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Listed below are newspaper stories, birth, marriage and death certificates and family group sheets available for genealogy research in Wisconsin and back into Germany, Luxemburg and France.

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 Du, Bois Horace A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Du, Frane Cecil - Obituary, 1940's

Du Barre
 Du Barre, Mary H.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

Du Behnke
 Du Behnke, Paul - Obituary, 1930's

Du Bois
 Du Bois, Catherine-Mrs. Anton - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Bois, Charles, husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Bois, Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Bois, Frank E., husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Du Bois, William H., husband of Myrtle - Obituary, 1940's

Du Bose
 Du Bose, Thomas-Lieut., husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1940's

Du Brucq
 Du Brucq, Anna C.-Mrs. John C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Brucq, John C., husband of Anna D. - Obituary, 1930's

Du Brueil
 Du Brueil, Emil, husband of Madge - Obituary, 1930's

Du Buque
 Du Buque, Harry Benson-Lieut., husband of Audrey June - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Buque, Olive-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

Du Chanie
 Du Chanie, Anna - Obituary, 1940's

Du Chateau
 Du Chateau, Frank - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Chateau, Oriela-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1920's

Du Chene
 Du Chene,Fred - Obituary, 1940's

Du Domaine
 Du Domaine, Alfred L-Rev. and Anne Suhs - Married, 1920's

Du Ell
 Du Ell, Anna, daughter of Dt. John - Obituary, 1910's
 Du Ell, Dorothea-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Ell, Fred C., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Ell, George - Obituary, 1910's
 Du Ell, Henry Sr., husband of Dorothy - Obituary, 1910's

Du Feau
 Du Feau, Agnes R.-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Feau, Delina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Feau, Mary-Mrs. Maurice J. - Obituary, 1930's

Du Frame
 Du Frame, Charles J. and Rosa Y. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Du Frame, Ida-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1940's

Du Frenne
 Du Frenne, La Verne Marguerite - Obituary, 1930's
 Du Frenne, Le Roy W., son of Martin - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Frenne, Martin - Obituary, 1930's

Du Jardin
 Du Jardin, Clem and Emma Naze - Married, 1930's

Du Maire
 Du Maire, Fritz - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Maire, Marie-Mrs. Fritz - Obituary, 1930's

Du Mez
 Du Mez, A. Henry - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Mez, Adrienna-Mrs. Andrew - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Mez, Andrew - born 1835, married Adrienna, 3 children from 1864 to 1866 - family group sheet
 Du Mez, Andrew - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Mez, Andrew and Wilhelmine D. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Du Mez, Andrew G. - born 1861, married Emelia 'Emma', 2 children from 1889 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Du Mez, Annie - Obituary, 1930's
 Du Mez, Henrietta-Mrs. A. Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Mez, Henry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Mez, Henry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Du Mez, Henry A. - born 1866, married Henrietta, 2 children from 1890 to 1890 - family group sheet
 Du Mez, Isaac - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Du Mez, Isaac - born 1812, married Sarah, 3 children from 1835 to 1853 - family group sheet
 Du Mez, Isaac, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Mez, Kathleen Lanore, daughter of Martin H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Du Mez, Myrtle Marie, daughter of Henry - Obituary, 1910's
 Du Mez, Peter - born 1824, married Johanna, 6 children from 1851 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Du Mez, Peter F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Du Mez, William J., husband of Pauline - Obituary, 1950's

Du Mont
 Du Mont, Alvine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Du Mont, Lawrence J. 'Peanuts' - Obituary, 1940's

Du Moulin
 Du Moulin, Ferdinand Ernst and Flicha L. - marriage certificate, 1870's

Du Prey
 Du Prey, Emma C.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

Du Puis
 Du Puis, Ernest and Pearl Brady - Married, 1920's

Du Puy
 Du Puy, John Henry, son of John M. - Obituary, 1910's
 Du Puy, Stepen H., husband of Helena - Obituary, 1940's

Du Val
 Du Val, George A., husband of Neil - Obituary, 1950's

Du Vall
 Du Vall, Lewis Kussauth and Nettie Catharine S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Du Vall, Lizzie-Mrs. Louis K. - Obituary, 1930's

 Duac, Joseph-auto crash - Obituary, 1920's

 Dual, George R. and Barbara M. - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Duame, Diane Gail, daughter of Lloyd - Obituary, 1950's
 Duame, Jessamine-Mrs. L. Paul - Obituary, 1950's
 Duame, Kenneth P., son of Rudy and Irene - Obituary, 1940's
 Duame, Paul - Obituary, 1950's
 Duame, Thomas J., husband of Tellesine - Obituary, 1950's

 Duane, James, son of Emery - Obituary, 1950's

 Duax, Edward A. - Obituary, 1940's

 Duback, Charles H. and Florence M. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duback, Charles Howard, husband of Florence - Obituary, 1940's
 Duback, Florence - Obituary, 1950's

 Dubaich, Nick - death certificate, 1910's

 Dubala, Michael F., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's

 Dubanicka, Joseph and Jean Susens - Married, 1940's

 Dubbe, Johanna W. and Johann C. G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dubbe, Johanna Wilhelmine and Johann Christian G. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dubben, Arthur, daughter of Verneda died - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubben, Arthur, daughter Verneda died - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubben, Carl F. and Bertha E. K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dubben, Carl Friedrich and Bertha Emilie K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dubben, Clara Emma - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dubben, Emma F. J. and Louis B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dubben, Friederich - death certificate, 1910's
 Dubben, Friedrich - married Friedrike, 8 children from 1867 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Dubben, Richard - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubberke, Adala - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubberke, Arthur L. and Julia M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubberke, Arthur L., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubberke, August - born 1837, married Caroline, 1 child born in 1869 - family group sheet
 Dubberke, August - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dubberke, Augusta-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubberke, Carl - married Adele, 2 children from 1903 to 1904 - family group sheet
 Dubberke, Carl and Adele K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubberke, Caroline - death certificate, 1910's
 Dubberke, Charles, husband of Adela - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubberke, Friedrich A. and Emilie C. V. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dubberke, Louis - married Auguste, 1 child born in 1892 - family group sheet
 Dubberke, Louis - Obituary, 1950's

 Dubbin, Arthur - 40th Anniversary, 1950's
 Dubbin, Ella A. A. and Robert A. W. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubbin, Fred - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubbin, Verneda Meta Tille - Obituary, 1920's

 Dube, Francis de Sales and Estella Isabel Derse - Married, 1910's
 Dube, Francis De Sales, husband of Isabel - Obituary, 1910's
 Dube, Francois de Sales-Dr. and Estella I. D. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dube, Gary, infant son of Reginald and Marjorie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dube, Heirich and Henrietta G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dube, Heirich and Henrietta K. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dubec, Marie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubec, Thomas - death certificate, 1900's

 Dubell, Catherine and Claus H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubell, Frank and Katie B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dubenhorst, Albert - married Dorothea, 1 child born in 1824 - family group sheet
 Dubenhorst, Hermann and Anna L. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dubenhorst, Johan F. and Friedericke W. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dubenhorst, Johann Friedrich - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dubenhorst, Johann Friedrich - born 1824, married Friederike, 1 child born in 1852 - family group sheet

 Dubenhurst, Friedrich and Friedericka W. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Duberke, Herman - born 1877, married Rose M., 4 children from 1908 to 1914 - family group sheet
 Duberke, Herman and Rose Gasper - Married, 1900's
 Duberke, Herman, 20 year old son Cyril - Obituary, 1930's
 Duberke, Herman, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1930's
 Duberke, Rose-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1980's
 Duberke, Rose-Mrs.-First mass of her cousin Rev. Gilbert Carlton - Story, 1940's
 Duberke, Sylvan and Emily Wendt - Married, 1940's
 Duberke, William - married Augusta, 5 children from 1875 to 1880 - family group sheet

 Dubey, Margaret-Mrs. Orven - Obituary, 1920's

 Dubi, Christian - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubi, Christian-Sr., husband of Magdalene - Obituary, 1900's
 Dubi, Magdalena-Mrs. Christian - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubi, Sam - Golden Wedding, 1950's
 Dubi, Sam-was mail carrier for thirty years - Story, 1930's
 Dubi, Samuel - 25th Anniversary, 1930's
 Dubi, Samuel-completes 25 years as mail carrier - Story, 1930's
 Dubi, Samuel, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1960's

 Dubiak, Joseph, infant son Robert Joseph died - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubicki, Adam and Mary Grynecki - Married, 1910's
 Dubicki, Aloysius and Mary Slowiak - Married, 1940's
 Dubicki, Anna-Mrs., of Chicago, Illinois - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubiel, Bertha and Edmund A. C. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubiel, Charles - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubiel, Paul R. and Erna A. L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dubielzig, Emil-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubielzig, Emil, husband of Wilhelmine - Obituary, 1930's

 Dubin, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubin, Fanny and Jacob H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubin, Jacob, husband of Eva - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubin, Jennie-Mrs. Abraham - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubin, Nathan, husband of Mollie - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubinski, Anton-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubinski, Michael D.-S/Sgt., son of Michael and Helen - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubinski, Thomas - death certificate, 1900's

 Dubinsky, Matilda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubis, Adam - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubis, Andrew, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubis, Catherine-Mrs. Adam - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubis, Felix, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubitz, Heinrich L. and Alwine Z. - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Dubke, Charles and Wilhelmine K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dubke, Loral - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubke, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubke, Sadie-Mrs. Loral - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubky, Charles and Wilhelmine K. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dublicka, Florian and Annie T. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dublinska, Felicya - death certificate, 1900's

 Dublinski, Dominek and Veronica M. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dublinski, Ervin F., husband of Clara - Obituary, 1950's
 Dublinski, Frank and Mary K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dublinski, Frank X., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dublinski, John and Stanislawa K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dublinski, John P. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dublinski, Victoria-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's

 Dubman, Henry and Sarah C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubman, Samuel and Sophie Steingart - Married, 1930's

 Dubnick, Gertrude-Mrs. Florian J. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dubnicka, Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubnicka, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubnicka, Ludmila and Isidor B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubnicka, Rudolph and Mary Ann Gundrum - Married, 1940's
 Dubnicka, Thoma and Anna H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 DuBoe, Edith-Mrs. John J. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duboich, George and Rose U. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dubois, Augustine-Mrs. Victor - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Charlotte, child died - death certificate, 1900's
 Dubois, Chas.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubois, Edward, husband of Hattie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dubois, Eli, husband of Esther - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Eugene - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubois, Eugene-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubois, Eva and Charles B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dubois, Frank E., husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Isaac B. and Mary Flack - Married, 1870's
 Dubois, Jennie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, John F. and Anna W. L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dubois, Jule - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Margaret and Louis Berger - Married, 1940's
 Dubois, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Mary-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubois, Peter - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubois, Peter, daughter Wilma died - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubois, Sophia and Peter D. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 DuBois, Albert - Obituary, 1950's
 DuBois, Frank E. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dubord, George Leo, husband of Erna - Obituary, 1940's

 Duborg, Hans P. and Hanna S. K. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dubraks, Dorothy and Loui Brown - Married, 1930's

 Dubrara, Frank and Anna H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dubratz, Harvey, infant son of Edwin and Elsie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dubratz, Louis A. and Ema B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dubreuil, Etta-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1920's

 Dubrin, Bessie R. and Maurice F. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubrin, Rebecca-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dubrin, W. J. - Obituary, 1910's

 Dubrow, Bertha - Obituary, 1940's

 DuBrucq, John and Annie D. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dubruiel, Richard J., husband of Marcella - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubrunst, Caroline - Obituary, 1900's

 Dubsky, Charles, husband of Elise - Obituary, 1940's

 Dubug, Alfred and Emma H. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dubuque, Harry J., husband of Elsie M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubuque, Isabel M. and Francis C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dubuque, Josephine and Jno. B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dubuque, Mary A. and Albert F. J. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dubuque, Olive-Mrs. Julius - Obituary, 1930's

 Dubuwue, Harry J., husband of Elsie M. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dubuy, Lydia-Mrs. Richard - Obituary, 1930's
 Dubuy, Richard M. - Obituary, 1940's

 Duby, Lida-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Ducat, Arthur Francis, husband of Irene - Obituary, 1940's
 Ducat, Elizabeth M.-Mrs. Harry A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducat, Eugene F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Ducat, Fannie-Mrs. Henry A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducat, Fred and Ragna H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Ducat, Fred W., husband of Ragna - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducat, Harry A., husband of Caralin - Obituary, 1930's
 Ducat, Henry A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducat, Robert and Alice Puetz - Married, 1940's

 Ducceback, Fannie and T. M. Claflin - Married, 1880's

 Duce, Adeline and Ernest Coonen - Married, 1920's
 Duce, Arthur, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Duce, Caroline-Mrs. Leonard Anthony - Obituary, 1930's
 Duce, Charles S. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duce, Louisa-Mrs. - Obituary, 1960's
 Duce, Mary-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1930's
 Duce, Mayme-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duce, Samuel - Obituary, 1920's
 Duce, Walter H., son of Mrs. Mathilda - Obituary, 1950's
 Duce, William J., husband of Mathilda - Obituary, 1930's

 Ducey, Charles, son of Mrs. Marie - Obituary, 1910's
 Ducey, Ellen-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducey, Florence and Joseh F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Ducey, George T., son of John and Ellen - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducey, John - death certificate, 1900's
 Ducey, John and Nellie S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Ducey, M.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducey, Margaret - death certificate, 1900's
 Ducey, Mayme A. and Thomas F. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Ducey, Michael - Obituary, 1910's
 Ducey, W. J. - Obituary, 1900's
 Ducey, William J. and Ada M. T. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duch, Alfred H., son of Steven - Obituary, 1920's
 Duch, Clara Louise-Mrs. Steven J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duch, Henrietta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duch, Seven, husband of Rosetta - Obituary, 1940's
 Duch, Stefan and Clara H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duch, Steven, husband of Rosetta - Obituary, 1940's

 Ducham, Harriett and Henry C. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duchane, Caroline W. and Joseph H. Hilmer - Married, 1940's

 DuChanie, Gerald T., husband of Annette - Obituary, 1950's

 Ducharm, Lewis, son Johnie died - Obituary, 1880's

 DuCharme, Marcia - Obituary, 1940's
 DuCharme, Theodore - Obituary, 1920's

 Duchateau, Frank - Obituary, 1920's
 Duchateau, Frank and Aurelia J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duchateau, Kate and Louis K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 DuChateau, Frank - Obituary, 1920's

 Duchateu, Wilbur and Rita Mae O'Connor - Married, 1940's

 Duchein, Alcide - Obituary, 1930's

 Duchek, Joseph, husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1950's

 Ducherow, Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's

 DuChesne, Victorine E. and Joel H. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duchin, Alvina 'Duschinski'-Mrs. Henry 'Pat' - Obituary, 1950's

 Duchler, Kelly and Jay B. G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duchler, Tillie-Mrs. Morris - Obituary, 1940's

 Duchnowski, Sophie-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1940's

 Duchow, Adolph A., husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchow, Adolph and Ida Lerche - Married, 1910's
 Duchow, Adolph, son Harvey died - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Albertina-Mrs. Wm. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Armin A. and Gloria E. Sohn - Married, 1940's
 Duchow, Bennie C. and Esther M. Harder - Married, 1940's
 Duchow, Berhard, husband of Amelia - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchow, Bernhard - Golden Wedding, 1950's
 Duchow, Bernhard, husband of Amelia - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchow, Carl Ann, daughter of Wallace - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Clarence, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Edward, of Chili - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Emma and Louis K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duchow, Ervin - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchow, Evelyn - Obituary, 1930's
 Duchow, Evelyn, infant daughter of William - Obituary, 1930's
 Duchow, Fannie-Mrs. Otto - Obituary, 1930's
 Duchow, Ferdinand - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, George and Rella Hernke - Married, 1920's
 Duchow, Gottfried - married Ernstine, 1 child born in 1899 - family group sheet
 Duchow, Harold and Irene Bergelin - Married, 1940's
 Duchow, Helen and Walter Fuhrman - Married, 1920's
 Duchow, Henry, husband of Ernestine - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Ida - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Ida and Otto F. J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duchow, Irma and Edward Gadicke - Married, 1930's
 Duchow, Lawrence and Beatrice Penn - Married, 1930's
 Duchow, Minnie-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1910's
 Duchow, Otto H., husband of - Obituary, 1940's
 Duchow, Otto J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchow, Ruben and Vera Stahel - Married, 1930's
 Duchow, Rueben and Hilda Kuster - Married, 1940's
 Duchow, Wilhelm - married Wilhelmine, 2 children from 1882 to 1892 - family group sheet
 Duchow, William - Obituary, 1920's

 Duchrow, Alfred, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Duchrow, Bertha and Arthur E. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duchrow, Charles - Obituary, 1930's
 Duchrow, Karl - married Mathilda, 2 children from 1890 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Duchrow, Karl F. and Marth. N. F. G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duchrow, Margaret-Mrs. Paul - Obituary, 1920's
 Duchrow, Mathilda-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1930's
 Duchrow, William and Elsie R. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Duchrow, William C., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's

 Duchscherer, Johann Wilhelm - born 1785, married Katherina, 10 children from 1820 to 1839 - family group sheet

 Duck, Carrie and Frank H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duck, Jos. G. - death certificate, 1900's

 Duckart, Nicolaus - born 1854, married Susanna, 2 children from 1885 to 1888 - family group sheet

 Duckawicz, Mary and Arthur G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duckelow, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's

 Ducken, Wilhelmine and Ludwig B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duckenberger, Alma-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1920's

 Duckerow, Fred - Obituary, 1890's

 Duckerschein, daughter - Obituary, 1900's

 Duckert, Ernst, husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckert, Henry, husband of Esther - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckert, Kenneth and Grace Wiebelhaus - Married, 1940's

 Ducket, Mary A. and Charles R. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duckgeischel, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duckgeischel, George Joseph - born 1862, married twice - Agnes, Katherine, 5 children from 1888 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Duckgeischel, George, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Duckgeischel, Helena Rose-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckgeischel, Joseph - born 1823, married Catherine, 11 children from 1853 to 1874 - family group sheet
 Duckgeischel, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Duckhorn, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckhorn, Katherine-Mrs. Joe - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckhorn, Kthrine-Mrs. Joe - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckhorn, Marie-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1940's

 Duckhorsky, Israel and Esther R. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duckler, Anna P. and Benzion G. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duckler, Joseph, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckler, Morris, husband of Tillie - Obituary, 1940's
 Duckler, Sam and Annie G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duckler, Tillie-Mrs. Morris - Obituary, 1940's

 Ducklow, Althea Barbara-daughter of Francis and Anna - Obituary, 1890's
 Ducklow, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Ducklow, Elmer E. and Elizabeth W. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Ducklow, Fanny-Miss - Obituary, 1890's
 Ducklow, Frances-daughter of Thomas - Obituary, 1890's
 Ducklow, Frank and Eliza Hanson - Married, 1880's
 Ducklow, John-formerly of Alderly - Obituary, 1920's
 Ducklow, Peter and Lena Timmel - Married, 1900's
 Ducklow, Peter Edward, husband of Helena - Obituary, 1940's
 Ducklow, Thomas - Obituary, 1880's
 Ducklow, Thomas-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Ducklow, Thomas, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1890's
 Ducklow, William T. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duckow, Arthur, husband of Marion - Obituary, 1950's
 Duckow, Emil, infant child died - Obituary, 1910's

 Duckwall, David 'Tom', husband of Anita - Obituary, 1940's
 Duckwall, Marcia A., daughter of Mrs. Anita K. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duckworth, Wayne - Golden Wedding, 1950's
 Duckworth, William-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duclon, Clara M.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duclon, Clyde and Eleanor Booth - Married, 1930's
 Duclon, Edyth-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Duclon, Frank - Obituary, 1930's
 Duclon, James - Obituary, 1950's
 Duclon, William H. Sr.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duclon, William H., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1920's

 Ducy, Alice J. and Alfred C. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duda, Albert, husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1950's
 Duda, Ferdinand and Jennie D. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duda, Frank M. and wife and brother John - Obituary, 1940's
 Duda, Frank, wife Lillian and brother John-car crash - Obituary, 1940's
 Duda, Isadora and Clarence D. D'Aoust - Married, 1920's
 Duda, Jennie and Ferdinand D. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duda, Jozef and Rozalia T. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dudansky, Herman-Mrs., of Thorp - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudas, Charles Sr., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudas, John, husband of Julia - Obituary, 1940's

 Duddan, Mary E. - death certificate, 1910's

 Duddeck, Julia Evelyn-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1940's

 Duddles, Pemmie and William J. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Duddleston, George G. and Nora M. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duddy, Elizabeth and Frederick E. K. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dude, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dude, Edward, husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1930's
 Dude, Ella-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dude, Josephine-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1920's
 Dude, Juliann, daughter of Richard W. and Ella - Obituary, 1920's
 Dude, Richard Sr., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1950's
 Dude, Richard, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dude, Wilhelm and Josephine K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dude, Wilhelmina-Mrs. Wilhelm - death certificate, 1900's
 Dude, William, husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1920's

 Dudeck, Adelgarde, daughter of Mrs. Agatha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudeck, Johann and Edward C. F. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dudeck, John, husband of Agatha - Obituary, 1920's
 Dudeck, Mabel H.-Mrs. James - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudei, August-Mrs., of Neillsville - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudei, Emilie Augusta Henrietta-Mrs. Bernard - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudei, Emily Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudek, Alexander - death certificate, 1900's
 Dudek, Apollonia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudek, Clemence S., husband of Sophie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudek, Gertrude H.-Mrs. Dr. Stephen A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudek, Helen-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudek, Jean-Miss - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudek, Joseph - death certificate, 1900's
 Dudek, Martha, daughter of Pauline - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudek, Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudek, Mathew-Capt., husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudek, Stanislawa and Frank K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dudek, Stanley, husband of Sophie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudek, Stefan and Aemilia V. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dudenbostel, Heinrich - married Ida, 1 child born in 1883 - family group sheet
 Dudenbostel, Henry and Ida G. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dudenhoefer, Catherine-Mrs. Jacob - Obituary, 1920's
 Dudenhoefer, Clara - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudenhoefer, Emma-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudenhoefer, Franz and Ella B. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudenhoefer, Hedwig 'Hattie' - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudenhoefer, Jacob - born 1842, married Catherine, 4 children from 1873 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Dudenhoefer, Jacob - death certificate, 1900's
 Dudenhoefer, Joseph and Helena J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudenhoefer, Joseph, husband of Rosanna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudenhoefer, Magdalene - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudenhoefer, Rudolph - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudenhoff, Helen-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1950's

 Duderich, Edward R. and Anna E. S. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 DuDervier, Noble W. and Antoinette A. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Dudevoire, Edith M. and Theodore K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dudey, Fred, husband of Wilhelmina - Obituary, 1930's

 Dudgeon, Matthew Simpson, husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudick, Marie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dudkiewicz, Joanna and Francis B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudkiewicz, John and Maryanna K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudkiewicz, Joseph and Josephine Bujalski - Married, 1940's

 Dudley, A. E.-Judge - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudley, A. E.-recalls early Neillsville days - Story, 1930's
 Dudley, Albert J. - born 1880, married Bertha May, 1 child born in 1912 - family group sheet
 Dudley, Albert J. and Bertha White - Married, 1910's
 Dudley, Albert J., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1910's
 Dudley, Anna S.-Mrs. Arthur S. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudley, Arthur S. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudley, Bertha May-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudley, Dwight A. - Obituary, 1980's
 Dudley, Dwight and Mary Virginia Dames - Married, 1940's
 Dudley, Hermine-Mrs. Pendleton - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudley, Jane-Mrs. John E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudley, John E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudley, John E. and Jane L. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dudley, Louis R. and Alice M. N. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dudley, Mabel M. and Archibald A. C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dudley, Mary A. and Charles J. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dudley, Mary Ann and Charles J. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dudley, Mary, daughter of Joseph Shimek - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudley, Mina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dudley, Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dudley, Nelson C., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudley, Robert M. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dudley, Susannah and Peter C. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dudley, Thomas and Mariah R. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dudovic, Vinko and Veronika M. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Dudovich, Frank, child died - death certificate, 1900's

 Dudovick, Vincent, husband of Veronica - Obituary, 1950's

 Dudovitz, Anton - Obituary, 1940's

 Dudzik, Agnes-Mrs. Felix - Obituary, 1940's
 Dudzik, Joseph Sr., husband of Frances - Obituary, 1950's
 Dudzik, Joseph, husband of Pearl - Obituary, 1930's
 Dudzik, Praxeda - Obituary, 1950's

 Due, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Due, Fred Sr., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Due, Lillie-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Due, Samuel Jay La and Bertha B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Due, Thorvald - Obituary, 1950's
 Due, William, son of Bertha - Obituary, 1940's

 Duebel, Carl and Alwine H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dueber, Josephine and Carl D. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Duebi, Frieda-Mrs. Gottlieb - Obituary, 1930's
 Duebi, Gottlieb - Obituary, 1940's
 Duebi, Gottlieb and Friedericke L. S. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duebner, Arthur C. and Lucile Dehne - Married, 1920's

 Dueck, Miillard and Maud Lavina C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dueck, Otto H., husband of Lucile - Obituary, 1980's

 Duecken, Wilhelmina and Ludwig B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duecker, Clara-Mrs. Willard J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duecker, Clara E.-Mrs. Hugo - Obituary, 1950's
 Duecker, Dorothy-Mrs. Victor E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duecker, Emilie-Mrs. J. M. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duecker, Henry, husband of Lizzie - Obituary, 1910's
 Duecker, Hugo C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duecker, Hugo, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1940's
 Duecker, John M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duecker, John M. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duecker, John M. - born 1852, married Emily, 3 children from 1877 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Duecker, Lizzie-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1910's
 Duecker, Minna-Mrs. Gerhard T. - Obituary, 1950's

 Düde, Heinrich - married Anna Maria Elisabetha, 1 child born in 1863 - family group sheet
 Düde, Heinrich - married Maria, 1 child born in 1852 - family group sheet

 Duee, Arthur and Miss Schoenherr - Married, 1940's

 Duehmke, Clara and Frederic W. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duehmke, Herman A. and Louisa M. L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duehning, Amelia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Duehning, Arthur and Anna Stuettgen - Married, 1910's
 Duehning, Arthur Sr., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehning, Arthur W., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehning, Dennis W. - Obituary, 1980's
 Duehning, Edward - born 1860, married Emilie, 9 children from 1882 to 1901 - family group sheet
 Duehning, Edward Charles, husband of Doris - Obituary, 1980's
 Duehning, Edward, husband of Aurelia - Obituary, 1920's
 Duehning, Elsa Wilhelmina - Obituary, 1890's
 Duehning, Emmie and Robert G. Greenbank - Married, 1940's
 Duehning, Jack Kenneth-son of Mrs. Robert Riley - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehning, Jackie - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehning, John J. and Leona Hertzberg - Married, 1920's
 Duehning, John J., husband of Leone - Obituary, 1960's
 Duehning, Leone H.-Mrs. John J. - Obituary, 1980's
 Duehning, Walter-release from Navy WWI - Story, 1910's
 Duehning, Walter and Mildred Hando - Married, 1920's
 Duehning, William-and William drowned - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehning, William and Eleanora Bastian - Married, 1920's
 Duehning, William and Eleanore Bastian - Married, 1920's
 Duehning, William Sr. and-both drowned - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehning, William Sr. and-drowned - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehning, William Sr., husband of Eleanor - Obituary, 1930's

 Duehr, Donald-strayed from home - Story, 1930's
 Duehr, Elisabetha - marriage certificate in Luxembourg, 1830's
 Duehr, Matt - Obituary, 1940's

 Duehren, Iva G.-Mrs. Norbert J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehren, Jakob and Wilhelmine E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duehring, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duehring, Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Duehring, Anna-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehring, Arthur - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Arthur-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehring, August and Margaretha L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duehring, August F., husband of Margaret Ann - Obituary, 1950's
 Duehring, Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duehring, Carol and Robert Buss - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Clara and Edward F. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Duehring, Dorothe-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duehring, Edward W. and Ella B. Kollath - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Eleanora Anna and Arnold Herman Kollath - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duehring, Erwin A. and Norma J. Farrow - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Ethel May and Raymond Koms - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Ethel May and Raymond Kons - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Ferdinand F. and Louise A. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dühring, Ferdinand Friedrich - married Rosalie, 3 children from 1869 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Frank and Cora Brand - Married, 1890's
 Duehring, Frank W. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Frank, husband of Johanna - Obituary, 1920's
 Duehring, Franz and Johanna A. W. B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duehring, Franz - born 1854, married Johanna, 5 children from 1892 to 1892 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Fred-Jr.-lightning strikes zipper on his cap - Story, 1930's
 Duehring, Fred, husband of Fredericka - Obituary, 1910's
 Duehring, Frederick Christian - born 1846, married Dorothy Friederike Maria, 10 children from 1877 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Frederick Christian - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duehring, Frederick J. and Beatrice Tiezt - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Fredericka-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1890's
 Duehring, Fredrick and Beatrice Tietz - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Friedrich and Dorothea F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duehring, Friedrich Joh. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duehring, Friedrich Joh. - born 1838, married Friederika, 3 children from 1860 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Duehring, George - Obituary, 1910's
 Duehring, Grace H. and Harvey A. Buck - Married, 1930's
 Duehring, Harold and Jerry Leissring - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Harvey and Darlene Schaefer - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Herman A. W. - death certificate, 1910's
 Duehring, Herman Heinrich - born 1879, married Wilhelmine Marie Louise 'Minnie', 5 children from 1907 to 1907 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Irene Ida - Obituary, 1920's
 Duehring, Johanna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dühring, Julius - born 1835, married Augusta Maria, 2 children from 1867 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Julius - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duehring, Kate-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1900's
 Duehring, Katherine-Mrs. Paul - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Kenneth and Elizabeth Wittlin - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Kermit and Mary Elinor Hoffman - Married, 1940's
 Duehring, Lena-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Louis and Effie Bishop - Rewed After Divorce, 1940's
 Duehring, Louise M. and Wilhelm F. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duehring, Margaret-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Maria Martha - born 1869, married twice - Wilhelm Friebert Heinrich, Mr., 2 children from 1892 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Minnie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duehring, Minnie - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehring, Minnie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehring, Minnie-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1930's
 Duehring, Paul A., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Paul, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Duehring, Robert C., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Duehring, William - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duehring, William - Obituary, 1910's
 Duehring, William F., husband of Alma - Obituary, 1950's
 Duehring, William Johann - born 1860, married Emma, 3 children from 1883 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Duehring, Wm. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duehringer, Hannah and Louis H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duehringer, Louisa-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1910's

 Duehrkop, Charles and Minnie H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duel, Amanda and Aar. T. F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duel, Amanda and Ano Thomas F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duel, Emma E.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duel, Vinnie C. and Edward E. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duelge, Thomas, son of Ewald - Obituary, 1940's

 Duell, Henry and Dora Elizabeth H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duellman, Henry and Mary Thorn - Married, 1900's

 Duemke, Alarne and Richard K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duemke, Anna and William B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duemke, Herman, husband of Louise - Obituary, 1940's
 Duemke, Louise - Obituary, 1950's

 Duemler, Anna Catherine Wilhelm. and Ulrich Georg B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duemling, Anna-Mrs. Rev. E. A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duemling, Enno A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duemling, Friedrich F. and Jennie H. S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duemling, Gerhard W., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1940's
 Duemling, Jennie and Richard C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duemling, Jennie-Mrs. Dr. H. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duemling, Norman Enno, husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1950's
 Duemling, Paula R. and Albert C. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duemlnig, Norman, husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1950's

 Duemmel, Albert W., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1930's
 Duemmel, Carl, husband of Wilhelmina - Obituary, 1930's
 Duemmel, Minnie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Duening, infant - Obituary, 1890's

 Duenkel, Anna-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1950's
 Duenkel, Anna-Mrs. Arthur Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duenkel, Arthur and Anna Dennhardt - Married, 1910's
 Duenkel, Barbara-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duenkel, Catherine-Mrs. Wm. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenkel, Charles A. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duenkel, Charles D. - born 1843, married Barbara, 4 children from 1867 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Duenkel, Charles D. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duenkel, Charles D. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duenkel, Edith A. and Peter J. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duenkel, Edith Alwina - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duenkel, Fred-son of Wm.-skull fracture from horse kick - Story, 1880's
 Duenkel, Fred-unlucky accident - Story, 1920's
 Duenkel, Fred, son Alvin died - Obituary, 1900's
 Dünkel, Friedrich - born 1811, married Christina, 4 children from 1841 to 1856 - family group sheet
 Duenkel, George and Leah Raddatz - Married, 1930's
 Duenkel, Grover and Ella Kirchhoff - Married, 1910's
 Duenkel, Grover C., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenkel, Grover, husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenkel, Herman and Nina Durst - Married, 1900's
 Duenkel, Katherine Louise-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenkel, Leonard and Cyrille Suttner - Married, 1920's
 Duenkel, Marie and Walter Frings - Married, 1940's
 Duenkel, William - born 1850, married Catharine, 9 children from 1876 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Duenkel, William G. and Elanora Backhaus - Married, 1910's
 Duenkel, William, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1920's
 Duenkel, William, husband of Cathryn - Obituary, 1920's
 Duenkel, Wm., daughter Martha died - Obituary, 1890's
 Duenkel, Wm., son Fred had terrible accident - Story, 1880's

 Duenkler, Emil and Olga B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Duenkler, Olga-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duenkler, Theodore, husband of Dorothea - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenkler, Theresa and Erwin C. G. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Dueno, Arthur and Anna B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dueno, Arthur, son of Carolyn - Obituary, 1950's
 Dueno, John and Joyce Mundt - Married, 1940's
 Dueno, Oscar-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duenow, Amanda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duenow, Bertha-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1900's
 Duenow, Carl Friedrich and Ernstine Marie Bertha R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duenow, Edward, husband of Amanda - Obituary, 1930's
 Duenow, infant daughter of Robert - Obituary, 1950's
 Duenow, Mathilda - Obituary, 1940's
 Duenow, Rose-Mrs. Gerald - Obituary, 1940's
 Duenow, Shirley Ann, daughter of Gerald - Obituary, 1940's

 Duensing, Dale, son of Mrs. Florence Roser - Obituary, 1930's
 Duensing, Otto H. and Ida V. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Düpre, Johann Peter - born 1836, married Catharinae, 1 child born in 1863 - family group sheet

 Düpree, Johann Karl - born 1814, married Maria Katharina, 11 children from 1836 to 1857 - family group sheet

 Duer, Clara and Oscar Fairbanks - Married, 1900's
 Duer, Daisy and John S. K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duer, Dorothy M. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duer, Elizabeth-Mrs. William F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duer, Emily-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Duer, Guy V. and Leta M. W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duer, Harry E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duer, Jane A.-Mrs. William H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duer, John R., husband of Maria - Obituary, 1930's
 Duer, Katherine and Albert F. K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duer, Lee H., son of Guy V. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duer, Mabel-Mrs. Guy V. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duer, Marie - Obituary, 1950's
 Duer, Ralph J. and Minnie F. O. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duer, Vernon, husband of Virginia - Obituary, 1950's
 Duer, William F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duer, William H., husband of Jane A. - Obituary, 1910's

 Duerenberger, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

 Duerfuss, George-will contested by brother - Story, 1900's

 Duering, Albert S. - death certificate, 1900's
 Düring, Andrew - born 1831, married Cunigunda, 2 children from 1859 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Duering, Andrew - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duering, Friedrich Johann and Anna Elisabeth G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duering, Gregor - Obituary, 1890's
 Duering, Gregor-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's
 Duering, Hermann - Obituary, 1900's
 Duering, J. H. and Marie C. F. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duering, Johann Christoph and Catharine B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duering, Marie H.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Düring, Stephan - married Magdalena, 3 children from 1826 to 1831 - family group sheet
 Duering, Wilhelm Christian and Friederike S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duering, William - Obituary, 1930's

 Dueringer, George W. - death certificate, 1900's
 Dueringer, Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Dueringer, Matthias, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1920's

 Duerle, John J., husband of Vera - Obituary, 1930's

 Duerler, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Duerlewanger, August - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerlewanger, Paul - death certificate, 1910's

 Duerlinger, Nicholas, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Duermiller, Casper - Obituary, 1950's
 Duermiller, Elizabeth-Mrs. Conrad - Obituary, 1930's

 Duermueller, Elisabetha and Kaspar H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duernberger, Anna and Allen Hubenthal - Married, 1900's
 Duernberger, Carl and Helen Zeiman - Married, 1930's
 Duernberger, Christopher - born 1846, married Helen Margaret, 8 children from 1875 to 1875 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, Claude-ear almost torn off - Story, 1930's
 Duernberger, Claude P. and Agnes Krueger - Married, 1930's
 Duernberger, Claude, son Claude died - Obituary, 1930's
 Duernberger, Heinrich - Obituary, 1910's
 Duernberger, Heinrich - born 1849, married Mathilda, 2 children from 1870 to 1875 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, Helen M.-Mrs. Carl - Obituary, 1950's
 Duernberger, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duernberger, John-retires from postal service - Story, 1920's
 Duernberger, John-Sr., husband of Phillippine - Obituary, 1910's
 Duernberger, John - born 1846, married Phillipine, 8 children from 1872 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, John and Emma Rieke - Married, 1890's
 Duernberger, John Christ - born 1875, married Emma Clara, 1 child born in 1901 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, John Michael - born 1806, married Maria, 6 children from 1835 to 1849 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, John Sr. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duernberger, Kathrine and Leroy D. Horn - Married, 1900's
 Duernberger, LeRoy - Obituary, 1930's
 Duernberger, Louis and Adolphine Rehm - Married, 1900's
 Duernberger, Louis Ferdinand - born 1880, married Adolphine Louise, 4 children from 1905 to 1910 - family group sheet
 Duernberger, Louis Ferdinand, husband of Adolphine - Obituary, 1920's
 Duernberger, Louise and Albert Albinger - Married, 1930's
 Duernberger, Mary and Otto Kasdorf - Married, 1890's
 Duernberger, Phillippina - Obituary, 1930's
 Duernberger, Raymond and Ida I. Gerhardt - Married, 1920's

 Duero, Lorene-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Duero, Mary-Mrs. Mathias - Obituary, 1930's
 Duero, Mathias - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duero, Mathias - born 1856, married Mary Agatha Ap., 4 children from 1889 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Duero, Mathias, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's

 Duerr, Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerr, Albert-Mr. and Mrs. narrowly escape from burning house - Story, 1940's
 Duerr, Alma and Geo. Dohrwardt - Married, 1920's
 Duerr, Alvin J. - Obituary, 1960's
 Duerr, Barbara-Mrs. Geo. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duerr, Barbara-Mrs. George - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, Bertha-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerr, Carl Jacob - death certificate, 1880's
 Duerr, Charles - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Charles and Bertha J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, Charles and Frances - Divorced, 1920's
 Duerr, Charles F. and Frederica H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerr, Charles F. and Margaretha H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duerr, Charles F. - born 1859, married Lena, 3 children from 1888 to 1895 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Charles Frederick - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, Charles Frederick - born 1851, married Fredericke, 4 children from 1884 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Charles Frederick - born 1851, married Margaret 'Maggie', 1 child born in 1880 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Clarence E. - death certificate, 1890's
 Duerr, Eleanor-Mrs. Arnold - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Eleanore - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, Elizabeth A. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duerr, Ella M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, Emil-Rev., husband of Eleanor - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, Emma - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerr, Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Erwin - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Evelyn - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, Fred - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, Fredericka-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Fredericke-Mrs. Charles Frederick - death certificate, 1890's
 Duerr, Georg, husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1900's
 Duerr, George - born 1827, married Barbara, 7 children from 1852 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Duerr, George - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, George - Golden Wedding, 1890's
 Duerr, George - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duerr, George - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, George F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerr, George, husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1900's
 Duerr, Gertrude-Mrs. John J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Harry E. and Emma N. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, Harry E., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Helen-Mrs. Henry Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Henriette and Georg K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duerr, Henry, husband of Mollie - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerr, Herold O. E. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerr, Jacob - married Elise, 1 child born in 1883 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Jacob, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerr, Jeannette M. - Obituary, 1960's
 Duerr, John - 25th Anniversary, 1910's
 Duerr, John - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Katherine-Mrs. John Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerr, Leona and Henry Fuss - Married, 1920's
 Duerr, Margaret 'Maggie'-Mrs. Charles Frederick - death certificate, 1880's
 Duerr, Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duerr, Mathilda - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerr, Otto L. - born 1867, married Minnie L. 'Mary', 3 children from 1892 to 1897 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Walter C. - Obituary, 1960's
 Duerr, Wilhelm - married Wilhelmine, 6 children from 1886 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Duerr, Willard and Virginia Achterberg - Married, 1940's

 Duerrstein, Leo C. and Anna Langenhahn - Married, 1910's

 Duerrwachter, Otto and Louisa Dessloch - Married, 1900's
 Duerrwachter, Phillip, baby died - Obituary, 1870's

 Duerrwaechter, Adolph and Florence Kurtzhals - Married, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Alma and Erwin Abel - Married, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Arthur - Obituary, 1900's
 Duerrwaechter, Arthur A. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerrwaechter, Ben C. and Laura Diefenthaeler - Married, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Catharina - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duerrwaechter, Catharina - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duerrwaechter, Christian - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerrwaechter, Christian - born 1865, married Emelia, 4 children from 1891 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Duerrwaechter, Christian F. - born 1838, married twice - Mary, Magdalena, 9 children from 1863 to 1880 - family group sheet
 Duerrwaechter, Christian Friederich - born 1793, married twice - Regina Catharine, Rosina Barbara, 9 children from 1825 to 1847 - family group sheet
 Duerrwaechter, Emelia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerrwaechter, Emilia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerrwaechter, Emma-Miss-writes from Bermuda - Story, 1900's
 Duerrwaechter, Florence-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, Florence-Mrs. Adolph G. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, G. - 50 B, 1890's
 Duerrwaechter, Hugo-accidentally shot by 3 year old grandson - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, Hugo and Ida Becker - Married, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Hugo W., husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerrwaechter, John A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerrwaechter, Laura K.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, Laura K.-Mrs. Ben C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, Louise - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerrwaechter, Magdalena-Mrs. Christian F. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duerrwaechter, Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerrwaechter, Mary-Mrs. Phillip - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerrwaechter, Mary-Mrs. Phillip G. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerrwaechter, Mildred and Joseph Jung - Married, 1950's
 Duerrwaechter, P. G., infant son George died - Obituary, 1870's
 Duerrwaechter, Ph. - 25th Anniversary, 1890's
 Duerrwaechter, Ph. G., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Philip G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Philip G.-assembly candidate - Dark Picture, 1900's
 Duerrwaechter, Philip G., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, Philip Gottlieb - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duerrwaechter, Philip Gottlieb - born 1847, married Mary, 4 children from 1875 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Duerrwaechter, Phillip G., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Duerrwaechter, William J. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duerrwaechter, William J. - born 1841, married Maria, 5 children from 1870 to 1887 - family group sheet

 Dürrwald, Christian - married Wilhelmine, 1 child born in 1865 - family group sheet

 Duers, Jacob and Elise F. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Duerschigner, John M. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duerschinger, Anna Emilie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duerschinger, George - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerschinger, George Sixtus and Katie Kerbe S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerschinger, John Michael - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duerschinger, John Michael - born 1861, married twice - Louise Wilhelmine Friedericke, Mary, 5 children from 1885 to 1900 - family group sheet
 Duerschinger, Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerschinger, Mary-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's

 Duersling, Minnie - death certificate, 1910's

 Duerst, Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerst, Bertha-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1930's
 Duerst, Edgar and Sophie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duerst, Erwin, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Duerst, Henry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Duerstein, Leo C. and Lenore Fromm - Married, 1940's
 Duerstein, Leo, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Duerstein, Mary Ellen - Story, 1930's
 Duerstein, Mike - Obituary, 1940's

 Duersteler, Edward, husband of Eliz - Obituary, 1930's
 Duersteler, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Duersteler, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Duersteler, John and Lina R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duersteler, John, son died - death certificate, 1910's

 Duersten, Leo and Lenore Fromm - Married, 1940's
 Duersten, Leo C. and Lenore Fromm - Married, 1940's

 Duerstling, Lydia and Marx D. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duerwaldt, Aspe and Mr. Close - Married, 1870's

 Duescher, Frank C., husband of Mathilda - Obituary, 1950's
 Duescher, Friedrich - Golden Wedding, 1910's

 Duesing, Alwine and Rudolph K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Düsing, Christian - born 1812, married Maria, 1 child born in 1842 - family group sheet
 Duesing, Christian - married Mina, 3 children from 1869 to 1875 - family group sheet
 Duesing, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Duesing, Friedrich J. and Anna E. G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Düsing, Friedrich Johann - born 1842, married twice - Anna Elisabeth, Louise, 3 children from 1866 to 1879 - family group sheet
 Duesing, Friedrich Johann - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duesing, Friedrich Johann - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duesing, Herbert and Christena Rouiller - Married, 1920's
 Duesing, Johann Carl - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Düsing, Johann Carl - born 1842, married Elisabeth, 7 children from 1864 to 1876 - family group sheet
 Duesing, John C. and Ernestine F. D. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duesing, John F. and Caroline J. T. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duesing, Wilhelm C. and Mina F. L. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duesing, Wilhelmine and Carl H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duesing, William - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duesing, William - married Ella, 1 child born in 1900 - family group sheet

 Düsterbeck, Friedrich - born 1824, married Augusta, 3 children from 1874 to 1860 - family group sheet
 Duesterbeck, Friedrich August Schaumberg Marie - Married, 1900's

 Duetz, Ernestina - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Duetzmann, Hans - Obituary, 1930's

 Duewe, Sophie - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Duewel, Anna - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duewel, Anna-Mrs. Ernst - Obituary, 1940's
 Duewel, Christ - Obituary, 1920's
 Duewel, Christian 'Christ' - born 1854, married Liesetta, 3 children from 1878 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Duewel, Erna-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1920's
 Duewel, Ernst, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 Duewel, Grace - Obituary, 1950's
 Duewel, Heinrich and Sophie T. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duewel, Henry, husband of Sophia - Obituary, 1920's
 Duewel, Hermann and Laura F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duewel, Liesetta-Mrs. Christian 'Christ' - death certificate, 1900's
 Duewel, Louis, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1920's
 Duewel, Lydia and Arthur S. C. A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duewel, Sophia - Obituary, 1930's

 Duewell, Edward, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's
 Duewell, Elmer - death certificate, 1900's
 Duewell, Henry 'Jim' - Obituary, 1950's
 Duewell, Herman E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duewell, Herman E. - born 1881, married Laura, 2 children from 1903 to 1904 - family group sheet
 Duewell, Herman E., husband of Laura - Obituary, 1930's
 Duewell, Laura - Obituary, 1940's
 Duewell, Reinhart Albert - Obituary, 1970's

 Duewer, Sophie and Carl B. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Duey, Dernley Willard-Dr. and Dorothy Lucille Wood - Married, 1930's

Duf Fay
 Duf Fay, Samuel W. and Frieda O. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dufano, Edgar - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufano, Lena - Obituary, 1950's

 Dufeau, Maurice and Mary D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 DuFeau, Henry J., husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1950's

 Dufek, Anna-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufek, Charles K. - Obituary, 1960's
 Dufek, Daniel and Marie Sampson - Married, 1920's
 Dufek, Dorothea - born 1840, married twice - Thomas, Alois, 8 children from 1861 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Dufek, Emma - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dufek, Frank M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufek, Frankie - Obituary, 1890's
 Dufek, George and Irene Jeanquart - Married, 1920's
 Dufek, Henry and Marie Wardeck - Married, 1930's
 Dufek, Joseph - born 1812, married Anna, 4 children from 1836 to 1853 - family group sheet
 Dufek, Joseph - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dufek, Joseph - Obituary, 1910's
 Dufek, Joseph - Obituary, 1960's
 Dufek, Joseph - born 1837, married Katerina, 6 children from 1872 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Dufek, Joseph - married Mary, 3 children from 1905 to 1909 - family group sheet
 Dufek, Joseph and Josephine Ruth Madoche - Married, 1920's
 Dufek, Joseph M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufek, Josephine-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1950's
 Dufek, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dufek, Leola and Arthur Beard - Married, 1920's
 Dufek, Martin, married twice - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufek, Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dufek, Mathias 'Matt' - born 1853, married twice - Dorothea, Katherine, 6 children from 1876 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Dufek, Mathias 'Matt' - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dufek, Mathias 'Matt' - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufek, Matt and Ruby Schulties - Married, 1930's
 Dufek, Peter, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufek, Peter, son Rudolph died - Obituary, 1920's

 Dufen, Johann and Emilie K. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dufenhorst, Adrienne Irma, daughter of Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufenhorst, Alvina - Obituary, 1920's
 Dufenhorst, Barbara-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Dufenhorst, Bertha H. and Heinrich C. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dufenhorst, Edward, husband of Irma - Obituary, 1950's
 Dufenhorst, Frank, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1910's
 Dufenhorst, Fred, husband of Hilna - Obituary, 1910's
 Dufenhorst, Henry F. and Emma W. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dufenhorst, Henry F., husband of Nettie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dufenhorst, Henry J. and Nettie A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dufenhorst, Herman - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufenhorst, Herman and Anna B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dufenhorst, Johan D. and Alwina S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dufenhorst, Johann - married Alwine, 1 child born in 1881 - family group sheet
 Dufenhorst, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Dufenhorst, Leonard J., husband of Magdalen - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufenhorst, Magdalen-Mrs. Leonard J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufenhorst, Mary-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufenhorst, Mildred, daughter of Fred and Hilma - Obituary, 1910's

 Duff, Anna M.-Mrs. James M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duff, Charles W.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, Clinton A., husband of Myrtle - Obituary, 1940's
 Duff, James M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duff, James Merritt, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Duff, John P., daughter Isabella Christina died - Obituary, 1920's
 Duff, Joseph and Ottilie K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duff, Louise-Mrs. Charles W. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, Mary Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duff, Patrick - born 1817, married Mary, 10 children from 1848 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Duff, Ray W., husband of Dorothy - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, Richard, husband of Sarah G. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, Robert L., son of John and Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Duff, Sarah-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duff, Wayne C.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Duff, William S. and I. M. D. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duff, William S. and I. M. G. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duffee, Joseph - Story, 1930's

 Duffek, John V. - death certificate, 1910's

 Duffer, Thomas and Frances Rapean - Married, 1940's

 Duffering, Franz Johann - death certificate, 1880's

 Duffey, Charles - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffey, Elizabeth J., daughter of J. W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffey, James and Mary S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffey, John W., husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffey, Kate E. and John W. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duffey, Lizzie McIver and William H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffey, Margaret-Mrs. John W. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffey, Marie-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffey, Mary J., daughter of J. W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffey, Mary L. and Nickolaus B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffey, Sol., 10 year old son Harold died - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffey, William Richard, husband of Ada Marie - Obituary, 1950's

 Duffi, James and Margaret G. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dufficy, Cornelius and Mary N. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duffield, J. C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffield, John and Mary F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duffield, John C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffield, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffield, Mary E.-Mrs. J. C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffield, William - Obituary, 1960's

 Duffin, Lois Henrietta and John Curtist Fritscheler - Married, 1920's
 Duffin, William - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffin, Wm.-Dr. - Obituary, 1910's

 Duffke, Louis - Obituary, 1920's

 Duffner, Gustave A., husband of Frieda - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffner, Lucy-Mrs. Reinhard - Obituary, 1930's

 Duffrin, Alvina - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffrin, Anna-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1900's
 Duffrin, Anna-Mrs. Carl - death certificate, 1900's
 Duffrin, Carl - born 1848, married twice - Anna, Elizabeth, 3 children from 1874 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Duffrin, Carl - Obituary, 1910's
 Duffrin, Carl-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duffrin, Carl, twice married - Obituary, 1910's
 Duffrin, Caroline - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffrin, Chas. and Mary Martin - Married, 1890's
 Duffrin, Edward - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffrin, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffrin, Elizabeth and George Heinecke - Married, 1910's
 Duffrin, Geo. and Frieda Ruffing - Married, 1900's
 Duffrin, George and Frieda Ruffing - Married, 1900's
 Duffrin, J.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duffrin, Jno-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duffrin, Johann - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffrin, Johann - born 1853, married Gertrude, 3 children from 1887 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Duffrin, John - Obituary, 1880's
 Duffrin, John - born 1821, married Maria Anna, 12 children from 1851 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Duffrin, John and Gertrude Hosp - Married, 1880's
 Duffrin, Joseph and Caroline Martin - Married, 1890's
 Duffrin, Joseph and Mary Martin - Married, 1890's
 Duffrin, Magdalen-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffrin, Magdelena-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffrin, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffrin, Maria Anna-Mrs. John - death certificate, 1900's
 Duffrin, Mathias - death certificate, 1890's
 Duffrin, Mathias - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duffrin, Mathias-buried alive - Married, 1890's
 Duffrin, Mathias - born 1812, married Margaretha, 3 children from 1848 to 1853 - family group sheet
 Duffrin, Rosa - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffrin, William - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffrin, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffrin, William - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffrin, William-two story dwelling destroyed by fire - Story, 1890's
 Duffrin, William - born 1851, married Magdalena, 10 children from 1877 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Duffrin, Wm. - Golden Wedding, 1920's
 Duffrin, Wm. and Elenora Moser - Married, 1920's

 Duffus, Charles - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffus, Edward - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffus, Edward and Alla May B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffus, Ella and George G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffus, Gertrude-Mrs. James - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffus, Gertrude, granddaughter of James - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffus, Harry, husband of Alice - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffus, James - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffus, James and Gertrude Adala P. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffus, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffus, John and Elizabeth B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffus, Lizzie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffus, Percy K., husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1950's

 Duffy, Ann and Jhn W. D. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffy, Anna and John Wm. D. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffy, Anna A. and Frank R. A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duffy, Anna Elizabeth-Mrs. Solomon J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Anna F. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Anne M.-Mrs. Joseph J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Anthony F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffy, Arthur W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Austin E., husband of Nellie - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, Carrie - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, Catherine and Patrick J. G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffy, Catherine G. and Richard I. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Christy A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Cyril and Grace Olson - Married, 1920's
 Duffy, David G. and Elizabeth G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffy, David J. and Agnes J. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Edward and Marian D. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duffy, Emaline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duffy, Esther-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, Francis and Ida E. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duffy, Frank D. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, Frank L., husband of Edda - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, G. J., infant son Darryl Thomas died - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, George E. - Obituary, 1910's
 Duffy, George 'Marlier', husband of Nell - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, Harold, son of Harold and Beatrice - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Helen-Mrs. Norman - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Isabelle 'Belle'-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, James - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, James and Margaret G. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, James and Mary S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffy, James J., husband of Dolores - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, James L., husband of Lita - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, John - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, John and Estelle Golden - Married, 1910's
 Duffy, John M. and Emma H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffy, John M., husband of Belle - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1910's
 Duffy, Joseph Harvey - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Joseph J. and Nina V. R. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duffy, Joseph, son John killed - Obituary, 1890's
 Duffy, Kate Rose and Frank E. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duffy, Katie and William H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffy, Lawrence and Catharine M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffy, Lelean Harrison, son of John M. and Belle - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, Loretta and Lloyd Counsell - Married, 1940's
 Duffy, Margaret and Patrick H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffy, Marian and Edward D. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duffy, Marion E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Martin-funeral mention - Obituary, 1910's
 Duffy, Martin - born 1830, married Elizabeth, 4 children from 1853 to 1868 - family group sheet
 Duffy, Mary and James H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duffy, Mary and Maurice D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Mary and William H. B. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duffy, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, Mary-Mrs. Patrick J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffy, Mary and Julius Hayes - Married, 1890's
 Duffy, Mary C.-Mrs. Stanley E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffy, Mattie J.-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Mayme and Martin J. Fink - Married, 1910's
 Duffy, Michael - Obituary, 1890's
 Duffy, Millard James and Delores Hulda Ruck - Married, 1940's
 Duffy, Neil - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Patrick - death certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Patrick and Bridget F. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Patrick and Brigitt T. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Patrick L., husband of Eleanore - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Pauline J. and Walter A. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Peter and Maria B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Peter and Mary B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Phil, husband of Ellen - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Phil. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duffy, R.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duffy, Richard - Obituary, 1900's
 Duffy, Richard P., husband of Dorothy L. - Obituary, 1950's
 Duffy, Robert-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffy, Rosanna and James F. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Duffy, Sarah Janet and Joseph A. Brierton - Married, 1910's
 Duffy, Sol. J. and Anna Kenney - Married, 1910's
 Duffy, Thomas - Golden Wedding, 1930's
 Duffy, Thomas - Obituary, 1930's
 Duffy, Thomas - Obituary, 1940's
 Duffy, Thomas and Catherina M. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Thomas and Catherine M. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duffy, Thomas and Esther C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duffy, Thomas F. and Rosie A. M. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Duffys, Ellen and Martin J. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Duford, Irene-Mrs. Harry - Obituary, 1930's

 Dufort, Josephine - Obituary, 1930's
 Dufort, Louis, husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1920's

 Dufour, Agnes Frances and William James H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dufour, Albert Quincy 'Bert', husband of Muriel - Obituary, 1940's
 Dufour, Muriel-Mrs. Albert W. - Obituary, 1930's

 DuFrain, William and Olive T. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dufraine, Elizabeth-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1920's

 Dufrane, Geo. and Anna Welling - Married, 1890's

 Dufresme, George Sr. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dufresne, Joseph A. and Emelia H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dufresne, Joseph Alphonso - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dufresne, Robert E., son of Clarence - Obituary, 1940's

 Dufrm, Carrie and William B. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dufskey, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Duft, Carl-Rev. and Mea Galo - Married, 1920's
 Duft, Carl L.-Rev., husband of - Obituary, 1930's
 Duft, Carl L.-Rev., husband of Meta - Obituary, 1930's
 Duft, Emil-Mrs.. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duft, Herman - Obituary, 1950's
 Duft, Hermann W. and Paulina M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duft, Minnie-Mrs. Emil - Obituary, 1930's
 Duft, William H. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dufty, Jean-Mrs. Victor - Obituary, 1950's

 Duga, Cheryl Ann, infant daughter of Mrs. Alice - Obituary, 1950's
 Duga, Mattie - Obituary, 1950's
 Duga, Sam, husband of Alice - Obituary, 1950's
 Duga, Sam, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's

 Dugal, Joseph O., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugal, Mary - Obituary, 1940's

 Dugan, Anna-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, Anna M.-Mrs. William S. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dugan, Appolonia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dugan, Clare-Mrs. Arthur T. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugan, Daniel P. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dugan, Daniel P. and Laura H. M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dugan, David J. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, David J. and Cora M. C. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dugan, Delia Mary-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, Dennis and Antonina L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dugan, Dennis J., husband of Antoinette - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, Florence-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugan, James and Catherine T. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dugan, James and Marie S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dugan, James and Mary C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dugan, James, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Dugan, John and Catherine M. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dugan, John F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugan, Jola and Catherine M. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dugan, Joseph A. and Elizabeth A. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dugan, Joseph A., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugan, Laura-Mrs. Dan - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugan, Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugan, Mary and John D. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dugan, Mary and Thomas F. D. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dugan, Michael - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, Mildred Hazel, daughter of Michael and Minnie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dugan, Minnie-Mrs. Michel - Obituary, 1940's
 Dugan, Muriel, daughter of Mrs. Hattie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dugan, Robert L., husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugan, Stephan - death certificate, 1900's
 Dugan, Stephen A., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugan, Thomas - Obituary, 1900's
 Dugan, Thomas, husband of Appolonia - Obituary, 1940's
 Dugan, Timothy L. and Mamie E. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dugan, William S. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugan, William S. and Anna M. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dugas, Jose Octavio, husband of Rita - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugas, Mattie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dugas, Ruth Ann-Mrs. Ignacio - Obituary, 1950's

 Dugdell, Rose - Obituary, 1940's

 Duge, Maria-Mrs. Ludwig M. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dugen, Earl M. and Grace M. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duggan, Ann - Obituary, 1940's
 Duggan, Annie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duggan, Catherine-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Duggan, Charles and Martha M. S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duggan, Colin and Mary A. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, Daniel C. - death certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, Daniel C. and Maria L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, David J. and Maggie E. R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Duggan, Dennis and Edith Ida J. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Duggan, Edward J.-Capt., husband of Evelyn - Obituary, 1930's
 Duggan, Edward J., husband of Evelyn - Obituary, 1930's
 Duggan, Elizabeth-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Duggan, James A. and Kussel T. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, Jeannette-Mrs. Thomas E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duggan, Johanna and Peter J. C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, John and Annie H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, John and Annie N. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, John and Ellen C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, John and Kate B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, John and Kate O. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Duggan, John J. and Rita V. W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, John J., husband of Ellen - Obituary, 1950's
 Duggan, Josie-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Duggan, Julia-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Duggan, Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Duggan, Mary A.-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Duggan, Stephan and Kittie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, Thomas and Julia L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duggan, Thomas J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duggan, Thomas J. and Margaret M. M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duggan, Tiby - Obituary, 1940's
 Duggan, Wm. - Obituary, 1890's

 Duggard, John C. and Sadie P. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dugger, Jarrot and Amelia E. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dugitsch, Mary - death certificate, 1900's

 Duglass, F. M. P.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's

 Duhacek, Joseph J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhacek, Katherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhacek, Paul, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1930's

 Duhansky, Josephine-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1930's

 Duhm, John F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhm, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Duhne, Francis - Obituary, 1940's

 Duhnke, Charlotte-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duhnke, Cora V.-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhnke, Henny-Mrs. Max - Obituary, 1930's
 Duhnke, Selma, daughter of John - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhnke, Wallie-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Duhnke, William D., husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1940's

 Duhr, Milton E., son of J. - Obituary, 1920's

 Duhring, Friedrich and Dorethea F. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Duic, Julia-Mrs. Ladislav - Obituary, 1950's

 Duik, Margarete-Mrs. Sgt. Andrew U. - Obituary, 1940's

 Duit, Bertha and Will Krueger - Married, 1900's
 Duit, Emma Lu - Obituary, 1940's
 Duit, Emma Lu-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Duit, H.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duit, Theodore-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Duit, Theodore and Selma Geidel - Married, 1900's

 Dujan, Nickola - Obituary, 1940's

 Dujanovic, Ljuba-Mrs. Rade 'Rudy' - Obituary, 1950's

 Dukaitis, Eleanor-Miss - Obituary, 1930's

 Dukat, Stanislaus - death certificate, 1900's

 Duke, Addie M. and George B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duke, Anna M. and James H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duke, Blanche A. and John E. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duke, Charles H. and Susie E. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duke, Charles Henry, husband of Susie - Obituary, 1920's
 Duke, Claude D., husband of Florence - Obituary, 1950's
 Duke, Eileen, daughter of George H. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duke, Fred, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Duke, Grace A. and Arthur H. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duke, Helen - death certificate, 1910's
 Duke, James Hallowell and Ann M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duke, James J., husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1940's
 Duke, James R. and Marion Mickelson - Married, 1940's
 Duke, Joseph and Florinda M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Duke, Joseph and Gussie S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duke, Joseph T., husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Duke, Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Duke, Mary and Stephan B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duke, Mary-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1940's
 Duke, Mary-Mrs. William T. - Obituary, 1920's
 Duke, Ruby-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1930's
 Duke, Thomas Eugene, son of William - Obituary, 1940's
 Duke, Thomas, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1920's
 Duke, William and Mary D. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dukelow, Ann - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dukelow, Anna E.-Mrs. Ray S. - Obituary, 1980's
 Dukelow, Annie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dukelow, Clyde-his financee died - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukelow, Clyde and Marcella Hauser - Married, 1940's
 Dukelow, Donald and Rose Marie Klink - Married, 1940's
 Dukelow, Eliza-Mrs. Samuel - Obituary, 1880's
 Dukelow, Ella - Obituary, 1900's
 Dukelow, Ella-Miss - Obituary, 1900's
 Dukelow, Harry C., husband of Merlin - Obituary, 1980's
 Dukelow, Herbert L. and Eva M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dukelow, Howard and Geneva Dais - Married, 1940's
 Dukelow, James - Golden Wedding, 1940's
 Dukelow, James and Mary F. F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dukelow, James and Nellie Kendall - Married, 1890's
 Dukelow, James, husband of Nellie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukelow, John - born 1823, married Barbara, 7 children from 1854 to 1863 - family group sheet
 Dukelow, John and Blanche Townsend - Married, 1890's
 Dukelow, Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Dukelow, Martha J. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dukelow, Mary-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dukelow, Mary L. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dukelow, Nellie-Mrs. James - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukelow, Peter - Obituary, 1880's
 Dukelow, Ray and Ennie Hetzel - Married, 1910's
 Dukelow, Richard - Obituary, 1890's
 Dukelow, Samuel - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dukelow, Samuel, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1900's
 Dukelow, Thomas John - born 1794, married twice - Elizabeth, Ann, 10 children from 1812 to 1839 - family group sheet
 Dukelow, William - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukelow, Wm. and Alice E. Wells - Married, 1890's

 Dukemann, Caspar and Anna C. I. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dukerschein, F.C. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dukes, Agnes-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukes, Arthur C., husband of Nora - Obituary, 1950's
 Dukes, Kathryn Marie, infant daughter of Norman - Obituary, 1940's
 Dukes, Paul and Agnes M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dukes, Walter M., husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's

 Duket, Dora Ann-Mrs. Arnold James - Obituary, 1940's
 Duket, Dorothy Mae and Robert S. Koehn - Married, 1940's
 Duket, Gertrude V.-Mrs. Charles H. - Obituary, 1930's
 Duket, Russell and Dorothy Dana - Married, 1940's

 Dukevitch, Eva and N. Keneknavitch - Married, 1910's

 Dukhorn, Conrad, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1920's
 Dukhorn, Peter - death certificate, 1900's

 Dukhut, William and Margaret S. - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Dukle, Moses and Tillie D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dukle, Tillie and Moses D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dukor, Deanne Joy, daughter of Edward F. and Anne - Obituary, 1940's

 Dukovac, John, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1950's

 Dulac, Frederick - Obituary, 1940's

 Dulak, Antonia and Stanislaus K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, August and Helen S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, August Sr., husband of Kathryn - Obituary, 1920's
 Dulak, August, child died - death certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, August, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulak, Bronislawa - death certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, Elenor, daughter of Stanley - Obituary, 1920's
 Dulak, Emily, daughter of Stanley and Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Dulak, Erna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulak, Frances - Obituary, 1930's
 Dulak, Frank, husband of Erna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulak, Harry J., husband of Janet - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulak, John - death certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulak, John T. 'Dulac', husband of Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulak, Kathryn-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1930's
 Dulak, Lucy - death certificate, 1910's
 Dulak, Manika - death certificate, 1900's
 Dulak, Robert, son of Joseph - Obituary, 1920's
 Dulak, Stanley A., husband of Frances - Obituary, 1930's

 DuLaney, James W. and Charlotte M. R. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dulau, Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Dulaveris, John, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Dulda, Frank and Laura H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dulde, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dulde, Charlie - death certificate, 1910's
 Dulde, Cora-Mrs. Walter W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulde, Frank, husband of Laura - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulde, Joseph, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Dulde, Laura-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulde, Max, husband of Erna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulde, Selma-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dulde, Walter W., husband of Cora - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulde, Wanda-Mrs. Max - Obituary, 1930's

 Dulek, Jack - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulek, John and Katherine B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dulen, Joseph R. 'Dolan' - Obituary, 1950's

 Duley, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Duley, Margaret-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duley, May-Mrs. Stephen - Obituary, 1950's

 Dulge, Della, daughter of JosephEhlers, Carl R., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1930's

 Dulick, Anna, formerly Mrs. John Kohs - Obituary, 1930's

 Dulin, Maria and Hans B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duliney, Vincent - Obituary, 1930's

 Dulinski, Peter - Obituary, 1950's

 Dulitz, Heinrich Ludwig - married Alwine, 4 children from 1850 to 1854 - family group sheet
 Dulitz, Otto and Elisabeth K. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dulitz, Otto and Elizabeth K. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dulitz, Otto - married Elisabeth, 1 child born in 1856 - family group sheet

 Dulka, Anna-Mrs. Vincent - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulka, Joseph, husband of Antonina - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulka, Joseph, husband of Sally - Obituary, 1940's
 Dulka, Maciej and Michalina L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dull, Arla M.-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1940's
 Dull, Elizabeth R. and George H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dull, Julia J. and SilaS J. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dull, Minnie E. and John R. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dull, Peter - Obituary, 1950's

 Dullaghan, Mary and John W. J. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dullas, George G., husband of Diamanto - Obituary, 1950's

 Dullea, Bridget-Mrs. Charles G. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dullea, Charles - Obituary, 1920's
 Dullea, Charles D. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dullea, Charles G. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dullea, Charles Gregory - born 1867, married Bridget Ann, 6 children from 1900 to 1903 - family group sheet
 Dullea, Chas. G. and Beatrice Larkin - Married, 1890's
 Dullea, Daniel - Obituary, 1920's
 Dullea, Dennis - born 1851, married Margaret, 5 children from 1885 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Dullea, Dennis, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Dullea, Edw. - Obituary, 1890's
 Dullea, Edward - Obituary, 1900's
 Dullea, Edward-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's
 Dullea, Edward-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dullea, Edward - born 1827, married twice - Margaret, Bridget, 13 children from 1851 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Dullea, Edward, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dullea, Edward, married twice - Obituary, 1900's
 Dullea, James Maurice - death certificate, 1890's
 Dullea, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Dullea, Margaret-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's
 Dullea, Mary and John Clancy - Married, 1880's
 Dullea, Mary, daughter of Maurice and Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dullea, Maurice - Obituary, 1900's
 Dullea, Maurice J. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dullea, Maurice J. - born 1850, married Mary A., 4 children from 1879 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Dullea, Patrick - Obituary, 1930's
 Dullea, Sister M. Julia - Obituary, 1950's

 Dullney, Vincent - Obituary, 1930's

 Dulmes, Abraham-killed his fiance - Story, 1910's
 Dulmes, Henrietta and Elmer H. Gubbers - Married, 1920's
 Dulmes, Melville, husband of Maurine - Obituary, 1950's
 Dulmes, Raymond and Alice Lemmenes - Married, 1920's

 Dulmez, Geor. - Obituary, 1920's

 Dulton, Julius S. and Bessie M. K. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dulty, Hennion L. and Alivine Z. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Dulty, Morris and Rose E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dulz, Mary Anna and Martin K. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Duma, Adolph and Margarath B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Duma, Adolph, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Duma, Anna M. and Conrad G. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duma, Anna Maria and Conrad G. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Duma, Herman and Sophia P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duma, John and Walburga S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duma, Joseph - Obituary, 1910's
 Duma, William and Angeline Gonring - Married, 1930's

 Dumace, Andrew and Anna M. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dumais, Walter E., husband of Madelyne - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumak, Nicholas, husband of Frances - Obituary, 1940's

 Duman, Alwina and Mathias H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duman, Edward and Lucille Julia Karl - Married, 1940's
 Duman, Ella-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Duman, Harriett and John A. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Duman, J.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Duman, John, son died - Obituary, 1890's
 Duman, Mina-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1950's
 Duman, Raymond J. and Esther N. Lauters - Married, 1940's

 Dumann, Ella-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumann, Franz Friedrich - Obituary, 1910's
 Dumann, Frederic and Augusta W. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumann, Henry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dumann, Hermann - married Sophie, 5 children from 1860 to 1868 - family group sheet
 Dumann, Johann - born 1806, married Louise, 2 children from 1846 to 1851 - family group sheet
 Dumann, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Dumann, John and Magdalena L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumann, Maria H. and John H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dumann, Otto and Emilie B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumann, Pauline-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumann, Wilhelm and Dorothea H. T. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumann, Wilhelm and Dorothea Henriette Johanna T. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumann, Wilhelm and Ella S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumann, William and Augusta E. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dumann, William, husband of Ella - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumar, Mary-Mrs. Orville - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumas, Alex L. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumas, Alice-Mrs. Alex L. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumas, Evelyn and William Collignon - Married, 1940's
 Dumas, Helbert and Friederike B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumas, Henry and Henrietta Seline H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumas, John L., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumas, Julia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumas, Mae J. A.-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumas, Milgert - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumas, Nan Clara-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumas, Pelagia-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumbar, Jennie - death certificate, 1900's

 Dumber, Michael and Margarette C. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dumber, Michel and Margaritta C. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dumberg, John and Hattie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dumbkowski, Jozef and Julianna K. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Dumbleton, Howar W. and Anna H. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dumbleton, Laura G. and Earl W. B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dumbleton, Louise-Mrs. Philip - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumbleton, Roy Leland, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1950's

 Dumbrowsky, Mary-Mrs.-missing from convent - Story, 1930's

 Dumdie, Frederick W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumdie, Hertha-Mrs. Frederick - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumer, Della - Obituary, 1950's

 Dumey, Minnie and Hermann Huth - Married, 1900's

 Dumez, Isaac and Mary E. C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumez, Isaac T. and Mary E. C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumez, John and Jennie R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumez, Sarah-Mrs. Isaac - Obituary, 1890's

 DuMez, Andreas Alexander - married Anna, 1 child born in 1885 - family group sheet
 DuMez, Andrew Alexander, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 DuMez, Gladys and Mr. Evert - Married, 1910's
 DuMez, James F. and Lillian H. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 DuMez, Peter F. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dumgey, Edith V. and Fred J. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Duminski, Hattie-Mrs. Bruno - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumiskey, George R., husband of Luella L. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dumke, Albert H., husband of Ann - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Albert W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Albert, husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Alex, husband of Olga - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Anna-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Anna-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, August and Augusta S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, August and Elizabeth A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, August C., husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, August Carl, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, August, Carl, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Bertha-Mrs. Fred - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Caroline and William B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumke, Catherine A.-Mrs. Edwin - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Charles and Auguste E. M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumke, Edward and Alice M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dumke, Elizabeth-Mrs. Theodore - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Emma and Edward K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, Emma and Louis C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, Frederick John, of Stanley - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Henrietta-Mrs. Ferdinand - Obituary, 1910's
 Dumke, Henry, husband of Mathilda - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Herbert and Violet Fish - Married, 1920's
 Dumke, Herbert, husband of Nathalie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Herman - Golden Wedding, 1960's
 Dumke, Herman - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Herman and Pearl Patten - Married, 1910's
 Dumke, Herman G. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Hugo and Selma K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, Hugo W., husband of Thelma E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, John and Anna R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, John P., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Lena Anna and Arno Kuhn - Married, 1940's
 Dumke, Louie - Obituary, 1960's
 Dumke, Mathilda-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1920's
 Dumke, Mildred and George Eckert - Married, 1930's
 Dumke, Minnie Catherine-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Dumke, Minnie E.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Paul - born 1865, married Alvina, 2 children from 1899 to 1901 - family group sheet
 Dumke, Paul - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dumke, Paul - Obituary, 1900's
 Dumke, Ray W., husband of Alfreda - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Raymond and Viola Betty Huebner - Married, 1920's
 Dumke, Rudolph R. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Theodore S. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Theresa - death certificate, 1910's
 Dumke, V. Hugo, husband of Beatrice - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, Wilhelm - married Louise, 1 child born in 1863 - family group sheet
 Dumke, William - death certificate, 1900's
 Dumke, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, William F., husband of Lydia - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, William R. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumke, William, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Dumke, Wm. and Martha P. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dumkee, Emma and Paul Ehrinberg - Married, 1890's

 Dumkie, August and Emma Pagle - Married, 1890's

 Dumler, Ambros, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumler, Ambroz and Mary B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dumman, Johanna-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1920's

 Dummann, Anna-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummann, August F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummann, Augusta - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummann, Augusta-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummann, Bertha Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dummann, Clarence, son of Carl and Elsie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummann, Emilie and Heinrich K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dummann, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummann, Frank - death certificate, 1910's
 Dummann, Frank Friedrich - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dummann, Frederick and Wilhelmine F. V. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dummann, Frederick and Wilhelmine Fredericke V. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dummann, Friedrich - born 1849, married Wilhelmine, 5 children from 1876 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Dummann, Hattie and Herman H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummann, Henry and E. Plenzke - Married, 1890's
 Dummann, Henry Wilhelm - born 1865, married Emma Auguste Emilie, 2 children from 1900 to 1900 - family group sheet
 Dummann, Hermann Friedrich - born 1836, married Sophia, 7 children from 1860 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Dummann, Ida - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dummann, Ida and August K. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dummann, Johann C. and Marie S. L. S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dummann, Johann Gottfried - born 1806, married Louisa, 9 children from 1833 to 1854 - family group sheet
 Dummann, Johanna and Friedrich B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dummann, William - Obituary, 1900's
 Dummann, Wm. - Obituary, 1900's

 Dummel, Emilie D. and Heinrich K. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dummer, Albert, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Alvina - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Anna and Walter H. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dummer, Annie and Kinsey G. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, August - Obituary, 1910's
 Dummer, Bertha and August J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Carl - Obituary, 1910's
 Dummer, Caroline - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Charles - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Charles F., husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Dorothy Mae, daughter of Otto W. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dummer, Elizabeth-Mrs. Robert - death certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Emma and Franz O. E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Emma C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Frank - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Frank R., husband of Leona - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Frank Sr. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Frank W. and Tillie G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Franz F. and Maria E. S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dummer, Frederick - Obituary, 1890's
 Dummer, Frederick - born 1835, married Henriette, 8 children from 1863 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Gertrude-Mrs. Helmuth - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, Helen-Mrs. Herbert - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Helen-Mrs. Otto - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Henriattie Sophia-Mrs. Frederick - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, Henrietta - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Hermann - married Minna, 1 child born in 1896 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Hugo, husband of Carolina - Obituary, 1910's
 Dummer, Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, John A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, John A. and Mabel Y. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Leona-Mrs. Frank R. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Marie-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1930's
 Dummer, Martin P. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Max - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Otto - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Otto and Helen P. M. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dummer, Otto W., husband of Lorraine Eleanor - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, Paul - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, Paul - married Emilie, 1 child born in 1884 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Paul - married Wilhelmina, 2 children from 1888 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Pauline-Mrs. Gust - Obituary, 1950's
 Dummer, Reinhard - married Emilie, 1 child born in 1889 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Reinhardt F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, Robert and Elisabeth G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Robert and Ida K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Robert - born 1870, married Elizabeth, 1 child born in 1902 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Theodor and Theresa R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dummer, Theodor - married Theresa, 2 children from 1882 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Dummer, Theodore - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, Thomas F. and Mary D. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dummer, Ulricke S. and August F. G. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dummer, Ulrike Sophie - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dummer, Wilhelm - death certificate, 1910's
 Dummer, Wilhelm and Martha S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dummer, Wilhelmina 'Minnie' - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummer, William F. - death certificate, 1910's
 Dummer, William Sr., husband of Henrietta - Obituary, 1920's
 Dummer, William, husband of Alvina - Obituary, 1930's

 Dummert, Agnes-Mrs. Johns. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummert, Eleanore F.-Mrs. Frank G. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummert, Johann P. and Margareatha B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dummert, Johann P. and Margaretha B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dummert, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Dummert, John and Agnes H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dummert, John and Agnes L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dummert, Robert John, son of Frank - Obituary, 1920's

 Dummler, Mary - Obituary, 1940's

 Dummuert, Frank G. and Eleanore F. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dumnlong, Louise-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1930's

 Dumnow, Marie-Mrs., of Thorp - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumonlin, John and Marie S. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dumont, Charles W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dumont, Maria-Mrs. Francois - death certificate in Luxembourg, 1850's

 DuMoulin, Ferdinand Ernst and Emma K. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dumpey, Edward and Bridget O. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dumphey, Catharine and Franklin B. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dumphy, Bertha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumphy, Frank - Obituary, 1940's
 Dumphy, Mary A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dumphy, Mary J. and Lyman H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumphy, Walter B. - death certificate, 1900's
 Dumphy, William and Margaret P. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dums, Anna and Vincent Kraemer - Married, 1920's

 Dumser, Annie and William B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dumser, Leo A. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dumski, Anton J., son of Victoria - Obituary, 1940's

 Dumstrey, Adelaide Maria - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dumstrey, Albertina Marie - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, Albertina Marie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumstrey, Alwine - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, August - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, August - born 1849, married Henriette, 2 children from 1870 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Dumstrey, Carl F. and Wilhelmine A. W. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dumstrey, Joachim Friedrich - born 1791, married Engel, 4 children from 1814 to 1823 - family group sheet
 Dumstrey, Maria Rosalie - born 1852, married twice - Charles Edward, Ernst Joachim Friedrich, 1 child born in 1877 - family group sheet
 Dumstrey, Maria Rosalie - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, Maria Rosalie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dumstrey, Mathilde A. and Johann F. H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, Mathilde Albind and Johann Friedrich H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dumstrey, Wilhelm Friedrich - born 1819, married Friedericke, 7 children from 1842 to 1856 - family group sheet

 Dumulong, Joseph 'Hogan' - Obituary, 1950's

 Dumville, Walter and Louise L. - marriage certificate, 1900's