Wisconsin Ancestors - Heads of Households
Town of Germantown, Washington* county during the 1840 territorial census

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Listed below are the heads of households in this census and related information about them and their family.

*Note: In 1840, Washington county had not been formed yet and was still part of Milwaukee county.  In the area north of current day Milwaukee county, township governments had not been organized yet, so at this time Germantown didn't really have an official legal name.  Instead, it was just referred to by its legal description used by the land office which was Town 9 North, Range 20 East (frequently just called 'Town 9' or 'Town nine' for short).

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Descriptions of columns in the table below:

  1. Head of household - The first column gives the name of the head of the household as recorded by the census taker. The surname is in bold when the census taker's surname spelling differs from the corrected spelling (see third column).
  2. Section - Each township is comprised of 36 sections each of which is one square mile. This column gives the section number within the township where I suspect the family resided. This can be helpful to follow the census taker's route if you want to convince yourself that a misspelled family name is really your family.
  3. Corrected Name - This column shows a more correct (not saying definitive) spelling of both the first name and the surname of the head of the household.
  4. Occupation - The occupation of the head of the household.   Territorial censuses do not list occupations, so I looked ahead in time to find this person in the 1850 or 1860 census and use that occupation if found.
  5. Church - The general denomination or church affiliation of the family, inferred by where family members are buried or by where church baptisms, confirmations, marriages and/or burials are recorded.   In these early years, if a specific church is listed, it might not have been organized yet.
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  7. Notes - This column gives some details about this family.

Head of household



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Nelson Burst 35 Nelson B. Burst Farmer born 1812 in Schoharie county, New York, married twice - Eliza, Rosetta Ann, 11 children from 1837 to 1869
Antony Wisner 35 Anton Wiesner Farmer Lutheran born 1810 in New York, married twice - Katharine, Adeline, 5 children from 1841 to 1850
Samuel Spivey 36 Samuel Spivey
Levi Ostrander 35 Levi Ostrander Farmer born 1796 in Ontario county, New York, married to Sally, 4 children from 1821 to 1834
Wm. H. Bunze 34 William Henry Bunce Farmer born 1813 in Suffolk county, New York, married to Caroline S., 7 children from 1838 to 1866
Wm. Burdick 34 William Wilcox Burdick Farmer born 1809 in New York, married to Susan, 3 children from 1841 to 1847
Joshua Giffort 32 Joshua Gifford Farmer born 1805 in Canada West, married to Charity, 7 children from 1828 to 1848
Daniel Allen 30 Daniel Allen Farmer born 1800 in Massachusetts, married to Ann, 7 children from 1836 to 1850