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Listed below are newspaper stories, birth, marriage and death certificates and family group sheets available for genealogy research in Wisconsin and back into Germany, Luxemburg and France.

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 Diffenburgh, Harry L. and Louisa K. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Diffenderfer, Hary M. and Blanche J. G. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Differding, Cornelius - married Elisa, 2 children from 1870 to 1870 - family group sheet

 Differt, Adela - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Differt, Bertha-Mrs. Henry J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Charles - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Charles and Wilhelmina K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Differt, Charles J., husband of Helen - Obituary, 1920's
 Differt, Charles John - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Differt, Charles John - married Helene Therese Emilie, 1 child born in 1897 - family group sheet
 Differt, Christoph - Obituary, 1920's
 Differt, Christoph and Hanna C. K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Differt, Christoph and Hanna Caroline Auguste K. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Differt, Christoph - born 1838, married Johanna Caroline Auguste 'Hanna', 11 children from 1867 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Differt, Dale A. 'Spike'-Pfc., son of Milton A. and Jean - Obituary, 1950's
 Differt, Edna-Mrs. Arnold - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Ella-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1950's
 Differt, Emma-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, Frederic and Auguste F. B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Differt, Frederic and Auguste F. T. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Differt, Frederic and Auguste F. Th. B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Differt, Helen-Mrs. Charles J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, Herman - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, Hermann and Emma B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Differt, Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, Ida - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Johan Carl Wilhelm and Ida Johane H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Differt, Johanna-Mrs. Herman - Obituary, 1920's
 Differt, John C., husband of Nettie - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Louise Emilie - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Differt, Martha and Robert D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Differt, Nettie - Obituary, 1940's
 Differt, Phillip - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, Tillie-Mrs. Henry J. - Obituary, 1920's
 Differt, Wilhelm - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Differt, Wilhelm - married Ida, 4 children from 1881 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Differt, William and Ella D. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Differt, William F.-Jr., husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's
 Differt, William, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1920's
 Differt, William, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1930's

 Diffield, Charles H. and Zula Z. P. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Diffley, Mary and Eugene F. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Diffor, Agnes-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Difird, John and Maria P. F. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Difird, John and Maria Philipine F. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Digas, Viola - Obituary, 1930's

 Digert, Lillian-Mrs. John, and infant son - Obituary, 1920's
 Digert, Mary-Mrs. Daniel - Obituary, 1950's
 Digert, Oscar H., husband of Matilda - Obituary, 1950's
 Digert, Oscar Janssen, husband of Margarett Ann - Obituary, 1950's

 Diggins, Hugh B., husband of Celsestine - Obituary, 1950's

 Diggles, Glenn W. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dighera, George, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's

 DiGiorgio, Concepta and Emanuel B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 DiGiorgio, Vincent and Josephine M. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Digiovani, Anegeline, daughter of Sam - Obituary, 1950's

 Digman, Henry H. and Erma E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Digman, Hubert - Obituary, 1930's
 Digman, Jennie - Obituary, 1920's
 Digman, Lorenz Harry, husband of Ora L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Digman, Mary A.-Mrs. Hubert - Obituary, 1930's
 Digman, Robert John, husband of Celia - Obituary, 1940's
 Digman, Thomas-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's

 Digmann, Loretta and Joseph Aufdermauer - Married, 1920's

 Dignam, Edward M. and Anna M. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dignan, Annie-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dignan, Margaret Jane - Obituary, 1940's
 Dignan, Maria-Miss - Obituary, 1930's

 Dignen, Mollie, of Minneapolis - Obituary, 1940's

 Dignin, Dale - Obituary, 1950's

 Dignon, Thomas J. and Mary R. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dihring, John M., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Dijan, Amalia and Adam K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 DiJulio, Joseph, husband of Irma - Obituary, 1950's

 Dikander, Norma-Mrs. Sven - Obituary, 1950's

 Dikeman, Ezra - Obituary, 1940's

 Dikfoss, William and Katharina C. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dikomsic, Josephine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dikow, Augusta C. and Hanbert O. K. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dilban, Aug. and Caroline B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dilbeck, Frederick W., husband of Amalia - Obituary, 1920's

 Dilbert, Augusta and Joseph L. E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dilberti, Peter, husband of Grace - Obituary, 1950's

 Dilcher, Martha and Joseph B. K. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dilday, Pauline and William M. G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Diley, Roy J. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dilg, Johanna Louisa and Theodore L. H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dilger, Agnes-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dilger, Amelia and Joseph H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dilger, Charlotte S. and Charles H. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dilger, Conrad - born 1844, married Anastasia, 3 children from 1872 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Dilger, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1910's
 Dilger, Frank P., husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1920's
 Dilger, Matthias and Margareth P. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dilger, Walter F. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dilges, Andreas and Wilhelmena I. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dilges, Andrew, husband of Wilhelmine - Obituary, 1920's
 Dilges, Anita - Obituary, 1950's
 Dilges, Frances-Mrs. Nicholas A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dilges, George and Maria M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dilges, Marie-Mrs. George P. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dilges, rances-Mrs. Nicholas A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dilges, Wilhelmine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dilgus, Fritz and Paulina B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dilk, Caspar and Elizabetha H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dilkas, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dill, Charles F. and Mary K. K. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dill, Eliza and William B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dill, Eliza A. and William B. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dill, Elizabeth B., daughter of Raymond and Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
 Dill, George G. and Julia P. L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dill, Lydia-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Dill, Raymond and Elizabeth C. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dill, Raymond, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's

 Dillabough, Albert, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillabough, Margaret - Obituary, 1940's

 Dillan, Martin and Annie O. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dillar, George - Obituary, 1930's

 Dillbahner, Frank and Nettie C. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dillbeck, William and Amalie C. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dille, David, infant daughter Cynthia Sue died - Obituary, 1950's
 Dille, Harry - Obituary, 1920's
 Dille, Laura A. and Alonzo Dye - Married, 1900's
 Dille, Melvin Brice and Margaret W. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dille, Ollie - Obituary, 1890's

 Dilleman, John, son of Dilleman - Obituary, 1920's

 Dillenbeck, Hawley C., husband of Lotta A. - Obituary, 1920's

 Dillenburg, Matthew-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Diller, Carolyn - Obituary, 1940's

 Dillett, Alice M.-Mrs. Aj. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillett, Catherine-iss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillett, Etta - Obituary, 1940's

 Dilley, May-Mrs. Robert - Obituary, 1920's
 Dilley, Robert T. and May M. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dillig, Bernadine, daughter of Mrs. Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillig, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillig, Peter, husband of Esther - Obituary, 1940's

 Dillinar, Christian and Henriette K. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dilling, George F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dilling, George, married twice - Obituary, 1940's
 Dilling, Maria A. and George W. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dillinger, Anna - marriage certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Dillinger, Catharina - marriage certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Dillinger, Clara and Frank Ertl - Married, 1930's
 Dillinger, Johann - married Magdalena, 4 children from 1780 to 1798 - family group sheet
 Dillinger, Joseph - marriage certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Dillinger, Reuben and Evelyn Leone Swope - Married, 1930's

 Dillingham, Charlotte-Miss - Obituary, 1890's
 Dillingham, Charlotte-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dillingham, Edwin R. and Annie C. W. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dillingham, Frank and Kate P. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dillman, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dillman, Clark Peter, infant son of Peter and Elma - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillman, Eva - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillman, Fredrick L. and Lucreita G. J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillman, Henry and Mary H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillman, Josephine-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillman, Martha Elizabeth - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillman, Mary and A. J. E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dillmann, Aloysius F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillmann, Anna M. and Andrew J. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillmann, Edward, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillmann, George-finds out about sister still living - Story, 1920's
 Dillmann, John - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillmann, John and Anna F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillmann, Joseph - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillmann, Josephina and John B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillmann, Louisa-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillmann, Louise and William C. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillmann, Maria Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillmann, Mary and Anton G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillmann, Peter - married Margaretha, 2 children from 1853 to 1855 - family group sheet
 Dillmann, Wilhelm - married Catharina, 15 children from 1865 to 1885 - family group sheet

 Dillon, Albert, husband of Emily - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Anita-Mrs. Dan - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Ann Marian - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Dillon, Beatrice C.-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, Belle and Timothy F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillon, Carroll P., husband of Fannie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Clarence L. and Anne M. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillon, Daniel - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Dominick and Catharina M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, Dominick and Catherine M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, Edward - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Edward J., husband of Agnes M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, Edward, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Eliza and Michael C. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dillon, Flora-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Freman David, husband of Ella - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, George-Rev. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Hanna C. -Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dillon, James - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, James C. and Susan C. M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, James C. and Susan M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, Jess, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, John - born 1814, married Sarah, 3 children from 1850 to 1855 - family group sheet
 Dillon, John A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, John J., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, John M. and Catherine A. S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dillon, John M. and Florence L. E. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillon, John S. and Delia C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillon, John W. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dillon, Lillie M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Mae-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Margaret and James G. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dillon, Margaret and John B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, Martin and Annie O. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dillon, Mary and George A. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dillon, Mary and James B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dillon, Mary-Mrs. James - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Mary-Mrs. John A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, Mary A.-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillon, Michael and Margareth B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillon, Patrick H., son of John and Emma - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Paul J. and Margaret O. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillon, Richard and Alice G. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dillon, Richard H. and Huberta M. G. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillon, Richard J. Sr., husband of Martha 'Mattie' - Obituary, 1950's
 Dillon, Robert C. - Obituary, 1890's
 Dillon, Sadie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillon, Sarah-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillon, Sarah-Mrs. Freeman D. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Teresa and Charles R. C. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dillon, Thomas - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Thomas E., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Dillon, Thomas Jame, husband of Eileen - Obituary, 1940's
 Dillon, Thomas R. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dillon, Thomas R. and Mary M. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dillon, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dillon, William E. and Iona A. P. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dillon, William S. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dillow, Mary Anne and Joseph C. B. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dilon, Daniel - Obituary, 1940's
 Dilon, Mary A.-Mrs. John A. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dilweg, Lillian-Mrs. Lloyd W. - Obituary, 1910's

 Dimaggio, Angela-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1950's

 Dimandal, Caroline and Jacob H. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dimberg, Hildur-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Dimberg, Mathilda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimberg, Signi M. and Lloyd L. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Diment, Harry G., husband of Helen - Obituary, 1940's

 Dimgin, Mr. - Obituary, 1910's

 Dimick, Math. and Sophronia Dickason - Married, 1900's

 Dimino, Fred, husband of Adriana - Obituary, 1950's

 Dimler, Johanna-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimler, Louis - Obituary, 1930's

 Dimmel, Agnes L.-Mrs. Earl J. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dimmer, Alverna Ann-Mrs. Erwin - Obituary, 1940's
 Dimmer, Alvira-Mrs. Irvin - Obituary, 1940's
 Dimmer, Anna and John Fred E. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dimmer, Anna Maria - marriage certificate in Luxembourg, 1840's
 Dimmer, Barbara-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmer, Barbara-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmer, Catherine - birth certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Dimmer, Charles - marriage certificate in Luxembourg, 1840's
 Dimmer, Charles - born 1820, married Maria, 9 children from 1844 to 1860 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Clarence and Delores Thomes - Married, 1940's
 Dimmer, Ervin and Alvera Remich - Married, 1930's
 Dimmer, Henry - born 1878, married Mary, 3 children from 1903 to 1909 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Henry, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dimmer, Jacob - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmer, Johann - married Anna Maria, 3 children from 1815 to 1822 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Lorenz and Emma U. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dimmer, Magdalena-Mrs. Math. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dimmer, Margaret - birth certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Dimmer, Maria - birth certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Dimmer, Mary-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Dimmer, Math, husband of Lena - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmer, Math. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmer, Mathias - born 1849, married Magdalen, 15 children from 1873 to 1895 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Michael - born 1880, married Veronica, 4 children from 1907 to 1913 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Michael and Veronica Deheck - Married, 1900's
 Dimmer, Peter - born 1815, married Anna Maria, 8 children from 1838 to 1855 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Peter - born 1851, married Barbara, 6 children from 1885 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Dimmer, Peter - birth certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Dimmer, Peter - marriage certificate in Luxembourg, 1830's
 Dimmer, Peter-Sr., husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1920's
 Dimmer, Peter and Elizabeth Watry - Married, 1910's
 Dimmer, Reinhard - birth certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Dimmer, Wenzel - married Catharina, 1 child born in 1857 - family group sheet

 Dimmich, Geo. R. and Rhoda Treat - Married, 1900's

 Dimmick, Darwin, husband of Florence - Obituary, 1950's
 Dimmick, Estelle M.-Mrs. Guerdon L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dimmick, Henry D. and Elizabeth C. A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dimmick, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dimmick, Melvin, infant son of Leonard and Norma - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmick, R. Franklin and Juli G. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dimmitt, Leroy and Tillie Steffen - Married, 1920's
 Dimmitt, LeRoy and Tillie Steffen - Married, 1920's
 Dimmitt, Rosa-Mrs. Lee - Obituary, 1920's

 Dimmler, Andreas - married Maria, 1 child born in 1861 - family group sheet
 Dimmler, David, of Elk City, South Dakota - Obituary, 1940's

 Dimmock, Charles C., husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimmock, Gertrude E.-Mrs. Charles C. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dimnent, Cora M. and John F. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dimock, Asa, husband of Maude - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimock, Louise Mary-Mrs. Matteson F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dimock, Orma-Mrs. Donald - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimock, R. C.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Dimock, Redmond C. and Elizabeth T. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dimock, Roger and Adele Johnson - Married, 1930's
 Dimock, Walter C. and Mabelle E. I. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dimoff, Stefka-Mrs. Boris - Obituary, 1950's

 Dimond, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dimond, Neil and Caroline B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dimond, Neil and Caroline S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dimond, Neil and Caroline-Mrs. B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dimpf, Albert - Obituary, 1920's

 Dimpfel, Johann and Emilie R. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dimpfel, Johann and Emilie S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dimpfel, Johann - married Emilie, 1 child born in 1878 - family group sheet

 Dimpfl, Emilie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dimpfl, John and Minnie V. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dimpner, Henrietta and John H. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dimtz, Inez, daughter of Arnold and Ella - Obituary, 1920's

 Dinan, Patrick and Winifred M. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dinapoli, Rose-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dinauer, Charles Peter - death certificate, 1900's
 Dinauer, Elizabeth-Mrs. Frank - death certificate, 1900's
 Dinauer, Frank - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinauer, Frank - Obituary, 1930's
 Dinauer, Frank - born 1853, married Elizabeth, 8 children from 1887 to 1901 - family group sheet
 Dinauer, Harry W., husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinauer, Robert - Obituary, 1930's

 Dindrewiz, John, son John Richard died - Obituary, 1950's

 Dineen, Allen, son of Joseph - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, C. R., husband of Georgia - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, Charles - Obituary, 1880's
 Dineen, Charles - born 1808, married Mary, 10 children from 1846 to 1866 - family group sheet
 Dineen, Charles and Evelyn Moegenburg - Married, 1940's
 Dineen, Chas.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's
 Dineen, Chas. F. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dineen, Clara-Mrs. Daniel W. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Conrad and Margaret Stapleton - Married, 1910's
 Dineen, Dan - Obituary, 1890's
 Dineen, Daniel-brought charges on his brother-in-law - Story, 1890's
 Dineen, Daniel - born 1846, married Mary, 7 children from 1870 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Dineen, Edward and Catherine Guidinger - Married, 1920's
 Dineen, Edward M., husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, Ellen-Miss - Obituary, 1880's
 Dineen, Emily-Mrs. Walter Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, Henry, husband of Lena - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, James M. and Margaret M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dineen, James M. and Mrs. Clara B. M. R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dineen, John C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dineen, John C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dineen, Josephine L.-Mrs. Peter J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Julia A.-Mrs. Michael F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, Julia F.-Mrs. John C. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dineen, Margaret-Mrs. C. R. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Maria-Mrs. Michael - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Mary A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dineen, Michael - Golden Wedding, 1920's
 Dineen, Michael - born 1850, married Maria, 9 children from 1878 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Dineen, Michael F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dineen, Michael F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dineen, Michael F. and Julia A. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dineen, Michael, husband of Maria - Obituary, 1920's
 Dineen, Peter J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Peter J. and Josephine Y. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dineen, Peter J., husband of Josephine L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dineen, Sister Mary Daniel - Obituary, 1920's

 Dinering, Louise and Julius Joseph K. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dinerstein, Louis - Obituary, 1950's

 Dinessen, James and Margaretha H. B. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dingee, Helen-Mrs.. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dingee, William W., husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1940's

 Dingel, Caroline-Mrs. John J. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dingel, Fred E., husband of Phebe - Obituary, 1950's
 Dingel, John Jacob - Obituary, 1920's
 Dingel, John N. and Margaret A. Koll - Married, 1930's
 Dingel, John N. and Margaret Koll - Married, 1930's
 Dingel, William C., husband of Catharine - Obituary, 1930's
 Dingel, William G., husband of Catharine - Obituary, 1930's

 Dingeldein, Ernest and Jeanette Gehl - Married, 1940's
 Dingeldein, Ernest, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dingeldein, Georg - married Margaretha, 1 child born in 1864 - family group sheet
 Dingeldein, George and Margaretha T. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dinger, Carrie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinger, Henry and Helen M. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dinges, Carl and Louisa N. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinges, Carl - married Louise, 1 child born in 1887 - family group sheet
 Dinges, Elizabeth and John B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dinges, George and Minnie K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dinges, George E., husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dinges, Lillian-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1950's

 Dingfeld, Bertha-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1930's
 Dingfeld, Louis and Louise K. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dingfelder, Nicholas - Obituary, 1910's
 Dingfelder, Nicolaus and Maria T. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dingfelder, Nicolaus - married Marie, 3 children from 1884 to 1886 - family group sheet

 Dingfeldt, August - Obituary, 1950's
 Dingfeldt, Christine-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1920's
 Dingfeldt, Louis, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1940's

 Dingle, James - Obituary, 1930's
 Dingle, Karen-Mrs. James - Obituary, 1920's

 Dingledein, Ernest - Obituary, 1940's

 Dingler, Wilhelmina and August B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dingman, Andrew-beaten by some person or persons - Story, 1880's
 Dingman, Andrew - born 1844, married Sarah Elizabeth, 1 child born in 1866 - family group sheet
 Dingman, Andrew, husband of Sarah - Obituary, 1910's
 Dingman, Buel H. and Tillie Suhrke - Married, 1900's
 Dingman, Clara-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dingman, Lillie and Otho Crandall - Married, 1880's
 Dingman, Lyman A. and Florence M. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dingman, Sarah Elizabeth-Mrs. Andrew - Obituary, 1940's
 Dingman, William R. and Addie G. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dings, Alvin, husband of Lillie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dings, Donah-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dings, Granville T. and Sadie V. O. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dings, Granville T., husband of Sarah - Obituary, 1950's
 Dings, Lillie A.-Mrs. Alvin - Obituary, 1920's
 Dings, Marshall J., husband of Ann - Obituary, 1930's
 Dings, Myron, husband of Donnah - Obituary, 1930's
 Dings, Sarah - Obituary, 1950's

 Dingwall, A. W. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dingwall, Charles E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dingwall, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dingwall, Flora R.-Mrs. C. E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dingwall, Jessie-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dingwall, Julia-Mrs. Ronald L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dingwall, Ronald A.-Lieut., husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1950's
 Dingwall, Ronald L. and Julia A. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dingwall, Ronald L., husband of Julia A. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dinike, Ruth D. - Obituary, 1910's

 Dinkel, Carl - Married, 1900's
 Dinkel, Charles - Obituary, 1900's
 Dinkel, Cora and Fred J. Berndt - Married, 1910's
 Dinkel, Fredericka-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dinkel, John Edward - Obituary, 1910's
 Dinkel, Minnie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinkel, Peter - 25th Anniversary, 1890's
 Dinkel, Ruth and Edwin Feutz - Married, 1940's
 Dinkel, Sadie-Mrs. Carl - Obituary, 1910's

 Dinkelman, John Sr. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dinkelman, Max Sr. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dinkelmann, Marx and Lydia D. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dinkelmann, Minna and George E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dinkelmann, Minnie A. and Louis A. G. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dinkelmann, Otto and Emma S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dinkelmann, Otto and Mamie E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dinnauer, Ella-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinnauer, Frederick J. and Arletta K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dinnauer, Grover M., son of Grover and Eleanor - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinnauer, Isabelle M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dinnauer, Joseph - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinnauer, Joseph - born 1859, married Katherine, 4 children from 1891 to 1897 - family group sheet
 Dinnauer, Joseph, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1920's
 Dinnauer, Joseph, husband of Mae - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinnauer, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dinnauer, Katherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinnauer, Martin - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinnauer, Martin and Isabel G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinnauer, Martin - born 1857, married Isabelle M., 4 children from 1882 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Dinnauer, Martin, husband of Isabelle - Obituary, 1920's
 Dinnauer, Mary-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dinnauer, Mary M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinnauer, Mary-Mrs. Peter - death certificate, 1900's
 Dinnauer, Oliver Lindal - death certificate, 1890's
 Dinnauer, Peter - death certificate, 1890's
 Dinnauer, Peter - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dinnauer, Peter - born 1862, married Ella, 9 children from 1895 to 1902 - family group sheet
 Dinnauer, Peter - born 1825, married Mary, 7 children from 1853 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Dinnauer, Peter, husband of Ella - Obituary, 1930's

 Dinneen, James S., husband of Gladys - Obituary, 1930's
 Dinneen, Katie and Daniel C. E. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dinnies, Mary - Obituary, 1920's

 Dinning, Thomas R. and Ida B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dinon, Enes-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinon, Enese-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's

 Dins, Albert - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dins, Albert - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, Alma and John J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dins, Amelia-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1910's
 Dins, August C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dins, Carl and Beatrice Backhaus - Married, 1940's
 Dins, Carl F. - born 1832, married Henrietta Ernstine Marie, 7 children from 1876 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Dins, Carl, husband of Henriette - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, Charles, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1940's
 Dins, Emilie-Mrs. August C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dins, Emilie Louise-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1910's
 Dins, Henrietta E. M.-Mrs. Carl - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, Henry H. - born 1876, married Emma, 1 child born in 1910 - family group sheet
 Dins, Henry, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Dins, Johann Friedrich - born 1809, married Johanna, 4 children from 1832 to 1854 - family group sheet
 Dins, Martha-Miss - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, Otto F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dins, Reuel and Norma Kleinke - Married, 1930's
 Dins, Ronald W. and Adelia E. Luecke - Married, 1950's
 Dins, William - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, William-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dins, William - born 1838, married Emilie Louise, 9 children from 1866 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Dins, William L. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dinsch, August and Hanna R. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dinse, Caroline - Obituary, 1940's

 Dinsel, Oskar - Obituary, 1930's

 Dinsmore, Denton Ward Glover and Sarah Francia K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dinsmore, Harold A., son of Glenn O. and Edna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dinsmore, Neva-Mrs. Jack - Obituary, 1950's
 Dinsmore, Robert and Wilhelmina G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dinsmore, Sarah and Matthew D. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dinter, Anna and James F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dinter, Augusta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dinter, Fred - Obituary, 1910's
 Dinter, William - Obituary, 1870's

 Dinwiddie, Eva-Mrs. Seth - Obituary, 1920's

 Dinwitty, Jane and Peter Conrad - Married, 1870's

 Dinwoodie, John - Obituary, 1930's

 Diny, Michael - Obituary, 1910's
 Diny, Peter - married _____, 6 children from 1885 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Diny, Peter - Obituary, 1940's
 Diny, Peter-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Diny, Peter N. - Obituary, 1940's

 Dinz, Herman - Obituary, 1900's

 Diockey, John J. and Anna L. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Diolkosz, Frank - 25th Anniversary, 1940's

 Dionesopulos, Georgia-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1950's

 Dionizi, Godfrey - Obituary, 1950's

 Dioniziz, Godfrey, son of Anna - Obituary, 1920's

 Dionne, Alice V. and F.-Capt. Fountaine - Married, 1930's
 Dionne, Arthur A., husband of Ida - Obituary, 1950's
 Dionne, Charles and Louise F. Brey - Married, 1930's
 Dionne, Clarice and Maynard - Married, 1940's
 Dionne, Ephraim L., son of Albert and Margaret - Obituary, 1920's
 Dionne, Ethyl-Mrs. Ephraim - Obituary, 1920's
 Dionne, George and Genevieve Paul - Married, 1930's
 Dionne, Ida-Mrs. Arthur A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dionne, Joseph J., daughter Agnes died - Obituary, 1930's
 Dionne, Joseph J., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dionne, Margaret Allie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dionne, Nelson L., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Dionne, Robert M., infant son of Robert and Alberta - Obituary, 1950's

 Dionysius, Henry and Augusta K. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dionzsius, Henry and Augusta K. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Diorio, Joseph A., husband of Rosetta - Obituary, 1940's
 Diorio, Vincenzo, husband of Cleonice - Obituary, 1950's

 Dipp, Thomas - married Julie, 1 child born in 1895 - family group sheet

 Dippel, Adolph and Lizzie F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dippel, Adolph Heinrich - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dippel, Adolph Heinrich - born 1876, married Elisabeth Anna Henriette, 1 child born in 1904 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Anna-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Dippel, Carl - married Tina, 1 child born in 1896 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Carl Joh. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dippel, Emilie Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dippel, Frank - born 1839, married Friedericka, 10 children from 1865 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Fred and Sophia P. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dippel, Fred, husband of Sophia - Obituary, 1920's
 Dippel, Friedrich - married Sophie, 4 children from 1876 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Georg Bernhard - born 1790, married Katherine, 1 child born in 1839 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Henry - Obituary, 1950's
 Dippel, Herman F. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dippel, Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Dippel, Johann - married Catharine, 1 child born in 1850 - family group sheet
 Dippel, Lillian M. and Armin O. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dippel, Lizzie and William H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dippel, Louis and Bertha M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dippel, Louise Helene - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dippel, Magdalene-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1930's
 Dippel, Peter H. and Martha M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dippel, Peter Heinrich and Martha M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dippel, Rudolph and Alma Miske - Married, 1910's
 Dippel, Sophia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dippel, Wilh. and Ida S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dippel, William August - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dippert, Carl - married Lisette, 1 child born in 1877 - family group sheet
 Dippert, Charles and Lisetta B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dippert, Charles and Lisette B. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dippman, Magdalena, daughter of M. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dippman, Moritz, husband of Rosa - Obituary, 1940's
 Dippman, Rosa-Mrs. Moritz - Obituary, 1940's
 Dippman, Rose - Obituary, 1940's

 Dippmann, M.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dippmann, Magdalena-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dippmann, Martha - death certificate, 1890's
 Dippmann, Moritz - born 1863, married twice - Bertha Ulrike Fried., Rosa, 5 children from 1892 to 1904 - family group sheet

 Dippner, Johanna and Gabriel H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dippold, Charles, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's

 Dippuer, Johanna and Gabrial H. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dircks, Mildred-Mrs. Jacob - Obituary, 1960's

 Dirickson, Bruno - Obituary, 1950's

 Dirigl, Mary R. and Peter B. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dirimple, Robert and Ella Jackson - Married, 1880's

 Dirk, Arthur F., husband of Adela - Obituary, 1930's
 Dirk, Christian - born 1835, married Maria, 10 children from 1869 to 1886 - family group sheet
 Dirk, John E., husband of Amanda - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirk, John Ernst - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dirk, Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirk, Mary-Mrs. Sam - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirk, Otto and Martha K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dirk, Otto A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dirk, Otto A., husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's

 Dirkin, Charles E. and Margaret O. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dirking, Heinrich Christoph - death certificate, 1870's
 Dirking, Heinrich Christoph - born 1803, married Maria Margaretha, 2 children from 1834 to 1835 - family group sheet

 Dirkmaier, Agnes and William B. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dirkmayr, John B. and Mary A. H. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Dirks, Jacob and Johanne T. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dirks, Jacob and Rachel D. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dirks, John Carl, infant son of Robert - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirks, Mrs. not given James - Obituary, 1910's
 Dirks, Paul H. - Obituary, 1960's
 Dirks, Theodore H. and Wolga Winkert - Married, 1930's
 Dirks, William H., husband of Genevieve - Obituary, 1940's

 Dirkse, Herbert and Elsie Rauerdink - Married, 1920's
 Dirkse, Nellie and John J. Brill - Married, 1920's
 Dirkse, Peter, husband of Jennie - Obituary, 1910's

 Dirksmaier, Agnes and William B. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dirksmeier, Charles and Holda S. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dirksmeyer, Adolph - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirksmeyer, Andrew - Obituary, 1920's
 Dirksmeyer, Anna-Mrs. Adolph - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirksmeyer, Anna L. and Alfred K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dirksmeyer, Catherine-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirksmeyer, Charles and Katie G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dirksmeyer, Charles A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirksmeyer, Emil, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirksmeyer, Florence-Mrs. Emil J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dirksmeyer, Frank and Anna E. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dirksmeyer, Frank and Lena H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dirksmeyer, Frank, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dirksmeyer, Joseph J., husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirksmeyer, Julia-Mrs. Theodore - Obituary, 1910's
 Dirksmeyer, Lawrence, son of Theodore and Marie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dirksmeyer, Minnie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirksmeyer, Theodore D. Sr. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dirksmeyer, Theodore, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Dirksmeyer, Theresa-Mrs. Andrew - Obituary, 1920's
 Dirksmeyer, Tillie, Eggers) - Obituary, 1920's
 Dirksmeyer, Wendell - Obituary, 1940's

 Dirmeier, George-visiting relatives in Germany - Story, 1920's
 Dirmeier, George, husband of Julie - Obituary, 1950's

 Dirn, Carl W. and Emilie A. M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dirn, Carl Wilhelm Alexander and Emilie Auguste Henriette M. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dirnbauer, Frank, husband of Louise - Obituary, 1950's
 Dirnbauer, Paul Sr., husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1940's
 Dirnbauer, Theresia - Obituary, 1950's

 Dirnberger, Charles - Obituary, 1930's

 Dirschinger, George Sixtus and Emma F. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Dirtock, Bernard and Frederika L. - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Dirxmayr, John B. and Mary A. H. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Disalvo, Andrew, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Disbach, Louise and Peter A. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Disbrow, Darius and Edith F. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Disbrow, Davis and Sarah C. - marriage certificate, 1830's
 Disbrow, Herbert T. - Obituary, 1950's

 Disch, Arthur and Elsie H. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Disch, Edna-Mrs. J. W. - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Edward and Edna B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Disch, Edward M., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1940's
 Disch, Elizabeth-Mrs. Myron - Obituary, 1920's
 Disch, Ellen, daughter of J. W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Disch, Emil H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Disch, Emil H. and Bertha U. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Disch, Frank H., son of Myron - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Fred M., husband of Ida E. - Obituary, 1920's
 Disch, Helen-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Helen A.-Mrs. Walter A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Henrrath and Elisabeth S. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Disch, Henry F., husband of Lydia - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Henry G. and Mary A. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Disch, Henry G., husband of Mary A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Henry S. - Obituary, 1940's
 Disch, J. W., son of Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Jacob J. and Nettie P. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Disch, Johann and Frieda B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Disch, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Disch, June and Arthur Kirchoff - Married, 1930's
 Disch, Lydia - Obituary, 1950's
 Disch, Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, Mary A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Disch, Mary J. 'Nettie'-Mrs. Jacob J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Disch, Paul - Obituary, 1950's
 Disch, Sophia-Mrs. Elmer F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Disch, Thelma-Mrs. Percy - Obituary, 1930's
 Disch, William and Margarett C. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Disch, William F., husband of Myrtice C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Disch, Wm. F. and Julia M. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Discher, Carl and Barbara K. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Discher, Dorothy-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Discher, Edward W., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1940's
 Discher, Ernst F. and Louise B. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Discher, Ernst F. and Louise Z. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Discher, Ernst Fred William and Louise Z. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Discher, Gustave - Obituary, 1940's
 Discher, Joseph, husband of Dorothy - Obituary, 1910's
 Discher, Theresa-Mrs. Edward - Obituary, 1920's
 Discher, Wilhelm and Rosa M. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dischler, Jacob-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's

 Dischreit, August and Emma S. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Disco, Fred - Obituary, 1930's

 Discoll, Adrian R., son of George M. - Obituary, 1930's

 Discow, Fred-Mrs., two children and money disappeared - Story, 1910's
 Discow, Fred-Mrs.-goes out to shoot bird and accidentally shoots herself - Story, 1910's
 Discow, John - Obituary, 1900's

 Diselhorst, Philipphine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Disellhorst, Ida and Edward C. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Disesdzon, Mike and Monika K. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Disgarden, Ed-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Disgarden, Elmer A. and Elma Olson - Married, 1920's
 Disgarden, Emdmund, husband of Lena - Obituary, 1930's

 Disguske, Herman and Mathilda Fuetting - Married, 1900's

 Dish, Johann and Auguste T. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dishaw, Joseph Sr., husband of Georgina - Obituary, 1950's

 Disher, John W., husband of Victoria - Obituary, 1950's
 Disher, Victoria - Obituary, 1950's
 Disher, William E. - Obituary, 1960's

 Dishield, Irene and Henry Fischer - Married, 1910's

 Dishmaker, Lester and Irene Simon - Married, 1920's

 Dishmeau, Antonie and Emily G. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dishneau, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Dishneau, Emily-Mrs. Antoin - Obituary, 1950's

 Dishno, Alice - Obituary, 1950's
 Dishno, Henry M. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dishno, Henry M.-auto collision - Obituary, 1930's
 Dishno, Henry M., husband of - Obituary, 1930's
 Dishno, Lucille and Herbert Cash - Married, 1930's

 Diskow, Fred - Obituary, 1930's
 Diskow, Frederick and Mary H. M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Diskow, Friedrich 'Fred' - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Diskow, Hanna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Diskow, J.-Mrs.-brief funeral mention - Obituary, 1910's
 Diskow, Johann - born 1827, married Johanna, 8 children from 1858 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Diskow, John - Obituary, 1900's
 Diskow, M. and Geo. Hummel - Married, 1870's
 Diskow, Maria - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Diskow, Martin and Annie B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Diskow, Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Disler, Ida and Emil Doll - Married, 1940's
 Disler, Jacob-gets gold medal-for brick cheese - Story, 1920's
 Disler, Jacob and Gertrude Boden - Married, 1940's
 Disler, Jacob, 9 year old daughter Anna died - Obituary, 1930's
 Disler, Jacob, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Disler, Mary-Mrs. Jacob - Obituary, 1950's

 Disney, Lettie-Mrs. Clayton H. - Obituary, 1950's

 Dispensa, Nicola and Rosei D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dispensa, Rosei and Nicola D. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Disque, Gertrude A.-Mrs. Edwin - Obituary, 1950's

 Disseler, Emma-Mrs. John Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Disseler, J. H. - Golden Wedding, 1930's
 Disseler, John H., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1940's

 Distefino, Rosina and Vincenzo B. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Disteldorf, Anna - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Disteldorf, Johann - marriage certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Disteldorf, Johann - marriage certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Disteldorf, Johann - born 1801, married twice - Margaretha, Catharina, 3 children from 1825 to 1835 - family group sheet
 Disteldorf, Margaretha-Mrs. Johann - death certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Disteldorf, Nicolas - birth certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Disteldorf, Nicolas - death certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Disteldorf, Peter - birth certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Disteldorf, Peter - marriage certificate in Germany, 1860's
 Disteldorf, Susanna - birth certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Disteldorf, Susanna - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's

 Distelhorst, Walter and Faye D. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Distell, Mary and Joseph Hess - Married, 1920's

 Distenfeld, Henry B. and Ethel M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Distenfeld, Louis and Clara A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Distenfeld, Louis, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1950's

 Disterhaft, Anna and Henry A. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Disterheft, August - Obituary, 1950's

 Disterhoft, Celia L. and George T. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Diszewski, William, husband of Hattie - Obituary, 1950's

 Diszkewicz, Florentyna and Wladyslaw B. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Ditberner, Richard and Ida T. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Ditchen, Philip and Vallee Holand - Married, 1940's

 Dite, Anna and Johan Tichy J. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dite, Frank and Auguste Z. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dite, Frank M., husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dite, Frank, son of Frank M. and Ruth - Obituary, 1930's
 Dite, John and Elisabeth W. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Ditelhorst, Carl and Ellen Yeager - Married, 1910's

 Ditewig, Wm. and Emma E. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dithoff, Leopold J. and Tille A. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Ditlaff, August - Obituary, 1920's

 Ditmann, Charles and Lena Burow - Married, 1890's

 Ditmar, Emilie and Detlef H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Ditmar, Johann and Carolina T. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Ditmer, Johann and Carolina F. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Ditner, Howard and Marie Olson - Married, 1940's

 Ditscheit, Aloysius N., husband of Eleonora - Obituary, 1950's
 Ditscheit, Amy and Florence Theine - Married, 1940's
 Ditscheit, Barbara-Mrs. John C. - Obituary, 1950's
 Ditscheit, Clara - Obituary, 1930's
 Ditscheit, Frank J., husband of Hulda - Obituary, 1940's
 Ditscheit, John C., husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1950's
 Ditscheit, Michael - born 1828, married Clara, 10 children from 1869 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Ditscheit, Raymond P., husband of Hulda - Obituary, 1950's

 Ditschkowski, T. Phillip and Ida B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Ditschler, Jacob - married Auguste, 1 child born in 1871 - family group sheet

 Ditsworth, Bessie-Mrs. Oliver - Obituary, 1940's

 Ditt, Charles - Obituary, 1930's
 Ditt, William E. and Florence H. M. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dittberner, Frederick J.-Dr., husband of Eleanor - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittberner, Josephine-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1950's

 Dittbrenner, August O. and Freda L. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittbrenner, Theodor, husband of Hannah - Obituary, 1910's

 Dittenthaler, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittenthaler, Ferdinand 'Fred' - born 1814, married Maria Magdalena 'Lena', 8 children from 1847 to 1863 - family group sheet
 Dittenthaler, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittenthaler, Mary - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Ditter, Anna and John D. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Ditter, Eduard - married Bertha Emilie Caroline, 2 children from 1878 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Ditter, Eduard - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Ditter, Edward and Bertha V. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Ditter, Francisais and Juliana K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Ditter, Frank, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Ditter, Kathryn and James Carr - Married, 1940's
 Ditter, Louis and Minnie T. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Dittes, Walter and Clara Stauss - Married, 1920's

 Dittfeld, Emilie and Blasins J. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Dittl, Charles W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittl, Erwin J., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittl, Irma M., daughter of John - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittl, John and Theresia S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittl, Louise-Mrs. Jos. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittl, Martin J., husband of Louise - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittl, Wenzel, husband of Mathilda - Obituary, 1920's

 Dittler, August - born 1834, married Maria Friderike, 7 children from 1856 to 1871 - family group sheet
 Dittler, John F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittler, Maria Friderike-Mrs. August - death certificate, 1900's

 Dittlinger, Jos. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittlinger, Katharina-Mrs. Hilarius - death certificate in Germany, 1850's

 Dittlof, Conrad and Alma Wick - Married, 1920's
 Dittlof, Conrad J., husband of Alma - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittlof, Irma-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1920's

 Dittloff, Edward, husband of Sophia - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittloff, Emma-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittloff, Sophie - Obituary, 1950's

 Dittman, Albert - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, Anna-rs. Charles, ne Oelrich - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, Annie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Dittman, AnzelmM., husband of Verna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, August and Frederick J. Fochs - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, Augusta and Robert L. C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittman, Bessie and Richard C. Fose - Married, 1900's
 Dittman, Carl and Gwenith Dolphin - Married, 1930's
 Dittman, Caroline-Mrs. William C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittman, Caroline 'Lena'-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, Chas. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittman, Chas. and Hattie P. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittman, Edward E. and Christina W. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dittman, Eliza-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, Ferdinand and Bertha M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittman, Fred W. and Emma M. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittman, Friedrick G. Jos. and Barbara S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittman, John-drowned - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, John Frank - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittman, Joseph - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, Julia-Mrs. Julius - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittman, Lucille L. and John T. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittman, Moritz - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittman, Paula and Raymond D. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dittman, Reinhardt, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, Selma P. and Wm. M. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittman, Stella-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittman, Wilhelmina-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittman, William C. and Lena C. L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittman, William C., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, William, husband of Mabel - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittman, William, son of Joseph and Stella - Obituary, 1930's

 Dittmann, Alvin F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmann, Bertha - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, Bertha H. and Arthur C. B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmann, Carl - married Auguste, 1 child born in 1868 - family group sheet
 Dittmann, Carl - married Maria, 1 child born in 1878 - family group sheet
 Dittmann, Charles G., husband of Clara - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, Effie-Mrs. William F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, Elise F. and Christian A. K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmann, Elise Friederike Maria and Christian Andreas Adolph K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmann, Emilie and Edward G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmann, Emma - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmann, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmann, Ernst, husband of Celestial - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, Ferdinand, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, Frank, husband of Maria - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, Fred, husband of Margaret - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmann, Frederick and Margaret Servaes - Married, 1920's
 Dittmann, Fredrick E. and Mary P. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmann, Fritz and Sophie R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmann, Gilbert, son of Frank and Marie - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmann, Heinrich - married Wilhelmine, 1 child born in 1867 - family group sheet
 Dittmann, Henrietta W. and Wm. F. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmann, Ida M. and Samuel W. D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmann, Joh. J. and Wilhelmine M. H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmann, Marie - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmann, Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, Minnie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmann, Reinhard and Maria F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmann, Rose and Alvin G. K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmann, Rudolph, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmann, Walter 'Paddy' - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, Wilhelm - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmann, Wilhelm - married Elise, 4 children from 1861 to 1871 - family group sheet
 Dittmann, Wilhelm - born 1858, married Wilhelmine, 7 children from 1881 to 1890 - family group sheet
 Dittmann, William - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, William and Wilhelmina S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmann, William F. and Effie L. R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmann, William F., husband of Effie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, William, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmann, William, husband of Paulina - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmann, William, son of Mrs. Minnie - Obituary, 1930's

 Dittmar, Addie-Mrs. John F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Albert - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Albert and Lizzie B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, Albert C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Albert C., husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Albert Wilhelm - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, Albert Wilhelm - born 1868, married Elizabeth, 1 child born in 1889 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Albert, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Andreas - married Sophia Margaretha, 1 child born in 1868 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Andreas - married Sophie, 2 children from 1872 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Anna Amalia - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Arleen, daughter of Alfred - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Augusta - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Augusta-Mrs. Edward A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Auguste-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Barbara Ann-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Bertha-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Caroline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmar, Cassie-Mrs. Arthur G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Charles F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Christian Heinrich - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmar, Christian Heinrich - born 1852, married Henrietta, 1 child born in 1879 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Christian, husband of Henrietta - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Christiana - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmar, Christiana - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmar, Edna, daughter of Mrs. Addie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Edward A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Elizabeth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Elsa and Henry W. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Elsa J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Emily C.-Mrs. Chas. F. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmar, Emma - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Frank F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Frederica-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Fritz - married Elisabeth, 1 child born in 1876 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, George and Bertha M. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, George Friedrich - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dittmar, George Friedrich - born 1834, married Margaretha, 8 children from 1858 to 1877 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Gilbert, husband of Ethel - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Gustav A. and Barbara S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Gustave, husband of Barbara - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Helen-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Henrietta - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Henry - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmar, Henry - born 1848, married Rosetta, 9 children from 1878 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Henry F. Sr., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Herman G., husband of Susan - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Herman H. and Emma E. S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Howard F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Ida-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Irvin O., husband of Susan - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Irwin O. and Susan L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmar, Johann Christian - born 1807, married Anna Sabine, 3 children from 1834 to 1844 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Johann Christian - born 1801, married Johanna Christina, 8 children from 1846 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Johanne - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmar, Johannes - born 1844, married twice - Caroline, Anna, 4 children from 1868 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Johannes - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmar, John Friedrich - born 1861, married Addie E., 1 child born in 1891 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, John T., husband of Augusta C. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Loraine, daughter of Louis - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Louis and Emma B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, Louis M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmar, Louis M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Louis M., husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Louisa H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmar, Louise - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Ludwig and Amalie M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmar, Lydia-Mrs. Frank F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Mabel E., daughter of Edward A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Maria - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, Maria and Frank B. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, Marie and William K. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dittmar, Martin - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmar, Martin and Ernestine V. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmar, Martin and Ernstine V. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Dittmar, Martin - born 1839, married Ernestine Friederike Caroline, 7 children from 1860 to 1874 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, Mary O.-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmar, Myrtle-Mrs. Winfield J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Oskar H. - married Alwine, 1 child born in 1898 - family group sheet
 Dittmar, Rosetta - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Susan-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmar, William J. and Frederica S. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmar, William J., husband of Frederica - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmar, Winfield J., son of William J. - Obituary, 1930's

 Dittmeier, Lina and Theodor C. H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmeier, Lina and Theodore Christian H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittmeier, Margareth and Bernhard H. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Dittmer, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Arthur H., husband of Harriet - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmer, August A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Clarence - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Ernst F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Ferdinand - married Auguste, 2 children from 1874 to 1877 - family group sheet
 Dittmer, Ferdinand - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dittmer, Friedrich and Julie W. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittmer, Fritz and Veronica D. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, Gustave A., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Hans and Minnie F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, Harriet-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Helene and Charles B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmer, Ida Bertha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, John and Johanna B. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Dittmer, John, husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittmer, Mary A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1970's
 Dittmer, Max - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Minnie - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Mr. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmer, Nette A. and Fred K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, Norbert L., husband of Merie - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Oscar H. and Harriett B. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, Otto - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmer, Otto A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Otto A. and Sara G. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dittmer, Robert W. Sr., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittmer, Sara G.-Mrs. Otto A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dittmer, Wilhelm - married Amalie, 1 child born in 1885 - family group sheet
 Dittmer, Wilhelm and Bertha E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittmer, Wilhelmine Auguste - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittmer, William F., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmer, Winfred C., husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1910's
 Dittmer, Wm. C. and Ruth Bruhle - Married, 1910's

 Dittmore, August - Obituary, 1950's
 Dittmore, Caroline-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1940's

 Dittnack, Louise E. and Otto R. T. F. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Ditton, Frank, of Greenwood - Obituary, 1940's

 Dittrich, Alex C. Sr., husband of Martha - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittrich, Amalia and William B. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittrich, Amalia I. and Charles H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittrich, Amalia Ida and Charles Frederic H. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittrich, Amalie - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittrich, Amalie and William B. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dittrich, Anna C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittrich, Emil and Jennie E. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittrich, Frances A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittrich, Frank and Juliana G. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dittrich, Helen and Henry C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dittrich, Lillian-Mrs. William C. - Obituary, 1930's
 Dittrich, Martha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittrich, Max and Franzisca S. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dittrich, Max, husband of Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittrich, William C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dittrich, William C. and Lillie K. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dittweiler, Emil and Lina B. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Ditz, Aurelia L.-Miss - Obituary, 1860's
 Ditz, Lawrence-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's

 Ditzler, Guy E. and Laura R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Ditzler, Pearle and Otto W. Aufreiter - Married, 1910's

 Ditzman, Ellen Agnes-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Ditzman, Ernset - Obituary, 1940's

 Diubinsky, Matilda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 DiVall, Fred, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1900's
 DiVall, James, son Charles died - Obituary, 1900's
 DiVall, Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's

 Divan, Ray G., husband of Margaret M. - Obituary, 1950's

 Divelbiss, Samuel E. and Pheobe D. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Diveri, Adele M. and Harry S. B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Divine, Frank S. and Effie C. M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Divine, Hannah and Edward D. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Divine, Kate and Henry H. - marriage certificate, 1880's

Divorce statistics
 Divorce statistics, in the 1870's - Story, 1870's

 Divorces, 14 in 1925 vs. 8 in 1924, marriages 142 in 1925 vs. 111 - Story, 1920's

 Diwald, Betty-Mrs. Sigmund - Obituary, 1950's

 Dix, A. J. and Marie Eisenman - Married, 1940's
 Dix, Albert - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Anna and Gus F. Honold - Married, 1900's
 Dix, Anna and Richard Heidtke - Married, 1910's
 Dix, Arno V. and Maude McCurry - Married, 1920's
 Dix, Arnold V., husband of Maue E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Arthur A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Augusta - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Capt. Walter - born 1883, married Ida, 1 child born in 1908 - family group sheet
 Dix, Carl - married Marie, 1 child born in 1887 - family group sheet
 Dix, Caroline - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Caroline Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Casilla - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Catharina - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dix, Celile-Mrs. Richard - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Charles - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Charles - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Charles and Mary M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Charles - born 1855, married twice - Maria Christina, Maria, 4 children from 1880 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Dix, Charles - born 1853, married Mary, 6 children from 1879 to 1891 - family group sheet
 Dix, Charles, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Christ - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Christina - death certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Christina - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dix, Christina - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Christof, husband of Augusta - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Christoph - married Anna Barbara, 2 children from 1886 to 1887 - family group sheet
 Dix, Christoph - born 1809, married Clara, 9 children from 1836 to 1853 - family group sheet
 Dix, Clara - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Clara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dix, Emelie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Ernestine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Eva - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Evelyn-Mrs. Roy - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Frances-Mrs. Adalbert - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Frederick W., husband of - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Fredrick - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Frieda-Mrs. Phillip - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Galen M. and Jennie J. H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Geneva M. and A. F. Brandenburg - Married, 1920's
 Dix, Geo., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, George - born 1836, married Mary, 8 children from 1866 to 1880 - family group sheet
 Dix, George and Flossie Folts - Married, 1900's
 Dix, Gottlieb - married Henriette, 1 child born in 1830 - family group sheet
 Dix, Hannah-Mrs. - 100th Birthday, 1940's
 Dix, Hannah-Mrs. - 90th Birthday, 1930's
 Dix, Hannah-Mrs. - 95th Birthday, 1940's
 Dix, Hannah-Mrs. - 99th Birthday, 1940's
 Dix, Hannah-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Harry-funeral mention - Obituary, 1910's
 Dix, Heinrich and Cassilia B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Heinrich Peter - born 1781, married Maria Barbara, 3 children from 1801 to 1809 - family group sheet
 Dix, Helen M.-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Henry - born 1833, married Abigail, 6 children from 1859 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Dix, Henry - born 1873, married Casilia Ernstine, 3 children from 1899 to 1907 - family group sheet
 Dix, Henry - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Henry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1880's
 Dix, Henry and Ida Schwallenberg - Married, 1910's
 Dix, Henry, husband of Casilla - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, Ida K. and Michael Even - Married, 1880's
 Dix, Jack O., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Jacob - born 1843, married twice - Christina, Wilhelmine, 6 children from 1870 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Dix, Jacob - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dix, Jacob - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Jacob 'Jake' - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Johanna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, John - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, John and Anna E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, John and Sophie K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, John E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, John E., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, John Harrison - Obituary, 1950's
 Dix, John P. and Emma R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, John P., husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, John Paul and Jane C. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Josephine-Mrs. Richard - death certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Julia-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dix, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Katherine 'Kate' - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Kenneth and Lucille Altenburg - Married, 1930's
 Dix, Lena - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Lillie M.-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Lizzie-Mrs. Otto - Obituary, 1890's
 Dix, Lorenz - 25th Anniversary, 1900's
 Dix, Lorenz - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Lorenz-narrow escape when overcome by heat - Story, 1910's
 Dix, Lorenz - born 1862, married Sarah Amalie, 6 children from 1885 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Dix, Lucy C. and Siegfried K. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Margareth-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Dix, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Margaretha-Mrs. Philipp - death certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Margaret-Mrs. Philipp - death certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Maria Christina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Dix, Maria-Mrs. Peter Jacob - death certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Marie-Mrs. George - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Marie Catharine - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dix, Martin Sr., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Mary - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Dix, Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Mary-Mrs. Max - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Milius - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Milius and Maria E. O. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Milius - born 1859, married Mary E., 1 child born in 1892 - family group sheet
 Dix, Milius, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1910's
 Dix, Miss and John Bower - Married, 1920's
 Dix, Miss and Nic. Becker - Married, 1880's
 Dix, Nicholas - born 1800, married Maria Elisabeth, 6 children from 1842 to 1852 - family group sheet
 Dix, Nicolaus - born 1838, married Elisabeth, 5 children from 1860 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Dix, Oscar and Adelia Lopas - Married, 1910's
 Dix, Oscar P. and Jane L. E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, P.-lost three fingers - Story, 1880's
 Dix, Pauline-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Peter - born 1848, married twice - Barbara, Christina Margaretha, 12 children from 1873 to 1892 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter - 62nd Anniversary, 1930's
 Dix, Peter - death certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Peter - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Peter-lad near death when kicked by horse - Story, 1900's
 Dix, Peter-third person asphyxiated in his hotel - Story, 1880's
 Dix, Peter - born 1845, married Hannah, 8 children from 1872 to 1882 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter - born 1845, married Henrietta, 6 children from 1872 to 1882 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter Jacob - death certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Peter Jacob - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Dix, Peter Jacob - born 1801, married Katharina, 6 children from 1826 to 1846 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter Jacob - born 1809, married Maria Christina, 10 children from 1832 to 1859 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter Jacob - born 1837, married Maria, 4 children from 1859 to 1866 - family group sheet
 Dix, Peter, husband of Hannah - Obituary, 1910's
 Dix, Philip and Frieda M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Philipp - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Dix, Philipp - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Philipp - born 1846, married Margaretha, 5 children from 1868 to 1875 - family group sheet
 Dix, Phillip - born 1861, married Bertha, 2 children from 1885 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Dix, Phillip - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Phillip - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Phillip and Bertha R. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Phillip, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Regina-Mrs. wm. Sr. - Obituary, 1870's
 Dix, Richard - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Richard - Obituary, 1920's
 Dix, Richard and Nellie C. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, Richard - born 1827, married Josephine, 1 child born in 1861 - family group sheet
 Dix, Richard A. and Ollie S. V. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Rudolph - Obituary, 1890's
 Dix, Rudolph and Katie Alten - Married, 1890's
 Dix, Sarah-Mrs. Lorenz - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Sophie-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Susan-Mrs. Wm. - Obituary, 1910's
 Dix, Sussanna - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Victor and Helen Beck - Married, 1940's
 Dix, Viola-Mrs. Fred A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Walter J. and Ida W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Dix, Walter J.-Capt., husband of Ida - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, Wilhelm - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, Wilhelm - born 1843, married Katherine, 8 children from 1884 to 1880 - family group sheet
 Dix, William - born 1860, married Amelia, 7 children from 1885 to 1899 - family group sheet
 Dix, William - born 1816, married Anna Regina, 4 children from 1843 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Dix, William - born 1853, married Caroline, 3 children from 1878 to 1890 - family group sheet
 Dix, William - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dix, William - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Dix, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, William - born 1851, married Susan, 4 children from 1885 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Dix, William and Johanna Kletti - Married, 1910's
 Dix, William J., husband of Johanna - Obituary, 1940's
 Dix, William Sr., husband of Amelia - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, William Sr., husband of Susan - Obituary, 1930's
 Dix, Wm., son August died - Obituary, 1870's

 Dixner, John and Sophia W. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Dixon, Anna-Mrs. Eugene W. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dixon, Anna and Robert F. Fry - Married, 1900's
 Dixon, Anna E.-Miss - Obituary, 1910's
 Dixon, Anna R.-Mrs. J. J. - Obituary, 1920's
 Dixon, Anne and Thomas H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Dixon, Archbold - Obituary, 1940's
 Dixon, Barton C., husband of Hazel - Obituary, 1950's
 Dixon, Bonnie Jean, daughter of Joseph and Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Dixon, Carol, daughter of Ida - Obituary, 1940's
 Dixon, Clara-Miss - Obituary, 1880's
 Dixon, Donald and Lucille Lembcke - Married, 1930's
 Dixon, Edgar O., husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1950's
 Dixon, Edgar O., son Richard died - Obituary, 1940's
 Dixon, Edward - Obituary, 1920's
 Dixon, Edward F. and Elizabeth C. B. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Dixon, Edward F., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
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