer, George J. and Isabelle C. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kromer, Jacob J. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kromes, Charles and Helen P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kromes, Charles and Clara P. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kromeyer, Henrietta and Heirich D. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kromholtz, Johanna - Obituary, 1940's

 Kromholz, Grace-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1920's

 Kromke, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kromke, Carl, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Kromke, George, son of Anna - Obituary, 1920's

 Krommenaker, Anton - Obituary, 1910's

 Kromowitter, Anthony and Mary H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kromp, George Louis and Mary M. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Krompas, Caroline J.-Mrs. Charles Peter - Obituary, 1920's
 Krompas, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Krompas, Emma S. and Oscar C. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krompas, O. Arthur and Elsie A. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krompas, O. Arthur, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Krompas, Oscar C. and Emma S. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krompas, Oscar C. and Emma Roesler - Married, 1880's

 Krompholz, Aloysius and Maria U. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kromraj, Eugene, husband of Johanna - Obituary, 1950's
 Kromraj, Stella-Mrs. Zygmunt - Obituary, 1940's

 Kromrei, Theodore, husband of Fredericka - Obituary, 1920's

 Kromroy, Bertha - Obituary, 1940's

 Kromschinski, John - Obituary, 1950's

 Kron, Amalia-Mrs. Karl - Obituary, 1910's
 Kron, Arthur J., husband of Edith H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, Carl - married Liesette, 1 child born in 1874 - family group sheet
 Kron, Carl and Liesette K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Caroline and Siegfried H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kron, Cecelia - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Charles L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Charles L. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kron, Charles L. - born 1847, married Lisette, 3 children from 1873 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Kron, Charles Rudolph and Josephine E. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kron, Christian - born 1818, married Caroline, 1 child born in 1847 - family group sheet
 Kron, Clara - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kron, Clemens and Johanne Armbruster - Mcert B, 1850's
 Kron, Clements and Johanne A. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kron, Edmun and Letty D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kron, Edmund and Johanna H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Edward and Margaretha B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Edward-Pfc., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kron, Edward and Margaretha K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Edward J.-Pfc., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kron, Emil and Amalia Caecelie D. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kron, Emil P., husband of Cecelia - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Erdmann and Emma W. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kron, Erdmann - married Emma, 7 children from 1883 to 1899 - family group sheet
 Kron, Erdmann - married Emma, 1 child born in 1888 - family group sheet
 Kron, Ernst and Louise v. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kron, Franciszek and Walentyna W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kron, Frank J., husband of Alvina M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, Fred E., husband of Minna - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, George H. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Gertrude-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Gustav William - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Gustave A., husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, Henriete and Arnold K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kron, Johanna-Mrs. Edmund Sr. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, John and Gertrude K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kron, Josephine - Obituary, 1930's
 Kron, Leonard C. and Marie L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kron, Leonard C., husband of Marie L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kron, Meta and Arthur E. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kron, Minnie-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, Olive-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1950's
 Kron, Peter - Obituary, 1920's
 Kron, Wilhelm C. and Wilhelmine G. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kron, Wilhelmine and Carl F. B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Krona, August - death certificate, 1910's
 Krona, Peter and Anne J. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kronau, Wilhelm - born 1822, married Mathilde, 4 children from 1854 to 1865 - family group sheet

 Kronawitta, John and Anna G. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Kronawitter, Anna-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronawitter, John - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronawitter, Pauline, daughter of Mary - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronberg, Albert, son of John and Elizabeth - Obituary, 1920's
 Kronberg, Arthur Hugh - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronberg, August - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronberg, John Ulrich - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronberg, Richard - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronberg, Sarah Catherine-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronberg, Selma - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronberg, Selma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronberg, Theodore and Lizzie F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronberg, William - Obituary, 1940's

 Kronberger, Jacob, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroncke, Henry J., husband of Jeanette A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroncke, Jacob C., husband of Marie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroncke, Ralph J., husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroncke, Robert G. and Linda Kathleen Rosenheimer - Married, 1940's

 Krone, Catharina and John B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Krone, Harry and Sarah E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroneberg, Adolph and Katherine N. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroneberg, Otto and Adela A. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kroneberger, Ursula and Jacob G. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kronebiegel, Magdalena - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronenberg, Anna - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberg, Anna Maria-Mrs. Jacob - Obituary, 1910's
 Kronenberg, Anna Maria - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberg, Arnold - birth certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Kronenberg, Ella-Mrs.John F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronenberg, Georg - married Elisabeth, 3 children from 1823 to 1829 - family group sheet
 Kronenberg, Helen M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronenberg, Jac.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Kronenberg, Jacob - Obituary, 1900's
 Kronenberg, Jacob - born 1835, married Anna Maria, 11 children from 1860 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Kronenberg, Johann Joseph - birth certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Kronenberg, Jonas - birth certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Kronenberg, Jos. - 65th Anniversary, 1920's
 Kronenberg, Joseph - married Magdalena, 3 children from 1863 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Kronenberg, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronenberg, Margaret-Mrs. Hobart P. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kronenberger, Adam and Margaretha B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kronenberger, Adam - death certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Adam and Margaretha Bokelmann - Mcert B, 1850's
 Kronenberger, Arnold C., son of Charles H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kronenberger, Barbara-Mrs. Philipp - death certificate, 1870's
 Kronenberger, Catherine - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Catherine-Mrs. Charles H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kronenberger, Charles and Katherine G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Charles H. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronenberger, Elise and George A. F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kronenberger, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronenberger, Frances - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Franziska and Fred K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Heinrich and Magdalena R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Heinrich Melchior - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Helena - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronenberger, Joseph G. and Frieda F. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kronenberger, Joseph G., husband of Frieda - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronenberger, Lawrence S., husband of Frieda - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronenberger, Margaret - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kronenberger, Michael and Magdeline M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kronenberger, Moses - Obituary, 1920's
 Kronenberger, Philipp - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kronenberger, Philipp - born 1830, married Barbara, 6 children from 1855 to 1865 - family group sheet
 Kronenberger, Rosa - death certificate, 1900's
 Kronenberger, Sebastian and Margareth G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Sebastian - married Margareth, 3 children from 1870 to 1871 - family group sheet
 Kronenberger, Sebastian - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kronenberger, Wilhelmina Henriette - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kronenberger, Wilhelmine H. and Julius W. B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kronenburger, Wilhelmine Henrietta Philipina and Julius Wilhelm Edward B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kronenwetter, Carl - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronenwetter, Mary Agnes-Mrs. Carl - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronenwetter, Sebastian - Obituary, 1900's

 Kroner, Agnes-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroner, Constantin and Pauline A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroner, Constantine 'Connie', husband of Pauline - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroner, Fred-missing youth found in Milwaukee - Story, 1920's
 Kroner, Fred, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroner, Joseph and Anna J. T. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroner, Josephine-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroner, Rosina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroner, Thomas and Bertha W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroner, Thomas, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroner, Vincent - Obituary, 1930's

 Krones, Charles and Josephine N. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krones, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Krones, Herman, husband of Wilhelmina - Obituary, 1940's
 Krones, Maria Hamm and Anton D. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Krones, Renate - death certificate, 1900's
 Krones, Sarah-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1950's
 Krones, Wilhelmine - Obituary, 1950's

 Kronforst, James - 25th Anniversary, 1930's
 Kronforst, Joseph - Obituary, 1910's

 Kronfuss, Edward and Helen Annen - Married, 1920's
 Kronfuss, Harriet and Mathias Bach - Married, 1920's
 Kronfuss, Rupert - Obituary, 1910's

 Krongloski, Constantine G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Krongloski, Laura-Mrs. Constantine - Obituary, 1920's

 Kronhold, Gustav and Louise Nienow - Married, 1880's

 Kronies, Charles, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1920's
 Kronies, Edward and Elsie A. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Kronies, Edward William, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronies, Elsie Clara-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronies, Henry, husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1950's

 Kronig, August-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronig, Augusta-Mrs. Jos. - Obituary, 1920's

 Kroning, Albert and Wilhelmine R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kroning, Elizabeth-Mrs. Walter A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroning, Franz and Amalie R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kroning, Johann C.F. Ferd. and Caroline Friedericke S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kroning, John C. and Caroline F. S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kroning, Wilhelm F. and Lauara H. S. D. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroning, Wilhelm H. and Augustine H. S. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kröning, Ida Friedrike - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kronis, Christ, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronitz, Augusta and Otto Block - Married, 1900's
 Kronitz, Emma and Theodor Guse - Married, 1900's
 Kronitz, Franklin - Obituary, 1950's

 Kronke, Charles and Anna W. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kronke, Fred - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronke, Frederick - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronke, Julia-Mrs. August F. - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronkhelm, Walter J. and Emma Bunkelmann - Married, 1920's

 Kronnenwetter, Frank-writes during WWI - Story, 1910's

 Kronquist, Emil H. and Ericka W. L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kronqvist, Ericka-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1920's

 Kronschabl, Marie - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronschanable, Geo.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Kronschanbl, Frances-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronschnabl, Alois J., husband of Cecelia - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronschnabl, George - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronschnabl, George and Francisca S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronschnabl, Joseph - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronschnabl, Joseph-Sr., husband of Betty - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronschnabl, Joseph and Adeline Andre - Married, 1930's
 Kronschnabl, Mathilda, daughter of George - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronschnabl, Mildred and Clifford Herman - Married, 1940's

 Kronser, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Kronser, Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronser, Nicholas - born 1856, married Elizabeth, 1 child born in 1891 - family group sheet
 Kronser, Nicolaus - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kronser, Nicolaus - born 1831, married Christina, 6 children from 1856 to 1868 - family group sheet

 Kronshage, Ernst H. and Gertrude T. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronshage, Ernst H., husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1930's
 Kronshage, Gertrude-Mrs. Ernst H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kronshage, Theodore and Maud B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kronshage, Theodore, daughter died - death certificate, 1910's
 Kronshage, Theodore, husband of Maude - Obituary, 1930's

 Kronstein, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kronz, Jacob - Obituary, 1940's

 Kronzer, Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Kronzer, Mathias - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Kronzer, Mathias - born 1813, married Katharina, 1 child born in 1854 - family group sheet

 Kroogman, Dietrich - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroogman, Emily-Mrs. Diederick - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroogman, Leona and Merritt Churches - Married, 1930's
 Kroogman, Olga-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroogmann, Olga-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1940's

 Kroos, Emma and Arthur G. Friese - Married, 1910's

 Kroosch, Gustav and Anne W. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Krooter, Rudolph-struck light pole - Story, 1930's

 Kropac, James, husband of Alby - Obituary, 1950's

 Kropetz, Anton A., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropetz, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropetz, Judith Ann, daughter of Anton - Obituary, 1940's

 Kropf, Andrew and Dorothy Huls - Married, 1940's
 Kropf, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropf, Christ - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropf, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Kropf, Fred and Gertrude S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kropf, Frederic and Ida H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kropf, Gertrude M., daughter of William - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropf, Gurtie - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropf, Gussie - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropf, Johanna-Mrs. Christ - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropf, Laura M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropf, Oscar A., husband of Laura C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropf, Otto and Gusie F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kropf, Otto R., husband of Gussie F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropf, Robert and Marie R. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Kropf, Selma E. and William A. J. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kropf, Stanley C. Sr., husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropf, Stewart F. - death certificate, 1900's
 Kropf, William C. and Eva G. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kropf, William, husband of Eva - Obituary, 1930's

 Kropfl, Andrew - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropfl, John and Bertha S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kropfl, Thomas, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1930's

 Kropidkowski, Joseph and Rosie L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kropidllowski, Walter - Obituary, 1940's

 Kropidlowska, Pelagia and Jacobus C. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kropidlowski, Alex - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Alexander and Rose W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kropidlowski, Antone - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Bertha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropidlowski, Eleanor - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Emily-Mrs. Walter - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Felix and Caroline Koppa - Married, 1930's
 Kropidlowski, Felix, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Frank Sr., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Frank, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropidlowski, Ignacy and Elenora N. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kropidlowski, John F., husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, John, husband of Emily - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, John, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Joseph W., husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropidlowski, Marie, daughter of Joseph and Frances - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropidlowski, Martha H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropidlowski, Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Stephen - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropidlowski, Victor, son of Mrs. Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Kropinska, Aleksandra and Simon K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kropka, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropka, Frank - death certificate, 1900's
 Kropka, John - death certificate, 1900's
 Kropka, John and Anna S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kropka, John, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Kropkat, Herman G., husband of Ottilie - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropkat, Herman G., son of Herman A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropkat, Herman, husband of Ottilie - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropkat, Ottilie - Obituary, 1950's

 Kropket, Edward, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropket, Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropket, Richard E. - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroplewski, Pauline - Obituary, 1950's

 Kroplin, Albert and Wilhelmine G. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Kropodlowski, Stanislaus and Anastazya K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Kropp, Albert - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropp, Amay 'Jennie' - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropp, Amelia-Mrs. Louis F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropp, Andreas - married Odilia, 4 children from 1797 to 1808 - family group sheet
 Kropp, Anna Gertrude - birth certificate in Germany, 1800's
 Kropp, Anna Gertrude - marriage certificate in Germany, 1830's
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 Kropp, Charles and Anny W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kropp, Charles M., husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1920's
 Kropp, Christian - marriage certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Kropp, Christoph - married Christliebin, 3 children from 1861 to 1876 - family group sheet
 Kropp, Christopher - death certificate, 1900's
 Kropp, Chrs. M. and Caroline M. - marriage certificate, 1880's
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 Kropp, Clarence and Josephine Smola - Married, 1930's
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 Kropp, Cunigunde and Michael H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Kropp, Diedrich, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Kropp, Dietrich Heinrich - born 1853, married Anna Auguste, 4 children from 1885 to 1887 - family group sheet
 Kropp, Dorda - death certificate, 1900's
 Kropp, Emma and Anton F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Kropp, Emma-Mrs. W. A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropp, Erna-Mrs. Andrew - Obituary, 1940's
 Kropp, Flora-engaged and Paulus Hjelmeseth - Married, 1920's
 Kropp, Frank A. and Edith A. Seiler - Married, 1920's
 Kropp, Frank J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kropp, Fred and Clara Felzkowski - Married, 1920's
 Kropp, Hans E., husband of Eleanor - Obituary, 1950's
 Kropp, Heinrich Ludwig - born 1849, married Beta Sophie, 1 child born in 1886 - family group sheet
 Kropp, Heinrich Ludwig, husband of Sophie - Obituary, 1900's
 Kropp, J. M.-Dr. and Arline Burkhart - Married, 1920's
 Kropp, Jacob - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
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 Kropp, Lawrence A. and Bessie Smola - Married, 1930's
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 Kropp, Louis F. - married Amalie, 1 child born in 1889 - family group sheet
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 Kropp, Wilhelm - married Sophia Katharina, 2 children from 1849 to 1853 - family group sheet
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 Kropte, Mary - death certificate, 1910's

 Kropusek, Sam - Obituary, 1930's

 Kropydlowski, Jozef and Maryanna R. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krosch, Christian W. G. and Johanna F. W. S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
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 Kroscher, Anna - Obituary, 1930's
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 Kroscher, Frank - married Anna Maria, 2 children from 1895 to 1898 - family group sheet
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 Kroscher, Howard F. and Elsa K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroscher, Howard F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Kroscher, Julius - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroscher, Magdalena-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1920's
 Kroscher, Oswald - married Friederike, 3 children from 1858 to 1861 - family group sheet

 Kroschinski, Theodore and Auguste H. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Krose, Charles and Frederica C. H. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Krose, Charles and Frederica C. O. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Kroseberg, Herman and Margareta E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroseberg, Herman C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Kroseberg, Margaret-Mrs. Herman C. - Obituary, 1930's

 Krosek, Heinrich and Adeline G. - marriage certificate, 1860's

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 Kroski, Harold W., infant son of Walter - Obituary, 1920's

 Krosse, Frederick E., son of Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Krosse, Margarete - Obituary, 1950's

 Krosser, Wilhelm - married Wilhelmine, 1 child born in 1882 - family group sheet

 Krossowsky, Michael - married Caroline, 1 child born in 1875 - family group sheet

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 Krostag, Barbara-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
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 Krostag, John G. - born 1864, married Barbara, 12 children from 1893 to 1910 - family group sheet
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 Kroumnow, William and Martha Y. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Kroupa, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
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 Kroupa, Henry and Jennie B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Kroupa, Mathias and Antonie K. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Krouper, Mathies and Ernestina H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Krouse, Isaac and Anne L. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Krovat, Anton and Eva L. - marriage certificate, 1910's

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 Krowlik, Frank and Josephine Ligko L. - marriage certificate, 1880's

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 Kroy, Clara and Charle H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Kroy, George - Obituary, 1950's
 Kroy, Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
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 Krpata, Leopold and Helen D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krputa, Leopold and Helen D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Krsak, Lawrence and Mary Cismesia - Married, 1940's

 Krsek, Blanche and George J. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Krsek, Hilda-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1930's
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 Krsko, Stanislaus, husband of Vicentia - Obituary, 1940's

 Krssin, Ida A. I. and Edward K. - marriage certificate, 1900's