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Listed below are newspaper stories, birth, marriage and death certificates and family group sheets available for genealogy research in Wisconsin and back into Germany, Luxemburg and France.

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 Brasack, Clara - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasack, Walter, husband of Clara - Obituary, 1930's

 Brasawski, August and Ida B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brasch, Alma S. and Otto G. F. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brasch, Anna - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasch, Anna-Mrs. Conrad - death certificate, 1890's
 Brasch, Augusta P. - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasch, Bertha and Joseph F. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brasch, Fred - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasch, Friedericka - Obituary, 1910's
 Brasch, Genevieve, daughter of Ernst F. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasch, Johann Gottlieb - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brasch, John - Obituary, 1920's
 Brasch, Margaret Anna-Mrs. Johann Gottlieb - death certificate, 1880's
 Brasch, Marie and Wilhelm G. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brasch, Martha-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasch, Pauline and Levi K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brasch, Pauline and Leoi K. - marriage certificate, 1870's
 Brasch, Peter - death certificate, 1880's
 Brasch, Peter - born 1796, married Dorothea, 10 children from 1824 to 1845 - family group sheet
 Brasch, Wilhelmina-Mrs. - Obituary, 1920's

 Brasche, Frederick A., husband of Hulda - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasche, Fritz and Hulda L. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brase, Carl and Catherin Elisabeth S. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brase, Cord and Catherin E. S. - marriage certificate, 1850's
 Brase, Louis - Obituary, 1920's
 Brase, Louisa - Obituary, 1930's
 Brase, Maria-Mrs. Louis - Obituary, 1920's
 Brase, Martha and Robert H. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brase, Max L. - death certificate, 1900's

 Brashares, Wesley Emerson-Rev. and Ellen Sylvia Westerman - Married, 1940's

 Brashear, Beverly Constance, daughter of Gilbert and Muriel - Obituary, 1940's
 Brashear, Charles Lewis - Obituary, 1930's

 Brasher, Leroy W. and Anna A. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brasich, Elija-Gen., husband of Mila - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasich, Mary - Obituary, 1950's

 Brasier, James, husband of Bridget - Obituary, 1930's

 Brasile, Carmella-Mrs. Munzio - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasile, Nunzio, husband of Rosalia - Obituary, 1950's

 Brasin, Martin, husband of Marie - Obituary, 1940's

 Braske, Ernest - Obituary, 1930's

 Brasky, Joseph Sr. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasky, Joseph, husband of - Obituary, 1940's

 Brasman, Julia and Patrick D. - marriage certificate, 1850's

 Brasniham, Jerry and Hattie D. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brasnov, Philip - Obituary, 1940's

 Brasnow, Pauline-Mrs. Phillip - Obituary, 1930's

 Brass, Catherine Ann, daughter of Thomas and Theresa - Obituary, 1920's
 Brass, Frederich and Wilhelmina Bath - Mcert A, 1840's
 Brass, Louisa - Obituary, 1920's
 Brass, Thomas, husband of Theresa - Obituary, 1930's

 Brassard, Albert J.. - Obituary, 1910's

 Brasse, Ernst F. and Henriette W. - marriage certificate, 1860's
 Brasse, Ernst Friedrich and Henriette W. - marriage certificate, 1860's

 Brasseau, Elowilda and Phillip B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brasseau, Peter N. and Mary E. Van de Grint - Married, 1910's
 Brasseau, Phillip and Elowilda B. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brassel, Mary and John A. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brasser, Adrian - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasser, Garrit and Anna Jensema - Married, 1920's
 Brasser, George and Johanna Sandee - Married, 1920's
 Brasser, Harvey - 25th Anniversary, 1950's
 Brasser, Helena-killed by her fiance - Obituary, 1910's
 Brasser, Henry - 40th Anniversary, 1950's
 Brasser, Jane-Mrs. John - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasser, Martin, husband of Jennie - Obituary, 1950's

 Brassill, James and Levina W. - marriage certificate, 1870's

 Brassingbon, Walter and Nellie T. - marriage certificate, 1880's

 Brassington, George and Augusta B. - marriage certificate, 1890's
 Brassington, John Robert Wetten, husband of Mary Clare - Obituary, 1940's
 Brassington, Orville E.-Dr., husband of Irma - Obituary, 1950's
 Brassington, Sophie-Mrs. Albert E. - Obituary, 1930's

 Brast, David and Sarah K. - marriage certificate, 1890's

 Brasted, Charles E. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasted, Frank and Ella S. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brasted, Frank A., husband of Elda - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasted, harry - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasted, Harry - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasted, Henry A. and Nellie M. M. - marriage certificate, 1900's
 Brasted, Irene - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasted, Lawrence, husband of Irene - Obituary, 1950's
 Brasted, Mary - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasted, Nellie-Mrs. - Obituary, 1940's
 Brasted, Olga-Mrs. - Obituary, 1930's
 Brasted, Winifred G. and James L. H. - marriage certificate, 1900's

 Brastins, Arnold - Obituary, 1950's

 Brasure, Alice-in Washington, D.C. during WWI - Story, 1910's
 Brasure, Almia and Sidney Hallowell - Married, 1880's
 Brasure, Charles - born 1820, married Hannah, 7 children from 1842 to 1861 - family group sheet
 Brasure, Charles W. and Viola Alton - Married, 1910's
 Brasure, Charles W., husband of Viola - Obituary, 1960's
 Brasure, Elizabeth - marriage certificate, 1840's