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Listed below are newspaper stories, birth, marriage and death certificates and family group sheets available for genealogy research in Wisconsin and back into Germany, Luxemburg and France.

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 Bria, Charles Carmino - Obituary, 1950's

 Brialton, Emma N. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brian, Scyge - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Bricco, Donald A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bricco, Edward - Obituary, 1940's
 Bricco, Gary - Obituary, 1940's
 Bricco, Joseph - D th Anniversary, 1950's

 Brice, Claudine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brice, Edward M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brice, Emile A. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brice, Esther-Mrs. Milton - Obituary, 1930's
 Brice, Frank H., husband of Lillian G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brice, Harriette C., daughter of Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Brice, Hattie L. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brice, Henry H. and Edna E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brice, Henry H., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1950's
 Brice, Lena - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brice, Norman T., husband of Loretta - Obituary, 1950's
 Brice, Russell H., son of Henry H. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brice, Thomas - Obituary, 1920's
 Brice, Thomas and Clotilda C. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brich, Sopia - death certificate, 1910's

 Bricheim, Anna - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brichler, Wilhelmina-Mrs. Martin J. - Obituary, 1910's

 Brichta, Amanda - Obituary, 1950's
 Brichta, Anna-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brichta, Annie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brichta, Charles and Amanda - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brichta, Charles T., husband of Amanda - Obituary, 1930's
 Brichta, Jennie - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brick, Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Brick, Anna-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Brick, Annie J. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brick, Bridget-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brick, Charles - married Carolina, 1 child born in 1885 - family group sheet
 Brick, Creobelle - Obituary, 1920's
 Brick, Dale, infant son of Carol - Obituary, 1930's
 Brick, Francis N., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Brick, Frederic L. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brick, Frederic Lovell and M. Annie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brick, Jennie H.-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Brick, Joseph - Missing, 1930's
 Brick, Josephine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brick, Lizzie - death certificate, 1910's
 Brick, Lucy Newton-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Brick, Ray and Eleanore - Married, 1920's
 Brick, Robert Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Brick, Timothy and Katie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brick, Tom - Obituary, 1940's
 Brick, Wallace, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1930's

 Brickbauer, Anna Dorothea-Mrs. Wm. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brickbauer, Benjamin - Obituary, 1920's
 Brickbauer, Christine-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1930's
 Brickbauer, Dr. George - born 1867, married twice - Amalia, Martha, 1 child born in 1906 - family group sheet
 Brickbauer, Elisabetha - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brickbauer, Eva - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brickbauer, Eva - Married, 1890's
 Brickbauer, G. W.-Dr., married twice - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickbauer, Geo.-Dr. and Martha - Married, 1890's
 Brickbauer, Geo.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Brickbauer, George-Dr. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brickbauer, George-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brickbauer, Gust., daughter Edna Marie - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickbauer, Gustav - born 1869, married Dora, 3 children from 1900 to 1900 - family group sheet
 Brickbauer, Gustave, husband of Dora - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickbauer, John - 25th Anniversary, 1920's
 Brickbauer, John - born 1865, married Rosa, 1 child born in 1904 - family group sheet
 Brickbauer, John and Magdalena - Married, 1900's
 Brickbauer, John and Rosa - Married, 1890's
 Brickbauer, John G. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickbauer, John, husband of Magdalene - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickbauer, Magdalene-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickbauer, Martha-Mrs. Dr. George W. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickbauer, Peter - born 1864, married Anna, 4 children from 1890 to 1897 - family group sheet
 Brickbauer, Peter - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickbauer, Peter - born 1838, married Christina, 4 children from 1869 to 1875 - family group sheet
 Brickbauer, Peter, husband of Christine - Obituary, 1900's

 Brickel, Amanda G. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brickel, Edna - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brickel, Martin - Obituary, 1940's

 Brickell, Edward W. and Laura - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brickell, Edward Webster 'Ned', husband of Laura - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickell, Sarah A. - Obituary, 1930's

 Bricken, J. W. - Obituary, 1930's

 Bricker, Charlesand Bachhuber, Felicia - Married, 1920's
 Bricker, James M.-Dr., husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1930's
 Bricker, John and Mrs. James - Married, 1910's
 Bricker, Louis, husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1950's
 Bricker, Meyer, husband of Minnie - Obituary, 1940's

 Brickett, Etta-Mrs. Calvin F. - Obituary, 1920's

 Brickheimer, Beatrice - Married, 1940's
 Brickheimer, Joan - Married, 1940's
 Brickheimer, Joseph - 25th Anniversary, 1930's
 Brickheimer, Joseph - 30th Anniversary, 1940's
 Brickheimer, Joseph - 45th Anniversary, 1950's
 Brickheimer, Joseph - Golden Wedding, 1960's
 Brickheimer, Joseph and Gladys - Married, 1910's
 Brickheimer, Mabel - Married, 1940's
 Brickheimer, Magdalena - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brickhouse, Margaret-Mrs. Smith N. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickhouse, Smith N. - Obituary, 1950's

 Brickler, Adelaide - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickler, Antoinette - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brickler, Gerhard - Obituary, 1910's
 Brickler, Herbert - Obituary, 1910's
 Brickler, Herman, husband of Adelaide - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickler, Hubert-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brickler, Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brickler, Nick - Obituary, 1910's
 Brickler, Richard J., husband of Lillian - Obituary, 1930's
 Brickler, Roger, son of Robert - Obituary, 1950's

 Brickman, Fred 'Ferdinand' - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickman, Fred, husband of Meta - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickman, Jacob and Dorothy - Married, 1930's
 Brickman, Meta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickman, Norman, husband of Mae - Obituary, 1940's

 Brickmann, Pauline - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bricknell, Floyd - Obituary, 1940's

 Brickner, Albert-taken violently insane - Story, 1900's
 Brickner, Augusta - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brickner, Daniels, infant son of Bernard and Lucille - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickner, Ellen - Married, 1880's
 Brickner, G. H., daughter Lillah Isabel died - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickner, Geo.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickner, Geo. H.-Hon. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickner, George H., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1900's
 Brickner, Hattie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brickner, Heinrich and Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brickner, Henry and Cora B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brickner, Jerome, infant son Wayne died - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickner, Louis-loses both legs - Story, 1930's
 Brickner, Mary-Mrs. Otto - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickner, Mary-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1940's
 Brickner, Oscar and Frances - Married, 1920's
 Brickner, Otto, married twice - Obituary, 1950's
 Brickner, Richard - Obituary, 1920's
 Brickner, Rudolph and Betha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brickner, Rudolph, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1930's
 Brickner, William B. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bricko, Brian, infant son Bradley died - Obituary, 1980's

 Brickwood, Sadie-Mrs. - Married, 1940's

 Briddick, Esther - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bride, Ellen M.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Briden, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Bridenhagen, Clemetn W. and Katherine - Married, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Emily-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Bridenhagen, Ernest and Hazel - Married, 1940's
 Bridenhagen, Florence - Married, 1930's
 Bridenhagen, Francis and Ella - Married, 1930's
 Bridenhagen, Fred-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Fred, husband of alome - Obituary, 1950's
 Bridenhagen, Frederick - Obituary, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Harry and Dorothy - Married, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Lena-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Lester and Irene - Married, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, Marion - Married, 1940's
 Bridenhagen, Otto, husband of Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Bridenhagen, William F. and Emilie A. - Married, 1920's
 Bridenhagen, William J.(husband of Lena Marik) - Obituary, 1930's

 Bridge, Ellie - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridge, Enna May - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridge, Euna M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridge, Jerry-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Bridge, Kay-Mrs. Art - Obituary, 1940's
 Bridge, Mary F. - death certificate, 1910's

 Bridgeford, Fred G. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bridgeman, Conductor - Obituary, 1860's
 Bridgeman, Dennis-two year got foot caught in drain - Story, 1940's
 Bridgeman, Dick and Marion - Married, 1930's
 Bridgeman, G. H. and Fannie - Married, 1880's
 Bridgeman, George and Emma - Married, 1880's
 Bridgeman, John F., husband of Mae - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridgemann, Mary - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Bridger, Anna - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridger, Anna - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bridger, Bessie - death certificate, 1890's
 Bridger, Ellen - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridger, George E. and Maria J. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Bridger, James - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bridger, James and Mary - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bridger, James - married Mary, 3 children from 1855 to 1858 - family group sheet
 Bridger, James and Mary - Married, 1880's
 Bridger, James Edward - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bridger, James Edward - born 1858, married Mary Elizabeth, 5 children from 1886 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Bridger, Peter F. and Catherine - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bridges, Addie B.-Mrs. Charles A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bridges, Albert Ch. - death certificate, 1900's
 Bridges, Harriet F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bridges, Herbert L. and Pearl J. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bridges, James T. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bridges, Lillian E.-Mrs. William L - Obituary, 1930's
 Bridges, Lillie - Married, 1890's
 Bridges, Loren and Margaret - Married, 1930's
 Bridges, Mabel F. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bridges, Mary E.-Mrs. James T. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bridges, Mattie A. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Bridges, Mattie Pearl - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bridges, Mildred-Mrs. James T. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bridges, William L. - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridget, Anne-Mrs. Arthur - Obituary, 1940's
 Bridget, Vernon and Mary A. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Bridgett, Joseph C., husband of Alma - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridgewater, Robert, infant son of Jesse and Bernice - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridgeway, James and Mary - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Bridgford, Gerald, son of Lloyd - Obituary, 1950's

 Bridgman, Benjamin Williams - Obituary, 1940's
 Bridgman, Carlyn F.-Mrs. W. H. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bridgman, Darit B. and Anna M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bridgman, John J., of Stanley - Obituary, 1940's
 Bridgman, Lida-Mrs. B. W. - Obituary, 1930's
 Bridgman, Mabel L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bridgman, Mary - Married, 1920's
 Bridgman, Mary M. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Bridgman, Mary Melissa - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Bridgman, Wilbur H. - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridich, Veronica-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's

 Bridrzycki, John and Julia - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Bridt, Louise H. - death certificate, 1910's

 Briede, Charles E. and Maude A. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brieder, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briedster, Mary A. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Briefach, Rose-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's

 Briefe, Henry, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1950's

 Briefs, Martin Fredrick and Theresia - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Briegel, Mayme-Mrs. Frank - Obituary, 1930's

 Brieger, Augusta - Obituary, 1930's
 Brieger, Joseph C. - Obituary, 1940's

 Brieghauf, John A. and Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Briehl, John H. - death certificate, 1900's

 Brielenbach, John-drowned - Obituary, 1900's

 Briell, Mary - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Brielmaier, Bernard A., husband of Gertrude - Obituary, 1930's
 Brielmaier, Isabella M.-Mrs. Leo A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brielmaier, Joseph and Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brielmaier, Joseph M., husband of Minnie B. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brielmaier, Josephine, daughter of Erhard - Obituary, 1940's
 Brielmaier, Leo A. and Isabella M. - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Brielmaier, Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Brielmaier, Raymond L., son of Mrs. Rose - Obituary, 1940's
 Brielmaier, Richard, son of Joseph - Obituary, 1920's
 Brielmaier, Theresia - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Briem, Helen - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brieman, Charles G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brieman, Edgar F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brieman, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brieman, Isabelle Elizabeth-Mrs. Edgar - Obituary, 1950's
 Brieman, William F.-almost drowned - Story, 1910's
 Brieman, William F.-found guilty of embezzlement - Story, 1910's
 Brieman, Wm. F.-formerly of Theresa - Obituary, 1920's

 Briemann, William and Lucie - Married, 1910's
 Briemann, William F.-banker to stand trial - Story, 1910's
 Briemann, William F.-guilty of embezzlement - Story, 1910's
 Briemann, William F.-sentenced - Story, 1910's

 Brien, David - death certificate, 1900's
 Brien, David - Obituary, 1900's
 Brien, Irene-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brien, John D. O and Grace - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brien, Julia O - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brien, Louise - death certificate, 1900's
 Brien, Maggie - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brien, Mary Ann O - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brien, Mary Louise O - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brien, Mary O - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brien, Philip O and Rosa - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brien, Retta-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brien, Richard T.D. and Ellen - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brienen, Florence - Obituary, 1950's

 Briening, Charlotta - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Brier, Charles M. and Ora A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brier, D. L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brier, Isaac - Obituary, 1940's
 Brier, J.-two fingers blown off - Story, 1870's
 Brier, Manella - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brier, Mary Ellen - Obituary, 1950's
 Brier, Max, husband of Mollie - Obituary, 1940's
 Brier, Mr. - Obituary, 1880's

 Brierdy, Patrick and Hanora - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Briere, Joseph W., husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1940's

 Brierley, John and Sarah - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Brierton, Alice-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Brierton, B.-Mrs. - 85thBirthday, 1930's
 Brierton, Bernard, husband of Catharine - Obituary, 1920's
 Brierton, Brian-at Oconomowoc - Obituary, 1920's
 Brierton, Catherine-Mrs. Bernard - Obituary, 1930's
 Brierton, Charles and Clara - Married, 1910's
 Brierton, Clara-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brierton, Estelle - Marriage Banns, 1930's
 Brierton, Evelyn - Married, 1930's
 Brierton, Joseph A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brierton, Joseph A. and Sarah Janet - Married, 1910's
 Brierton, Mary - Married, 1900's
 Brierton, Peter Frank - married Rosella, 3 children from 1907 to 1913 - family group sheet
 Brierton, Peter J. and Rose - Married, 1900's
 Brierton, Peter, husband of Bridget - Obituary, 1900's
 Brierton, Peter, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1930's
 Brierton, Rose-Mrs. - Obituary, 1960's
 Brierton, Sarah-Mrs. Joseph A. - Obituary, 1930's

 Bries, Anna-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Bries, Frank - Obituary, 1940's

 Brieschke, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Briese, Albert, husband of Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, Albertina - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, Amelie - Obituary, 1940's
 Briese, Eddie-boy loses eye - Story, 1900's
 Briese, Emma - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Briese, Emma - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, Gottfried - married Anna Caroline, 1 child born in 1854 - family group sheet
 Briese, Hattie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briese, Herman, husband of Albertina - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, Hermann - married Albertine, 1 child born in 1883 - family group sheet
 Briese, William F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, William, husband of Emily - Obituary, 1930's
 Briese, Wm. and Alice - Married, 1910's

 Briesemeiester, Caroline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briesemeiester, Katherin - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Briesemeister, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briesemeister, Antonia - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briesemeister, August - Obituary, 1930's
 Briesemeister, Bernard - Obituary, 1940's
 Briesemeister, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briesemeister, Charles - Golden Wedding, 1940's
 Briesemeister, Charles, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Briesemeister, Gladys Ruth, infant daughter of Joseph R. and Mathilda - Obituary, 1920's
 Briesemeister, Jay, son of Herman - Obituary, 1950's
 Briesemeister, Johanna E. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Briesemeister, Julius - Obituary, 1900's
 Briesemeister, Lawrence, husband of Alma - Obituary, 1940's
 Briesemeister, Martha - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Briesemeister, Martin and Carolina - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briesemeister, Scott, son of Jack - Obituary, 1950's
 Briesemeister, William and Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Briesewitz, Louise - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Briesgen, Anna Catharina - death certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Briesgen, Anna Gertrud - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Anna Gertrud-Mrs. Ludwig - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Anna Maria - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Anna Maria - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Anna Sibilla-Mrs. Heinrich - death certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Briesgen, Heinrich - born 1744, married Anna Sibilla, 4 children from 1778 to 1785 - family group sheet
 Briesgen, Heinrich Joseph - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Ludwig - born 1778, married Anna Gertrud, 11 children from 1810 to 1831 - family group sheet
 Briesgen, Ludwig - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Maria Anna - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Briesgen, Maria Anna - marriage certificate in Germany, 1850's

 Brieske, Charlotte-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brieske, Ferdinand and Ida - Married, 1900's
 Brieske, Ferdinand, husband of Ida - Obituary, 1930's
 Brieske, Fredericka-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1920's
 Brieske, Grace - Married, 1910's
 Brieske, Harvey, 2 year old daughter Violet died - Obituary, 1920's

 Brieskorn, Carl - death certificate, 1900's
 Brieskorn, Herman and Albertina - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Briesmeiester, Charles, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1940's

 Briesmeister, Martin H., husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1930's
 Briesmeister, Mary-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1920's
 Briesmeister, Minnie-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1920's

 Brietling, Magdalena-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1910's

 Brietlow, William-Mrs., of Owen - Obituary, 1940's

 Brietz, Auguste - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brietz, Peter and Caroline - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brietzke, Hugo T. and Elsie - Married, 1910's
 Brietzke, Martha - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brietzmann, Ida - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brieve, Catharina - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briffet, Geo.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's

 Brigan, Clara-Mrs. Michael - Obituary, 1940's
 Brigan, Michael - Obituary, 1940's

 Briganske, Alexander L., husband of Jeaette - Obituary, 1950's
 Briganske, Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Briganski, Dorothea - death certificate, 1900's
 Briganski, John, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1920's
 Briganski, Mary - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Brigden, Charles A., husband of Hattie - Obituary, 1930's
 Brigden, Dora A.-Mrs. Charles A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brigden, Hobart A., husband of Addie - Obituary, 1940's
 Brigden, Russell A., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's

 Brigel, Hermine - Obituary, 1920's
 Brigel, Matilda - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brigel, Matilde - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brigenzer, Karl - Obituary, 1930's

 Briger, Wilhelmine 'Minnie' - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brigg, Ada I. - marriage certificate, 1910's

 Brigging, Hannah - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Briggs, A. G. - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, Adelbert W., husband of Emelie - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Aden, husband of Mary E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Alice M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briggs, Alice M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Almira - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Briggs, Andrew - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Ardelia-Mrs. W. A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, Carl A., husband of Nina - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Carolyn H. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Catherine - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Briggs, Charlotte-Mrs. Monmouth - Obituary, 1910's
 Briggs, Chester - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Clara - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Briggs, D. Edward and Lula - Married, 1880's
 Briggs, Dallas E. and Elvalee - Married, 1910's
 Briggs, Emeline-Mrs. C. B. - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, Emilie - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, Emma-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Briggs, Emmeline-Mrs. Charles B. - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, Estelle L.-Mrs. Frank O. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Ethel-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, Eva B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briggs, Eva Grace-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Franklin P. and Jane R. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Briggs, George - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, Grace M. - Married, 1920's
 Briggs, Gray and Louise - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Briggs, Harriette C.-Mrs. Guy - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Helen - Married, 1920's
 Briggs, Ira - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Ira H. and Ada-Mrs. - Married, 1890's
 Briggs, James and Nellie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briggs, James and Catherine Virginia - Married, 1950's
 Briggs, James E. and Lucy S. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briggs, Jane - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Briggs, Jane A. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Briggs, Jennie L. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briggs, Jessie-Mrs. Rev. Charles A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, John Thoms-Rev., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, John W. and Winnie - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briggs, Joseph W., husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, Kenneth, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, L. May - Married, 1910's
 Briggs, Leith L., of Humbird - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Leslie C. and Edith M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briggs, Lorena B. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Louis I. and Henriette - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briggs, Lura - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Lyda O.-Mrs. Rev. Roy E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, Margaret - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Briggs, Margaret Jean, daughter of Joseph - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, Mary - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Briggs, Mary A.-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Mary C. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Briggs, Mary E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Mary H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Briggs, Melle - Married, 1890's
 Briggs, Melvin and Marion L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Briggs, O. R.-Mrs., of Colby - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Orlo Gardner, husband of Lucy - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Penelope - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Briggs, Permelia - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Briggs, Ray A. and Myrtle E. - Married, 1890's
 Briggs, Richard Merlyn and Gwyneth Elaine - Married, 1940's
 Briggs, Rika - D B, 1950's
 Briggs, Rose - Obituary, 1930's
 Briggs, Roy E.-Rev., husband of Lyda - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Simon P.-during WWI - Obituary, 1910's
 Briggs, Spencer - Obituary, 1880's
 Briggs, Ulysses S. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briggs, Willard A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggs, William E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, William G., husband of Eleanor - Obituary, 1950's
 Briggs, William Herbert and Ethel - Married, 1900's
 Briggs, William O., husband of Ella S. - Obituary, 1920's

 Briggson, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Briggson, John N., daughter Stella died - Obituary, 1910's

 Brigham, Albert F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brigham, Albert F. and Laura E. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, Albert Francis - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, Albert Francis and Laura Young - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, Albert Francis - born 1850, married Emma, 1 child born in 1877 - family group sheet
 Brigham, Ann C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Bessie - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brigham, Charles O. and Mary L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, Charles Saveland - death certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Charles William and Olona Lawrence - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, Charles William - born 1853, married Olena, 2 children from 1880 to 1884 - family group sheet
 Brigham, Charles, husband of Olena - Obituary, 1920's
 Brigham, Clarence A. and Anna A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Dora - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, E. D. and B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Edith - Obituary, 1940's
 Brigham, Edward D. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brigham, Edwin D. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brigham, Edwin D. - born 1847, married Mrs. Mary, 2 children from 1874 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Brigham, Elizabeth-Mrs. Robert Humphrey - death certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Eva J. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brigham, F. H.-Mrs. Rev. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brigham, Henrietta - Married, 1910's
 Brigham, John P. and Isabell - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, John Pilgrim - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brigham, John Pilgrim - born 1845, married Isabelle, 1 child born in 1882 - family group sheet
 Brigham, John Pilgrim, husband of Isabelle - Obituary, 1930's
 Brigham, Katharine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brigham, Mabel A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Nettie M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brigham, Olena - Obituary, 1930's
 Brigham, Robert Humphrey - born 1811, married Elizabeth, 4 children from 1845 to 1853 - family group sheet
 Brigham, Webster Adams and Fanny Homer - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brigham, William and Lulu - Married, 1890's
 Brigham, William Robert - death certificate, 1890's

 Brighan, F. H._Rev. - Obituary, 1910's

 Bright, Adin W. and Elizabeth C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bright, Adin W. and Lenora - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Bright, Adin W., husband of Lena - Obituary, 1920's
 Bright, Alfred and Elm. O. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bright, Alfred Harris - Obituary, 1920's
 Bright, Aubrey R. and Margaret - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bright, Campbell T. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bright, Campbell T. - Obituary, 1910's
 Bright, Campbell T. - born 1831, married twice - Clara C., Olive E., 2 children from 1862 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Bright, Cora-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bright, David - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bright, David - born 1779, married Lois, 6 children from 1820 to 1835 - family group sheet
 Bright, Edwin L. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bright, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bright, James - Obituary, 1940's
 Bright, James C. and Emily A. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Bright, James Cummings - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Bright, James Cummings - born 1820, married Emily Ann, 3 children from 1848 to 1854 - family group sheet
 Bright, James William - born 1849, married Mary Elizabeth, 6 children from 1868 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Bright, Jenny - Married, 1870's
 Bright, John L. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bright, Josephine-Mrs. Albert - Obituary, 1950's
 Bright, Lavina J. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Bright, Lena-Mrs. Adin W. - Obituary, 1910's
 Bright, Lois - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bright, Margaret - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bright, Mary A. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bright, Simon E. - born 1822, married 3 times - Jane, Isabella, Mary Helen, 2 children from 1846 to 1849 - family group sheet
 Bright, Winifred-Miss - Obituary, 1950's
 Bright, Winifred L.-Miss - Obituary, 1930's

 Brightman, Archie E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brightman, Mable L. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brightman, Reginald - Obituary, 1950's

 Brighton, Alexander F. - Obituary, 1940's

 Brightrall, Marietta E. - Obituary, 1920's

 Brightsmann, Frank - Obituary, 1950's

 Brignadello, T. J. and Alice - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brigpwatz, Loretta - Married, 1930's

 Brigs, George B. - death certificate, 1900's

 Brigtenbach, Jacob, of Alma Center - Obituary, 1940's

 Briham, Isabelle-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's

 Brikner, Antonia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brikner, Emil C., son of Mrs. Antonia - Obituary, 1920's

 Brikowski, Arthur, daughter Linda Lou died - Obituary, 1950's

 Briks, Christina-Mrs. Steve - Obituary, 1930's
 Briks, Steve, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Briks, Theresa-Mrs. Steve - Obituary, 1940's

 Bril, Abraham and Jakoba - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bril, Abraham P. - death certificate, 1910's
 Bril, Allan, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1920's
 Bril, Augusta - death certificate, 1900's
 Bril, Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Bril, Daisy - Obituary, 1930's
 Bril, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bril, Ellen and Clara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bril, James J., husband of Daisy - Obituary, 1930's
 Bril, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Bril, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Bril, John M., husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1920's
 Bril, Josias - Obituary, 1930's
 Bril, Josina M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bril, Lena-Mrs. Jim - Obituary, 1920's
 Bril, Marion - Obituary, 1920's
 Bril, Mary J. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bril, Mary Josephine - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bril, Mollie - Obituary, 1940's
 Bril, Peter J. and Robina - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bril, Peter Josias and Robina - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bril, Peter, husband of Sarah - Obituary, 1930's
 Bril, Sarah M.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bril, Sarah W. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bril, Sherburn, husband of Leona - Obituary, 1940's
 Bril, Viola, daughter of James - Obituary, 1920's

 Briley, Lavina - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Briley, Sarah - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brill, __-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Abraham C., husband of Jessie - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Adeline - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Adeline Katharine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Agnes A. - Married, 1940's
 Brill, Amandus N. and Katie - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Brill, Anna - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Anna Christina-Mrs. Joseph - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Anna D. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brill, Anna E. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Anna Elisabeth - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Anna M. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Brill, Anna Maria - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Brill, Anna Marie - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Anna Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Anna Mary - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Anna Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Anne - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Annie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Barbara M. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Barbara-Mrs. Michael J. - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Benjamin and Ethel - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Caroline - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Caroline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Caroline-Mrs. Valentin - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Catharina E. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, Catherine-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Catherine-Mrs. William J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Catherine Anna - Married, 1930's
 Brill, Charles - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Christina - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Clarence-loses foot - Story, 1940's
 Brill, Dr. Raymond - Obituary, 1960's
 Brill, Edmund R., husband of Helen - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Edward - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Edward - born 1877, married Magdalene, 2 children from 1903 to 1909 - family group sheet
 Brill, Edward J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Edward J., husband of Anna Mae - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Edward, husband of Magdelene - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Ehelan - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Eldora - Story, 1930's
 Brill, Eldora and Letters to Santa - Story, 1920's
 Brill, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Brill, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, F. and Miss - Married, 1870's
 Brill, Fannie R.-Mrs. - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Frances Barbara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Frances X.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Friedrich and Magdalene - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, Friedrich and Magdaline - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, George - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brill, George - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, George - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, George - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, George and Dorathea C. - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Brill, George and Henrietta - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, George and Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, George - born 1826, married Magdalena, 1 child born in 1846 - family group sheet
 Brill, George - born 1846, married Wilhelmine, 6 children from 1867 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Brill, George F. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, George F. - born 1855, married Paulina, 4 children from 1881 to 1885 - family group sheet
 Brill, George Gregory, husband of Pauline - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Georgianne, daughter of Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Gertrude - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Hattie - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Helen - Married, 1920's
 Brill, Helen E. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Helena-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Helena 'Lena' - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Henriette 'Hattie' - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Henriette Wilhelmine - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Henry - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Henry-charged with assault after stabbing August Nell - Story, 1920's
 Brill, Henry - born 1853, married Elisabeth, 2 children from 1880 to 1881 - family group sheet
 Brill, Henry Gottlieb - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Henry J., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Henry, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Ida - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Isaac - Obituary, 1880's
 Brill, Isaac, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Jacob - death certificate in Germany, 1870's
 Brill, Jacob and Jennie - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Brill, Jacoba-Mrs. Abraham P. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, James - married Louise Maria Caroline, 1 child born in 1886 - family group sheet
 Brill, Jean Marie-Mrs. Alfred - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Jeanette, daughter of Dr. Donald E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Jennie M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Jennie M.-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Joanna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Johann - death certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Brill, Johann - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Brill, Johann - marriage certificate in Germany, 1850's
 Brill, John - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, John - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, John and Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, John and Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, John and Mathilda - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, John - born 1844, married Caroline, 7 children from 1872 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Brill, John A., husband of Evelyn - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, John and Mary - Married, 1910's
 Brill, John Claus - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, John George - death certificate, 1880's
 Brill, John George - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brill, John George - born 1811, married twice - Dorothea, Henrietta, 6 children from 1837 to 1859 - family group sheet
 Brill, John J. - born 1850, married Margaret, 8 children from 1880 to 1890 - family group sheet
 Brill, John J. and Nellie - Married, 1920's
 Brill, John M. and Ella - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, John Nicholas - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, John Nick - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, John P, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, John, husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Jos. and Fannie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Joseph - born 1829, married Anna Christina, 10 children from 1851 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Brill, Joseph - married Anna, 1 child born in 1886 - family group sheet
 Brill, Joseph - marriage certificate in Germany, 1810's
 Brill, Joseph and Clara - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Joseph and Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Joseph - married Clara, 2 children from 1890 to 1893 - family group sheet
 Brill, Joseph - born 1795, married Margaretha, 9 children from 1819 to 1839 - family group sheet
 Brill, Joseph M. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Joseph M. and Sarah - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Joseph, husband of Frances - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Josephina - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Josephine - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Katharina-Mrs. Michael - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Brill, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Katherine-Mrs. William - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Laura - Golden Wedding, 1960's
 Brill, Laura - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Laura M.-Miss - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Leah H. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Leon R. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Leona A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1980's
 Brill, Lillian - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Lillian Mary - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Lina - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Louis - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Magdalena-Mrs. Mathias H. - death certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Marcella - Married, 1940's
 Brill, Marcella - Story, 1930's
 Brill, Margaret - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Margaret-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Maria Josepha-Mrs. Peter - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Marie - Married, 1930's
 Brill, Mary - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Mary-Mrs. Peter J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Mary-Mrs. Vincent - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Mary S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Math. and Theresa - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Mathias - born 1822, married Anna, 6 children from 1872 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Brill, Mathias - born 1862, married Anna Maria, 10 children from 1888 to 1912 - family group sheet
 Brill, Mathias - death certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Brill, Mathias - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Mathias - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Mathias - born 1824, married Susanna, 10 children from 1849 to 1867 - family group sheet
 Brill, Mathias H. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Mathias H. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Mathias H. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brill, Mathias H. - born 1845, married twice - Magdalena, Angeline, 5 children from 1873 to 1894 - family group sheet
 Brill, Mathias, husband of Anna Maria - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Matilda - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Matt-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Matt J., husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Matt. - Obituary, 1880's
 Brill, Max - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Michael - death certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Brill, Michael - death certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Michael - marriage certificate in Germany, 1840's
 Brill, Michael - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Michael - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Michael - born 1815, married twice - Elizabeth, Elizabeth, 10 children from 1841 to 1859 - family group sheet
 Brill, Michael - born 1775, married Katharina, 5 children from 1815 to 1824 - family group sheet
 Brill, Michael J. - born 1852, married Barbara, 3 children from 1878 to 1888 - family group sheet
 Brill, Mildred - Married, 1940's
 Brill, Minnie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Minnie-Mrs. Benjamin - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Nicolaus - death certificate in Germany, 1830's
 Brill, Nicolaus - marriage certificate in Germany, 1820's
 Brill, Nicolaus - born 1744, married twice - Margaretha, Eva, 13 children from 1773 to 1801 - family group sheet
 Brill, Paulina - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Peter - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Peter - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Peter - born 1821, married Maria Josepha, 11 children from 1850 to 1868 - family group sheet
 Brill, Peter A. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Peter and Elizabeth - Married, 1910's
 Brill, Peter J. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Peter Jacob and Sarah Mary - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Peter, husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Peter, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, R. A. and Leona-Mrs. - Married, 1920's
 Brill, Rachel A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Rita Mae - Married, 1940's
 Brill, Robert M. - born 1855, married Helena E., 5 children from 1886 to 1901 - family group sheet
 Brill, Roger - Story, 1920's
 Brill, Roger John and Mildred Margaret - Married, 1940's
 Brill, Rose-Mrs. Thomas - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, Roy - death certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Ruth - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Sam and Bertha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, Sarah - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Sarah Mary - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Severyn, son of Vincent - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Sophia - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brill, Sophie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, Susan-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Susan-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1920's
 Brill, Sussy - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brill, Theodore - born 1862, married Julia, 6 children from 1887 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Brill, Theodore Joseph - Obituary, 1960's
 Brill, Thomas - Obituary, 1940's
 Brill, Valentin - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, William - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, William - born 1859, married Henrietta, 4 children from 1889 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Brill, William - born 1834, married Katherine, 13 children from 1862 to 1878 - family group sheet
 Brill, William and Mary - Married, 1900's
 Brill, William J. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brill, William J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, William J. - born 1857, married Catherine, 7 children from 1883 to 1896 - family group sheet
 Brill, William J., husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, William J., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Brill, William Jacob - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brill, William Paul - Obituary, 1930's
 Brill, William, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's

 Brille, Harold - death certificate, 1910's

 Brilleck, Edgar G. and Minnie E. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brilli, Leo - Obituary, 1950's

 Brillinger, Howard L., husband of Edna - Obituary, 1920's

 Brillowski, Bernard 'Barney' ho Anna - Obituary, 1950's
 Brillowski, Bernard Joseph, son of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Brillowski, Jacob - Obituary, 1930's
 Brillowski, John F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brillowski, Lucy - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brillowski, Paul, husband of Ottilie - Obituary, 1950's

 Brilmeyer, Frank C. and Minnie - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briloski, Maggie - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brilowska, Anycya - death certificate, 1900's

 Brilt, Julia C - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brilty, August - Obituary, 1950's
 Brilty, Pauline-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1940's

 Brim, Emilie - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Brimberry, Joan Fay - Married, 1930's

 Brimi, S. E.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's

 Brimm, Augustine and Bernardine - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brimmer, Amelia - Married, 1870's
 Brimmer, Delmar, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Brimmer, Elizabeth - Obituary, 1940's
 Brimmer, Elizabeth Bramburg-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Brimmer, Emelia-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brimmer, Harry - Obituary, 1920's
 Brimmer, Helmer and Anna M. - Married, 1910's
 Brimmer, Henry J., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1930's
 Brimmer, Lillian - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brimmer, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brimmer, Mary - Married, 1930's
 Brimmer, Mary A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brimmer, Peter - Obituary, 1910's
 Brimmer, Robert J. and Rosa - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brimmer, Rose - Obituary, 1930's

 Brin, Joseph J. and Fanny - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brince, Mary-Mrs. Darko - Obituary, 1950's

 Brincek, Helen-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brincek, Ivan, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1940's

 Brincker, Friedrich - married Dorothea, 4 children from 1876 to 1886 - family group sheet

 Brinckley, William E. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinckley, William E., husband of Ruth - Obituary, 1950's

 Brinckman, Jerome and Florence - Married, 1940's

 Brinckmann, August A. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinckmann, Henry, husband of Lena - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinckmann, Minna - Obituary, 1930's

 Brind, Harold-reunited with son after 15 years - Story, 1940's

 Brindel, Anna Maria - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brindis, Joseph, husband of Dina - Obituary, 1950's

 Brindle, Martha - Obituary, 1900's

 Brindley, Augusta - Married, 1910's
 Brindley, Mary - Married, 1880's

 Brindz, John - Obituary, 1940's

 Brine, Helen-Mrs. John F. - Obituary, 1940's

 Brinene, William J. and Eva - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briner, Ernst J., husband of Hazel - Obituary, 1950's
 Briner, Jakob and Anna - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Briney, Louise-Mrs. Charles H. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briney, Rohda-Mrs. Charles - Obituary, 1930's

 Bring, Alex E. and Eliza - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Bringe, August - born 1852, married Mathilde, 2 children from 1882 to 1883 - family group sheet
 Bringe, August R., husband of Louise - Obituary, 1950's
 Bringe, Charles and Rose - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bringe, Della-Mrs. Rudolph - Obituary, 1940's
 Bringe, Edward and Mildred - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bringe, Edward, husband of Millie - Obituary, 1920's
 Bringe, Emma-Miss - Obituary, 1930's
 Bringe, Frieda - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bringe, Harold - death certificate, 1900's
 Bringe, Hertha - death certificate, 1910's
 Bringe, Howard Rudolph F., son of Rudolph and Adela - Obituary, 1930's
 Bringe, Johann Peter - married Maria, 1 child born in 1867 - family group sheet
 Bringe, Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Bringe, Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Bringe, Mathilda-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bringe, Paul and Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bringe, Paul J., husband of Elizabeth - Obituary, 1980's
 Bringe, Philip, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Bringe, Rosie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bringe, Rudolph J. and Adela - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Bringe, Theodor F. and Maria - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Bringe, Wilhelm and Auguste - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bringe, William B., husband of Leona - Obituary, 1930's
 Bringe, William F. and Julia A. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Bringe, William F., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1920's

 Bringer, Julia - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bringer, Louise - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Bringkopf, Friedrich - married Anna, 1 child born in 1884 - family group sheet

 Bringliner, Adolph F. ho Anna - Obituary, 1940's

 Bringmann, Augusta-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Bringmann, Mr. - Obituary, 1920's

 Bringolf, Alma Mae 'Alie'-Mrs. Harry G. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bringolf, Barbara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bringolf, Conrad - married Mathilde, 1 child born in 1892 - family group sheet
 Bringolf, Conrad, husband of Tillie - Obituary, 1940's
 Bringolf, Tillie - Obituary, 1950's

 Brings, Barbara - Obituary, 1930's
 Brings, Elizabeth-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1930's
 Brings, Fred, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1930's
 Brings, Henry, husband of Sybl - Obituary, 1950's
 Brings, John P. and Hattie M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brings, John, husband of Kathryn - Obituary, 1940's
 Brings, Ludwig, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1930's
 Brings, Margaret-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brings, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brings, Patricia Ann, daughter of Hneyr - Obituary, 1940's
 Brings, Will and Anna - Married, 1900's

 Brinigar, Sarah B. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brining, Laura - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brining, Mary 'Mamie'-Mrs. Leslie C. - death certificate, 1890's

 Brininghaus, August and Augusta - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brink, Adam, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, Alma - Obituary, 1940's
 Brink, Alvina - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brink, Annie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Anton M., husband of Ernestine - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Bess - Married, 1920's
 Brink, C. L. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brink, C. L., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Brink, C. L., husband of Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brink, Charles - Obituary, 1920's
 Brink, Charles L. - born 1837, married Mary Jane, 3 children from 1870 to 1870 - family group sheet
 Brink, Clarence - Story, 1900's
 Brink, Daniel and Goldie - Married, 1920's
 Brink, Esther-Mrs. Raymond - Obituary, 1950's
 Brink, Floyd, husband of Agnes - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, George and Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Gust, husband of Alma - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, Gust., husband of Alma - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, Herman and Daisy - Married, 1920's
 Brink, Ida B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, J. Bert and Grace - Married, 1900's
 Brink, J. Bert, son C. L. died - Obituary, 1900's
 Brink, James A., husband of Grace - Obituary, 1940's
 Brink, John G. - death certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Mary Jane-Mrs. Charles L. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brink, May A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Meta-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1940's
 Brink, Mildred-Mrs. Gordon J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brink, Millie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Minta-husband Charles L. Friday biography - Story, 1930's
 Brink, Minta E. - Married, 1890's
 Brink, Otto and Elsie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brink, Otto, husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's
 Brink, Ruth-Mrs. Peter - Obituary, 1950's
 Brink, Sarah A.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brink, Stanley Ludington and Alice May - Married, 1920's
 Brink, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Brink, William H., husband of Lieschen - Obituary, 1950's

 Brinkel, Georgius J. and Ursula - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkel, Georgius Joseph and Ursula - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brinker, Alma - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinker, Anna Marie-Mrs. Heinrich - death certificate, 1890's
 Brinker, Charles - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brinker, Charles, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinker, Clara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinker, Emilie-Mrs. Henry - Obituary, 1890's
 Brinker, Fredrick, and Clara - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinker, Fritz and Dora - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinker, George F. and Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinker, Heinrich - born 1818, married Anna Marie Amelia, 8 children from 1848 to 1859 - family group sheet
 Brinker, Heinrich - Obituary, 1900's
 Brinker, Heinrich, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1900's
 Brinker, Helen - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinker, Helen F., Kaun - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinker, Henry and Anna M. - Married, 1890's
 Brinker, John - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinker, John and Ricka - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinker, John and Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brinker, John, husband of Helen - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinker, Josephine F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinker, Lillie - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Brinker, Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinker, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinker, Minnie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinker, Ottilia - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinker, William - Obituary, 1950's

 Brinkiewicz, Stanish - Obituary, 1950's

 Brinkler, Johann - married Wilhelmine, 2 children from 1887 to 1888 - family group sheet

 Brinkman, Albert and Magdalen - Married, 1930's
 Brinkman, August and Maria - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkman, August-at Kohlsville - Golden Wedding, 1930's
 Brinkman, August 'Bill', husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkman, August, husband of Sophia - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Bernice - Married, 1930's
 Brinkman, Carl W., son of William - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Clara - Married, 1890's
 Brinkman, Conrad - Golden Wedding, 1930's
 Brinkman, Conrad and Sophia W. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkman, Conrad - born 1861, married Katherine, 7 children from 1886 to 1902 - family group sheet
 Brinkman, Conrad, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Dietrich H. and Louisa L. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinkman, Ella - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkman, Elmer - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinkman, Ernest, husband of Martha - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinkman, Florence C.-Mrs. Fred J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkman, Frank, son Willie died - Obituary, 1890's
 Brinkman, George J., husband of Rachel - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, Hartman and Nellie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkman, Helmut, husband of Ella - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkman, Hermine - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, J. George, husband of Ann - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, John-Mrs. - 83rdBirthday, 1930's
 Brinkman, John and Carolina - Married, 1890's
 Brinkman, John and Mary - Married, 1890's
 Brinkman, John H., husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, John, son Elmer died - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinkman, Joseph - Obituary, 1890's
 Brinkman, Karl F. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, Katherine-Mrs. Conrad - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Katie - Married, 1890's
 Brinkman, Lena-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Louis - Golden Wedding, 1950's
 Brinkman, Margaret - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Marie Dorothea, infant daughter of Fred J. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkman, Maud - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinkman, Melvin-almost kidnapped - Story, 1920's
 Brinkman, Melvin and Marcella - Married, 1930's
 Brinkman, Norbert and Betty - Married, 1930's
 Brinkman, Ralph A., son of John - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkman, Susan, infant daughter of Fred J. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkman, Walter-Mrs. - 51stBirthday, 1940's
 Brinkman, Walter and Helen - Married, 1910's
 Brinkman, Wilhelm and Marie - Married, 1910's
 Brinkman, William - 10th Anniversary, 1920's
 Brinkman, William J. and Mary - Married, 1910's
 Brinkman, Wm. J. - Obituary, 1910's

 Brinkmann, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Anna L. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, Anna Lena - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, August - death certificate, 1880's
 Brinkmann, August - born 1858, married Sophie Katharina, 6 children from 1885 to 1895 - family group sheet
 Brinkmann, Carl F. and Auguste - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brinkmann, Caroline-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkmann, Caroline Louise - death certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, Christ and Bertha - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinkmann, Christina - Married, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Conrad J. - born 1822, married Minne, 6 children from 1851 to 1866 - family group sheet
 Brinkmann, Earl A. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkmann, Friedericke - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brinkmann, Friedericke Schroeder - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brinkmann, Heinrich and Dorothea Lahl - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brinkmann, Heinrich and Ernestine - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, Henry - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinkmann, Hermann and Maria - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Joe - 51st Anniversary, 1950's
 Brinkmann, John - born 1847, married Caroline, 8 children from 1873 to 1889 - family group sheet
 Brinkmann, John and Caroline - Married, 1890's
 Brinkmann, John H. - born 1866, married Caroline, 7 children from 1898 to 1911 - family group sheet
 Brinkmann, John Henry Conrad, husband of Wilhelmina - Obituary, 1890's
 Brinkmann, Joseph H. and Lena - Married, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Joseph, daughter Katharine died - Obituary, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Juliana - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, Katherine-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1960's
 Brinkmann, Lorraine, daughter of Herman - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinkmann, Louis, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1960's
 Brinkmann, Louise - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brinkmann, Martha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkmann, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinkmann, Mary-Mrs. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkmann, Melvin, husband of Marcella - Obituary, 1980's
 Brinkmann, Minna Sophia - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brinkmann, Minne-Mrs. Conrad J. - death certificate, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Minnie D. F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinkmann, Otto, husband of - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinkmann, Paul - death certificate, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Petetr and Millie - Married, 1900's
 Brinkmann, Sophia-Mrs. August - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkmann, Walter A. and Helen M. - Married, 1910's
 Brinkmann, Walter August - born 1887, married Helen, 1 child born in 1914 - family group sheet
 Brinkmann, William J. - Obituary, 1960's

 Brinkmeyer, Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkmeyer, Carl, husband of Emily - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinkmeyer, Charles F., husband of Martha - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinkmeyer, Emilie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinkmeyer, Frank C. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brinkmeyer, Fred W. and Frederike - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brinkmeyer, Frederick W., husband of Anna - Obituary, 1910's
 Brinkmeyer, Lillian E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinkmeyer, Lydia - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brinkop, Fred - Obituary, 1930's

 Brinkuger, Emma - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brinlinger, Amanda - death certificate, 1870's
 Brinlinger, Annie - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinlinger, Emily - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinlinger, Ferdinand - married Elisabetha, 3 children from 1872 to 1876 - family group sheet
 Brinlinger, Ferdinand A. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brinlinger, George - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinlinger, George and Laura - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinlinger, George, husband of Laura - Obituary, 1930's
 Brinlinger, Katherine - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brinlinger, Louise - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brinn, Frank L. and Elsie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinn, Stuart E., son of George A. and Lillian - Obituary, 1920's

 Brinner, August A. - death certificate, 1900's

 Brinnick, Catherine - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brinnlinger, Ferdinand - married Elise, 2 children from 1859 to 1860 - family group sheet

 Brinns, Sarah - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Brinovec, Anton P., husband of Mary - Obituary, 1950's

 Brins, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brinsmaid, Christiana - marriage certificate, 1840's
 Brinsmaid, Christina - marriage certificate, 1840's

 Brintnall, Hiram N. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brintnall, John-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's

 Brinton, Ann - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brinton, Beulah-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brinton, Daisy B. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brinton, Emily N. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brinton, Warren D. - Obituary, 1940's

 Brintzinger, Charles H. and Sadie B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brintzinger, Charles H., husband of Sadie - Obituary, 1920's
 Brintzinger, Henry - Obituary, 1920's
 Brintzinger, Sadie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Brintzingr, Sadie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Briny, Albert B. and Irene - Married, 1910's

 Brio, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Briody, Thomas H. and Hellen C. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briquelet, Helen - Obituary, 1930's
 Briquelet, James, husband of Kathryn - Obituary, 1910's

 Briquelette, Antoinette-Mrs. Prosper - Obituary, 1920's

 Brirmaska, Josefina - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brisbane, Edith M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brisbane, Elizabeth A. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brisbane, John B. and Julia E. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brisbane, John B., husband of Julia E. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brisbane, Phebe A. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brisbois, Julia A. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brisch, Theodore - death certificate, 1910's

 Brischhaber, Karl - married Wilhelmine, 1 child born in 1893 - family group sheet

 Briscoe, Amos O. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briscoe, Corrine-Mrs. Amos - Obituary, 1940's
 Briscoe, Raymond N. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briscoe, Vincent and Florence - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Briscoll, Chas. and Maggie J. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brisemeister, Heinrich and Sophia - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Briser, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brisevac, Anna-Mrs. Ignatz - Obituary, 1930's
 Brisevac, Gust 'Kosta', husband of Sveta - Obituary, 1950's
 Brisevac, Ignatz, husband of Rose - Obituary, 1950's
 Brisevac, Rose-Mrs. Ignatz - Obituary, 1950's

 Brisk, August, infant daughter Wylma Wanda died - Obituary, 1950's
 Brisk, Carrie-Mrs. Joseph F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brisk, Harry H., son of Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Brisk, James, son of J. F. - Obituary, 1920's
 Brisk, Joseph F. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brisk, Mary-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1930's

 Briske, Andrew - Obituary, 1940's
 Briske, Emma-Mrs. Andrew - Obituary, 1940's
 Briske, Emma-Mrs. F. J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Briske, Ferdinand - Obituary, 1900's
 Briske, Frank J. - Obituary, 1930's
 Briske, Martha - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Briske, Tillie C. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brisken, Louis - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brisken, Louis - born 1851, married Christina, 5 children from 1878 to 1885 - family group sheet

 Briski, Anastasia-Mrs. John M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Briski, Elizabeth-Mrs. Frank M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Briski, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Briski, John-Mrs.-niece of Mike Markowski - Obituary, 1940's
 Briski, Rosemary Jane, daughter of Paul - Obituary, 1940's

 Brisko, Edward, son of Frank and Mary - Obituary, 1930's

 Briskorn, Albertena - Obituary, 1950's
 Briskorn, Herman, husband of Albertina - Obituary, 1930's

 Brisky, Harvey, daughter Violet died - Obituary, 1920's

 Brismaster, Emma 'Brismeister' - Obituary, 1940's

 Brissel, Cecilia - Married, 1880's
 Brissel, Elisabetha - death certificate, 1870's
 Brissel, Elizabeth-Miss - Obituary, 1870's
 Brissel, George - Obituary, 1930's
 Brissel, Henry - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brissel, Henry - Obituary, 1930's
 Brissel, Jacob - Obituary, 1890's
 Brissel, John and Mary - Married, 1900's
 Brissel, John, husband of Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Brissel, Katherina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1900's
 Brissel, Louisa - Married, 1880's
 Brissel, Louisa - Married, 1890's
 Brissel, Louise - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brissel, Maria Eva-Mrs. Philipp Jacob - death certificate, 1890's
 Brissel, Ph. Jacob-Mrs. - Obituary, 1890's
 Brissel, Philip J., husband of Catharine - Obituary, 1900's
 Brissel, Philip J., husband of Maria - Obituary, 1910's
 Brissel, Philip Jacob, husband of Maria - Obituary, 1910's
 Brissel, Philipp Jacob - born 1823, married Maria Eva, 8 children from 1849 to 1863 - family group sheet
 Brissel, Phillip Jacob - death certificate, 1900's
 Brissel, Phillip Jacob - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brissel, Phillip Jacob - born 1822, married Catherine, 5 children from 1855 to 1872 - family group sheet
 Brissel, Phillip Jacob, husband of Katharina - Obituary, 1900's
 Brissel, Rudolph Philipp - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Brissel, Wilhelmina - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brissenden, Mr. - Obituary, 1960's

 Brissette, Pierre Le Duc, son of Oliver and Ruth - Obituary, 1940's
 Brissette, Stanley - Obituary, 1940's

 Brissey, Ella M. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brissjan, Robert E. and Elsie - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brissky, Willhelmine - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brisson, Mary - Obituary, 1950's

 Brister, Hattie A. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Bristol, Bernard E., husband of Charlotte M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Bristol, Carrie P.-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bristol, F. J. - Obituary, 1900's
 Bristol, Frances-Mrs. Milton - Obituary, 1940's
 Bristol, Helen G. - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Bristol, James Edward, husband of Caroline - Obituary, 1930's
 Bristol, L. D. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bristol, Lena R. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bristol, Leone Agnes-Mrs. Clyde - Obituary, 1930's
 Bristol, Lucien D. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bristol, Lucius D. and Mary - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Bristol, Lucretia I. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Bristol, Lusinda S. - Obituary, 1940's
 Bristol, Mary - Obituary, 1920's
 Bristol, Milton - Obituary, 1950's
 Bristol, Olive-Miss - Obituary, 1940's
 Bristol, William T. - death certificate, 1910's

 Bristor, Martha - Married, 1920's

 Bristow, Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Garside - Obituary, 1920's
 Bristow, Francis W. H. - Obituary, 1920's
 Bristow, James Theodore-Dr. and Mary Grace - Married, 1890's
 Bristow, Lizzie - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Bristow, Lydia - marriage certificate, 1910's
 Bristow, Marion - Married, 1930's
 Bristow, Robert W., husband of Henrietta - Obituary, 1950's
 Bristow, Sarah-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Bristsch, Matheus and Catherine - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Briszengroll, Minna - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Britenfeld, Carl, husband of Loella - Obituary, 1930's

 Britenhoff, Louise - death certificate, 1900's

 Britsch, Johann Adam - married Anna Maria, 1 child born in 1871 - family group sheet
 Britsch, Philip - death certificate, 1900's

 Britt, Chas. and Margaret R. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Britt, Ellen A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britt, Julia - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britt, Julia C. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britt, Mary E. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britt, Patrick F. - Obituary, 1910's
 Britt, Thomas C., husband of Elsie - Obituary, 1950's

 Brittain, Ernest-Mrs. Rev. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brittain, Goldie-Mrs. Rev. Ernest - Obituary, 1950's
 Brittain, Lyle, husband of Josephine - Obituary, 1980's

 Brittell, Dan, husband of Mathilda E. - Obituary, 1910's
 Brittell, Daniel G., husband of Lillian) - Obituary, 1920's
 Brittell, Lillian - Obituary, 1950's
 Brittell, Matilda E. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brittell, Sherman R., husband of Myrtle W. - Obituary, 1950's

 Britten, Anna - Golden Wedding, 1940's
 Britten, Anna Marie-Mrs. Math - Obituary, 1910's
 Britten, Catherine-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1940's
 Britten, Catherine-Mrs. Joseph - Obituary, 1940's
 Britten, Christine - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Britten, Clara A. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britten, Elisabetha - marriage certificate in Germany, 1810's
 Britten, Four in family are at the front during WWI - Story, 1910's
 Britten, Heinrich - born 1806, married Elisabeth, 11 children from 1830 to 1852 - family group sheet
 Britten, Johann Baptist - born 1768, married Anna, 6 children from 1803 to 1813 - family group sheet
 Britten, John - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britten, Joseph Anthony - born 1865, married Katharine, 1 child born in 1907 - family group sheet
 Britten, Joseph, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1920's
 Britten, Margaret - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Britten, Mary E. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britten, Mary Magdalene - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britten, Math-died in France during WWI - Obituary, 1910's
 Britten, Math. N.-World War hero buried - Obituary, 1920's
 Britten, Mathias - born 1833, married twice - Anna, Anna, 9 children from 1861 to 1877 - family group sheet
 Britten, Mathias - born 1794, married Barbara, 9 children from 1815 to 1837 - family group sheet
 Britten, Mathias - born 1823, married Susanna, 5 children from 1851 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Britten, Mathias 'Matt' - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britten, Mathias 'Matt' - born 1861, married Elizabeth, 3 children from 1892 to 1898 - family group sheet
 Britten, Matthew - death certificate, 1900's
 Britten, Nic.-writes from Navy just after WWI ended - Story, 1910's
 Britten, Nicholas - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britten, Nicholas - born 1867, married Katherine, 8 children from 1890 to 1890 - family group sheet
 Britten, Nicholas, husband of Katherine - Obituary, 1930's
 Britten, Nick - 25th Anniversary, 1910's
 Britten, Nicolaus - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Britten, Nicolaus - born 1831, married Christina, 12 children from 1856 to 1882 - family group sheet
 Britten, Nicolaus - married Maria, 4 children from 1794 to 1799 - family group sheet
 Britten, Peter - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britten, Peter - Obituary, 1900's
 Britten, Peter - born 1840, married Catherine, 6 children from 1869 to 1869 - family group sheet
 Britten, Peter - born 1815, married Susanna, 3 children from 1848 to 1854 - family group sheet
 Britten, Susanna - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britten, Susanna-Mrs. Peter - death certificate, 1890's
 Britten, William - marriage certificate, 1880's
 Britten, William - born 1858, married Margaret, 1 child born in 1883 - family group sheet
 Britten, William M. - Obituary, 1940's

 Brittmon, Charlotte - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Brittnacher, Catherine-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1920's
 Brittnacher, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Brittnacher, Leone Ann - Married, 1930's
 Brittnacher, Margaret-Mrs. Jacob - Obituary, 1920's
 Brittnacher, Ralph - Obituary, 1940's

 Britton, Albert H., husband of Queen Jane - Obituary, 1950's
 Britton, Bernice Rose - Married, 1930's
 Britton, Charles S. and Ann C. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britton, Elizabeth C. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britton, Ernest, husband of Catherine - Obituary, 1940's
 Britton, Frank and Helen - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britton, Frederick H. and Jessie M. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britton, George E., husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1950's
 Britton, Jennie M. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britton, Loraine, daughter of P. E. - Obituary, 1920's
 Britton, Martin and Susan F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Britton, Mary - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britton, Violet-Mrs. Creighton - Obituary, 1930's
 Britton, Violet-Mrs.-Milwaukee markswoman accidentally shot self - Obituary, 1930's
 Britton, William - Obituary, 1930's
 Britton, William and Lena - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Britvich, Roy 'Mike', husband of Victoria - Obituary, 1950's

 Britz, Adolf and Gertrud - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britz, Adolf and Gertrude - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britz, Anna - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Britz, Anne M. - Obituary, 1950's
 Britz, Anthony M. - Obituary, 1940's
 Britz, Caroline E. - death certificate, 1900's
 Britz, Charlotte-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Britz, Clemens - death certificate, 1900's
 Britz, George - death certificate, 1900's
 Britz, John - Obituary, 1910's
 Britz, Joseph - Obituary, 1930's
 Britz, Joseph and Caroline - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Britz, Margaret - Married, 1910's
 Britz, Marie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's
 Britz, Mathias - born 1826, married Elisabetha, 7 children from 1853 to 1870 - family group sheet
 Britz, Matthew, husband of Charlotte - Obituary, 1920's
 Britz, Theresa-Mrs. John B. - Obituary, 1910's

 Britzen, Friederika - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Britzke, August, husband of Bertha - Obituary, 1950's
 Britzke, Bertha - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Britzlaff, Bertha Alwine Fredericke - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Briver, Margaretha - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brix, Heinrich - married Margaret, 2 children from 1867 to 1872 - family group sheet

 Brixius, Anna - Obituary, 1940's
 Brixius, Annabell, daughter of Frank and Annabell - Obituary, 1920's
 Brixius, Charles, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1940's
 Brixius, Frank A., husband of Julia - Obituary, 1950's
 Brixius, infant son of Woodrow - Obituary, 1940's
 Brixius, John, husband of Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Brixius, Joseph P. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brixius, Nicholas - Obituary, 1950's

 Brizel, Fidele - married Sophia, 1 child born in 1858 - family group sheet

 Brjeska, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brkic, Milorad - Obituary, 1950's

 Brkich, John - Obituary, 1930's
 Brkich, Mike-Sgt., husband of Louise - Obituary, 1940's

 Brknovich, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1910's

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